Come Peek in My Office

photo (6)So many people ask me what my office looks like.  So, I thought I’d invite you in.  It’s where I spend a lot of my time, so I wanted to make it comfortable. But I’ll tell you a secret, it’s the little things that sometimes seem to matter the most.  My goofy toys.  Like my Crazy Eight Ball.  And oh yes, I ask it questions daily.  My desk accessories.  The books I’m reading.  The books on my bookshelves.   The inspirational sayings.  I love my space…even when it’s messy.  It’s my mess.

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23 thoughts on “Come Peek in My Office

  1. Can we please just talk about The Gathering and Embrace??? I absolutely love those books!!! Maybe Embrace a little more. Jessica Shirvington is at the top of my favorite author lists along with you, James Patterson, and Sarah Dessen. lol Your office looks so relaxing!!

    • James Patterson is a good YA author too. Maximum Ride was my favorite. I still have drawings from that time. Sometimes I’m a little horrified.

      • I’m a horrific artist….can’t draw to save my life unless someone’s teaching me. lol But, OMG!!!! I LOVED Maximum Ride! Did you hear he has a follow up book coming out in January 2015!?!?!?!? Look it up at Barnes and Noble! It’s like Maximum Ride: Forever.

        • Really?! I love Maximum Ride. Also, I can’t draw that well either, unless what I’m drawing is right in front of me, then it’s okay.

          • That’s always good! Except I sorta need my laptop to download things onto… ‘-.-
            It’s sorta been out of commission since last november from a virus. I need my mom to reprogram it.
            But hey, any type of drawing that you find is a piece of work, go ahead and say it’s a masterpiece and state it loud and proud. Though I’m picky with my drawings… They never seem good in my opinion, though people say that they’re awesome. My drawing styles have changed rapidly since the begining of last school year.

  2. Oh gosh, I use my bedrooms as my writing place. They’re both never most neat places. Heh, drawing always leaves lead on the side of my hand, even my arm sometimes.
    Surrounded in music with a pencil and paper, be prepared for doodles on homework and the stories written. Though I have yet to complete one. *Sigh*

  3. What is that thing in the middle on the bottom? Its almost adorable! I love how you have your own office and in that office all the Shadow Falls magic happens!

  4. C.C. Hunter, you are one AWESOME writer!! I hope with all of my heart that you continue Kylie’s story. Not that I don’t love Della, I mean who can’t love the little vamp, but I really want to read more about Kyle, and Lucas’s story. In Chosen at Nightfall at the end of the book Lucas was talking about going to Dallas and asking Kylie to go with him. I want to know what is going to happen, I mean who wouldn’t ? 🙂
    Also I want to tell you that I completely and loved your books, they were so captivating that I started reading Kylie’s story and didn’t stop reading until I finished reading Chosen at Nightfall. You truly are the best author of the best book series I have ever met. Now I do not want to be a suck-up, but I really loved your books. 🙂


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