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EternalHow many of you have pre-ordered Unbreakable?   It will release September 30, just 14 days to go.   How many of you have pre-ordered Eternal?  Are you getting excited?  I know I am.

Now, I have some great news for some of you! As you know, Eternal will be out on October 28th, and I already have some ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) for my Street Team members. I know some of you aren’t Street Team members, but that’s where the good news comes in. You see, I just found out that I have room for a few more on my team.  Now, these openings are for US residents only.  Sorry.  (I’ll try to do a contest for international readers soon!)

So, ask yourself if you are one of my biggest fans? Do you tell all your friends about my book, appearances and workshops? Do you walk up to complete strangers in the YA aisle of bookstores and recommend my books? Do you post comments on my blog almost every Tuesday? Frequently post on my Facebook pages (CC Hunter Books & Shadow Falls Series)? Have you emailed me? If you can answer yes to several of those questions, then you are the kind of fan I’m looking to add to my Street Team.

Here’s what being a Street Team Member is all about.

* You get an early copy of Eternal, a T-shirt, and other goodies.

* You read the book ASAP.

* You help me promote the book by doing all the things mentioned above—from telling your friends to posting on social media.

So, tell me in the comment section why you should be on my Street Team. What will you do as a member and what have you already done in the past?  Now, there’s only a few spots available, because I only have a few copies of Eternal, but I want you all to know how much I appreciate each and every one of my fans.  You guys rock!!!


As I said, I only have a few openings on my Street Team, so you won’t all make it. However, I’m offering three Shadow Falls: After Dark t-shirts to three other die hard fans.  (Sorry, but this giveaway is limited to US residents only.)

 Want to be a Writer?

Are you a writer? Do you want to be? Then you’ll want to attend my workshop, “Polish Me Pretty: Five Polishing Tips to Take Your Writing to the Next Level,” on September 23 at the Palacios Library at 326 Main Street, Palacios, TX 77465. I’ll be there at 1:00 PM along with Donna M. Johnson, who will be teaching her workshop called “Your Life as Story: Transforming the Ordinary, the Tragic and the Dull as Dirt into Compelling Memoir.” Best of all, it is FREE and open to the public, although they recommend you call (361) 972- 3234 and pre-register to hold your spot.

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  1. I tell anyone who will lesson all about ur books as well as my daughter I have also got them to put them in our public library. My daughter and I are big fans. I will do what I need to to help promote your books I fight what what I thanks are great books.

  2. I can remember the first time I read one of your books. I had just graduated with my BA in English and my family was celebrating at a local restaurant. Mom and I, as usual, snuck across the street to Barnes & Noble after dinner. I had been looking at Born at Midnight for a while and went right to it – I was free from school until I started my next degree and I was going to read something that wasn’t assigned in class. Mom snatched it out of my hand at the last minute and bought it for me as a gift. I finished it later that night – I was hooked. I’ve had every single book on pre-order ever since. I lent Born at Midnight to my (at the time) 18 year old brother and now he pesters me after every release to hurry up and finish the newest installment so he can borrow it (which is hysterical because he’s this huge, muscled-up country boy – you have a very diverse fan base)! You should have seen his face when I told him about the After Dark books.

    I’m a public librarian so I’ve been able to recommend these books to dozens of teenagers at work. I harass my friends into trying them for the first time (don’t worry – they thank me later!) and, admittedly, I recommend them to random people in Barnes & Noble or whatever other book store I happen to be in. I’m finishing up my masters in Library & Info Science now and am doing my final student teaching internship in a middle school. I just told my mentor about the books last week and we’re putting them on the next order! So excited to share these books with some of her students – she has some fantastic readers over there! I also review books. I just started this a few months ago and I’m addicted! Every single one of my book reviews goes on Goodreads and is then advertised to all my followers on Twitter. I’m actually in the process of starting a book review blog (just purchased a domain name and began setting up – ahhhh!!) and I’ll definitely be reviewing both Shadow Falls and After Dark as soon as it’s up and running!

    So yes, I’m sure I’ve rambled on for far too long but I might be a little excited about the possibility of being on your Street Team. I would love to be a part of the team but, if there just isn’t enough room, I’ll still be here waiting anxiously for October 28th!

