UnbreakableWell, I promised a big announcement and here it is! I’ve written a new novella called Unbreakable, and this one is all about the sexy vampire Chase. Check out the cool cover with Chase and Della. I love the lightening! I enjoy trying to read the story from the cover. And this cover can tell two stories. One of Chase’s present and one of Chase’s future. You see, the girl in the background could be the girl Chase cared about when he was young. Or, because someone told Chase he was going to meet another girl in the future, it could be Della.


If you’ve read Reborn, you’ll know that Chase is a guy with a lot of secrets. He’s also the vamp Della keeps finding herself around–even when she doesn’t want to see him. She’d rather be with the sweet shapeshifter Steve–or would she? Sometimes she’s not even sure.

Unbreakable is the story about how Chase lost his family and was turned. In Unbreakable you’ll learn:

1. Della Tsang isn’t Chase Tallman’s first love.

2. Never eat a hot dog in two bites in front of someone you want to impress.

3. When your dog doesn’t like someone, trust your dog.

4. According to a palm reader, Chase will come upon an amazing power, but whether he will use it for good or evil is yet to be seen.

5. Never let someone you don’t know very well get you alone in a haunted house.

6. Chase is told he’s a bad kisser.

7. To a boy, girls are as frustrating to understand as they are intriguing.

8. Never underestimate the power of a pet’s love.

9. Siblings can be a pain in the butt, but never take them for granted.

10. Never turn your back on a challenge. Especially if that challenge involves a life or death decision.

Unbreakable will be available September 30th as an e-book and will be sold wherever e-books are sold.


Tell me, are you looking forward to reading Unbreakable? Do you like Chase or do you like Steve better? Leave your comment and I’ll giveaway another signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall. ย (Sorry, I have to limit this giveaway to U.S. residents only.)


Thanks for all the wonderful comments last week. ย The winner of the signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall is Maria C. ย Please email your mailing address to cc@cchunterbooks.com. Congratulations!


60 thoughts on “Unbreakable!

  1. I am so excited to find out more about Chase. But I like Steve better because he is so sweet and he has liked Della longer. I can’t wait to find out who Della choses! ๐Ÿ˜€ September 30th is now on my calendar!

  2. I personally like Chase and find him very mysterious! I can’t wait to read his story to find out more about him!

    • So i read the book eternal before i read this book. So i here that it is really good just wanted to let you know that I agree chase is really interesting i’m leaning towards him too.

  3. I’m really horrible and haven’t read Reborn yet, it’s been a crazy summer!! But I’ve got it in my book bag for down times & I’m excited for the novella!!!

  4. Hi, I am anxiously looking forward to Unbreakable!!! I have enjoyed and waited anxiously for every book!! I’m so excited for this novella and I do prefer Steven I believe he balances Della out !!

  5. Well to be honest, I don’t really know if I’m Team Steve or Team Chase. After the first book I was a little more Team Steve, but you already told us we’ll get to know Chase better in ‘Eternal’. So I think I have to wait till ‘Eternal’ to make up my mind. ๐Ÿ™‚ And by the way, I live in Germany, so I won’t be able to enter the giveaway. <3

  6. I am so looking forward to it!!!! I haven’t quite decided if I like Chase or Steve better… it’s a tough decision. I love your books! You are my favorite author. Can’t wait for Eternal either! I know it’s gonna be great ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. After reading Della’s novella, Saved at Sunrise, and then reading Reborn I must say that I am team Steve. I can’t wait to read Unbreakable though because his past seems to be rather strange. I am super excited for Eternal.

  8. I like them both, which is what a good book is supposed to do. Steve seems wonderful, but I’m excited to learn more about Chase!

  9. I am so looking forward to reading more Shadow Falls! I love everything about this series! I like Steve, because he’s the Shapeshifter that wants to protect her even though he knows she doesn’t need it. I also like Steve, because he is willing to stand by Della even when she pushes him away. Even though I really like Steve, I think Della is drawn more to Chase, because he is mysterious and challenges her. In the end I think Della’s is going to end up with Chase, because they are both Reborn and they share a bond. C.C are you going to write a story from Lucas’ P.O.V about when Kylie left Shadow Falls and the time leading up to when they found her? I would really love to read that!

  10. I am excited to read Unbreakable because I love reading about the characters from Shadow Falls and it’s one of my all time favorite series so of course I want to read more about them. Thanks for the giveaway!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. That’s hard…I think Chase is mysterious and everything, but Steve is so sweet. I think I need to learn more about each of them…Ugh, I can’t wait though!

  12. I am really looking forward to reading Unbreakable. I like Chase, but I’m definitely Team Steve because he was so nice and sweet on the mission with Della and the way he took care of her in Saved at Sunrise. If I was Della, I definitely couldn’t resist him. Even though I think Chase is awesome too, I hope Della chooses Steve.

  13. I am so excited to for this book about Chase, and i like Chase for Della because he he mysterious and always there for her. However, i think like Della should chose Steve because he never give up on her even though she sometime pushes him always, but i like both guy so whoever Della chose i will approve and happy for her.

  14. I’m excited for this novella, but will we ever get a Miranda novella? I really want to know more about Miranda’s story than we already know (esp since her powers are getting stronger) and more on her and Perry’s relationship. it would be pretty sweet to get a close up on Miranda’s history and her problems too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and the cover is so gorgeous!!!