  3. Hello, C.C!
    Let me start by saying – I absolutely love your books! I found the Shadow Falls series a little late (around the spring of 2014). They have jumped to my favorite books of all time – literally. I finished Chosen at Nightfall about a week ago and I STILL cannot get them out of my head! I just fell in love with Kylie because she reminds me so much of myself!
    Now I am about 10 chapters into Reborn and cannot find the time to put it down!

    As far as what I have done to promote your masterpieces, I have left SEVERAL reviews on your books, which I plan to still do even if I am not selected! I have also suggested your books to several friends who are in love with the supernatural world 🙂
    I’m not sure if you realize by name, but I have messaged you a few times on Facebook, and you so kindly replied! Most authors wouldn’t do that. I told my husband I was so excited and honored for you to message me back.

    I’ll end this by saying – I cannot wait for Unbreakable and Eternal! I plan on finishing Reborn in the next day or so. I’d love the opportunity to be chosen even if not for your Street Team, just for the chance to win a t-shirt so I can wear it everywhere and show off my Shadow Falls pride!

    Thanks for reading, C.C!

  4. I would absolutely LOVE to be on your street team!! Your books are some of my all time favorites! I love talking to my friends and family about books, and have even gotten them to read your books. I love writing reviews for books 🙂 I leave reviews online and am a newish member of NetGalley. It’s so much fun to find people who love to read as much as I do, book stores are are good place to find people. It’s nice to compare with other people who read the same types of books. As another comment said, I love that you take the time to respond to your fans! I’ve gotten an email or two from you and it means so much to me! I can NOT wait to escape into your world again!!

  5. I would love to be on your street team. I will help you promote your amazing books on Facebook and Twitter, I have other social media sites but these two are where I have the most friends/followers. I will share your page so more people can follow you and read your books. I will recommend your books to people on Goodreads and that is all I can think of at the moment. Also, I would love to get some of the goodies you were talking about. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your street team and I hope I get picked!! 🙂

    • My email is wallace71(at)mctc(dot)edu if you need it. I am on your mailing list and I have emailed you before so if you need it here it is.

  6. Unfortunately I’m not a US resident, so I won’t be able to become a member of your street team by now. But I’m pretty excited for your international reader contest and I’d love to join! <3

  7. Hi CC!
    I have to say that this is amazing! You’re an incredible writer and you are positively one of my idols! Even if I don’t qualify for the Street Team (I have no social media), I love to promote your books and give reading suggestions to my friends and even complete strangers (High school is a strange, scary, and wonderous place). I hope that the year is treating you well and I can’t wait to get my copy of Eternal in a couple of weeks! I’m super psyched!
    Happy Days CC!

  8. Okay, I have literally been waiting all year to find out that you want more members for your street team because last year I missed it and I was devastated . Now to answer all of your questions,

    Q: So, ask yourself if you are one of my biggest fans?

    A: I am not one of your biggest fans, I am your biggest fan.

    Q: Do you tell all your friends about my book, appearances and workshops?

    A: All I ever do is talk about shadow falls to my friends and I always complain to them and my family about how I don’t live in Texas so I never get to go and meet you.

    Q: Do you walk up to complete strangers in the YA aisle of bookstores and recommend my books?

    A: Well this one time, I was in a book store, and I saw this person looking at the bookshelf with shadow falls on it, and I said, “You see that? That book right there? Ya, that one, read it.” And I walked away. I know that you aren’t supposed to talk to strangers but I just had to I couldn’t help myself.

    Q: Do you post comments on my blog almost every Tuesday?

    A: I’ve commented on at least every single one of your posts for the past year or so (besides last years street team) and I will continue to comment on every single one of your posts forever.

    Q :Frequently post on my Facebook pages (CC Hunter Books & Shadow Falls Series)?

    A: I have liked and I do follow your facebook page, but I am ashamed to say that I don’t post on your page because I don’t use my facebook very often, but I will try to start posting on your page frequently.

    Q: Have you emailed me?

    A: Have I emailed you? Only a million times, I love emailing you because its the best feeling to be able to send a message to your favorite author in the entire world. But the best is when I get a reply from you, because I just love knowing that you’ve acknowledged my existence.

    Q: What will you do as a member and what have you already done in the past?