    • I’m totally with you!! I really want to hear more about Miranda. I wish to see what her P.O.V is like, but I bet it would be halarious!

  15. I just finished reading Awake at Dawn. I am a little behind because I just recently found out about you. But I will FOR SURE move on to Della’s stories as soon as I am done! Your books have pulled me in and I want more!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I like Chase more. I was completely for Steve until he kissed that girl that he worked with at the vets office. In my opinion that was when he made his choice. Plus Della chose Chase when she kissed him on the mission. It may have been for a cover, but there were plenty of other ways to cover their butts

  17. I really like Chase but I think Della should pick Steve because he is so nice and sweet. I honestly feel torn. The more I read about Chase I feel more like Della should chose Chase instead. Can’t wait to read Unbreakable! I think it might make me change my mind and chose Chase instead. As long as Della does not get hurt anymore than she has already been. I feel like she has been through a lot but it really is interesting to read about. So glad I don’t have to make the final decision. Thanks for righting a story based off Chase!

  18. Whoa snap!
    Now I’m SUPER excited! I can’t wait! Gaaaah!
    I think I like Steve better because he’s a super sweet guy. Then again, Chase is a mysterious guy. Mysterious guy’s are always more interesting. Shoot. I can’t decide!
    Chase…. Steve….. Chaaase….. Steeeve…..
    Can’t decide. Either guy is cool, but leaning more or so towards Steve I guess.

  19. OMFG I CANT WAIT TO READ THIS!!!!! This just made my day!!!!!! It is officially marked on my calendar!!!!! For the question of Steve or chase…I can’t decide! That was like asking me to choose between Lucas or Derek…what can I say, I’m an undecided person

  20. I cannot wait for unbreakable!! I can already tell that’s it is a killer book. I just wish they were also sold as actual books. But reading it on a device is okay too. And I have no idea what team I’m on! I love both Chase and Steve. I guess I’m team Shadow Falls, which is the best team of all!!

  21. I can’t wait !!!!!! I love Steve and Della together I think they should be together for like ever but I kinda want to know something about chase and what side he really is in good or bad! And I kinda want to know what the whole pet thing is all about haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gosh I can’t wait !!

  22. I am super excited for the new novella coming out!! I am all te way Team Chase!! It’s like an updated version of Twilight only better lol! I am like one of those people who like to know everybody’s back story to figure them out. So very excited!!!

  23. When does Eternal come out?? I can’t wait to read that book too!! I have read all of The Shadow Falls books and I just love them!! And I can’t wait till this one comes out and Eternal comes out!

  24. chase is mysterious secretive he saved her life! but so did steve steve kissed another girl. okay the wernt together still this reminded me of perry n miranda. and technically chase saved steve and della ass tht night she got stabbed. but chase made fun of her smurrf pjs. not cool man not cool): plus it would be easy as breathing for her with steve. tht dsnt wrk like derick n kylie. n he HAS DAT GIRL AT DA CLINICK. plus chris can figh with chase:) steve can take a hike!

  25. My daughter and I just finished all ur shadow falls and Della books. We both love Chase. He is a lot like her in some ways. Steve is someone her parents would want for her. Not someone we see her landing up with.

  26. P.s. I’m blind, and C.C. I am so glad your books are in audio because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read them and enjoy exploring the lives of the Shadowfalls campers. Thanks

  27. I love Steve, he hasnโ€™t just been very sweet to Della, he was very persistent on getting her to like him. and i think a guy should put in some work for a girl. Chase on the other hand, is sexy and has a dangerous edge, and secrets i would love to know. I think steve would be great for della, but chase is a whole other ball game. and a definant challenge for the little vamp. So I need to no more about both before I make my choice. Chase may be a bad or a good person, but must read more to find out. Canโ€™t wait for Unbreakable and eternal!!! you are amazing C.C.

  28. …well, i think i like Steve to end up with Della..hey let’s face it! He’s been pursuing her since her break up with her ex-fiancee’ i think the guy deserves his happily ever after…and it’s going to be Kylie with Derek all over again if ever she’ll end up with chase, my heart can’t take another “heart broken derek” wanna be.
    i wish Chase to meet a new girl or more the thrilling if his gonna reunite with some mysterious girl from his past, that’ll add some spice with his love story.
    well whatever or whomever Della will end up with, there’s one thing i can promisse, i’ll still love u c.c. hunter and your book cause i know you’ll do everything to make it really good for us!

  29. Hmmm this is a really tough choice because I love both Steve and Chase. I mean Chase is so mysterious and hot. But on the other hand, Steve is so loving, and caring, and looks soooo good in jeans, and he’s a shape shifter (which are one of the favorite supernaturals), and he’s also so protective of Della. So I’m going to go with Steve, but I still love Chase!!!

  30. I like chase better beause hes always there to protect della and always ready to face danger even though he has lots of secret hidden in him that he does not even tell della either

  31. I reckon chase is the better asides from the obvioues bad boy good boy story line.
    Steve is safe, is there wrapping her up in cotton wool. And while some girls like that others dont.
    Others love mystery danger the unknown.

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