    A: Well, I have told you before and will remind you again, that I have a shadow falls account on instagram @shadowfallss, that I post on every day, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life, then pass the account on to my grandchildren who will do the same with theirs (yes even as a grandma when I loose my hearing and can’t see I will post on my account). I also have a twitter account that I am planning to start using and tweeting about shadow falls, and I am going to make a tumblr page about shadow falls. I also want to create a shadow falls group on goodreads, I know that there are already a few, but I want to make the best possible group .AND like I mentioned before I will start posting about shadow falls on my facebook page.

    Thank you.

  9. I would be a great member for your street team, because I love Shadow Falls(I’ve read each book a thousand times!) & I’ve already recommended Shadow Falls to my friends that love to read! I plan to post some things on my twitter when Unbreakable and Eternal are about to come out, and I’ve plan to get each one when they come out! I’ve also been trying to post a comment on your blog every week, and I would like to go to one of your appearances(I live in Waco TX). I would also like to walk up to somebody in the YA isle and say, “Oh my gosh you need to read the Shadow Falls series! It is like the best series ever, you will laugh you will get sad or mad & last but not least you will want more!” I also plan in asking you a lot of questions about upcoming book/novellas! Oh and C.C. It would be awesome if you followed me @TarynDCour on twitter! Just throwing that out there.

  10. I would be a fantastic member of your street team! I tell anyone and everyone about your series. Whether the person is an adult or teacher I talk about your Young Adult book series Shadow falls and even your romance novels. I love everything about the way you write to your comical teen fiction. Your series has inspired me so much.

    I was so disappointed when I didn’t get on your first street team, so now that you are adding people to it… I hope that I get to be apart of the wonderful world of Shadow Falls After Dark! All my answers in which you seek are listed below,
    Q: So, ask yourself if you are one of my biggest fans?
    Q: Do you tell all your friends about my book, appearances and workshops?
    A:I have talked about your series non-stop for the past 4 years ever since I met you in my hometown in Alabama when I was in 10th grade. That was one of the best moments in my life, it inspired me so much as well as better connected me to your series. That was when your book “Born at midnight” was released. You’re my favorite author! I share posts about your workshops as well as release dates and contest. Unfortunately I cannot come to any your workshops because I live in Alabama.
    Q: Do you walk up to complete strangers in the YA aisle of bookstores and recommend my books?
    A: Anytime I go to a library or bookstore, if I see a person in the YA section I’ll recommend them to read your books. I tell them that your series brings fantasy to real life in that it pulls at ones heart strings. (I cried when the series ended because I was so attached to all the characters).
    Q: Do you post comments on my blog almost every Tuesday?
    A: I’ve commented on at least every single one of your posts on the blog for the past year or will continue to comment on them. I love commenting and reading your blog because I learn a lot of background biographical information about the characters in your books. I also love all your posts in general due to the fact that anything you post is exceptional and fun to read.
    Q :Frequently post on my Facebook pages (CC Hunter Books & Shadow Falls Series)?
    A: Ever since I found out about your series I started to follow and share you posts on my Facebook. I have posted frequently in that I was the first reader to choose your tv show cast before the girl whom posted the same cast in which you shared. I thought it was awesome that we chose the same actress to play Kylie Galen.
    Q: Have you emailed me?
    A: Have I emailed you? Of course I’ve emailed you. A couple years ago I would email questions that dealt with Kylies story. I as well would ask question concerning signings, workshops, posts, etc.
    Q: What will you do as a member and what have you already done in the past?
    A: I have shared many of your posts and contest on my Facebook page as well as word of mouth to friends, family, and even people I come across in a public setting. I have been apart of your giveaway on here as well as your other website. I plan to do everything I can in my power to help promote your series more than I already have. I loved the Shadow Falls series so much, and I love introducing people to it. It is definitely the perfect series I would recommend anyone to sink their teeth into. I use to run an instagram page @shadowfalls, but my friends took it over because I because slammed at college. I’ll restart posting on it and get my admin status back. I also started a @shadowfallad (ad= after dark) and posted a couple pictures of the new series as well as quotes. They are private pages, but I’d like to make them public because they are currently private.
    Thank you. Have a great day! Nick

  11. Die hard fan right here!!! Got my pre-order in for both & I can’t wait! I’d love to be part of the street team but with school I can’t promise I can read Eternal right away. But I do love the Shadow Falls series & tell everyone I know 😉

  12. i started reading you books when i was about 14 or so but I love your books they are amazing, it would be really cool being on your street team because i always tell my friends the books i read because they are into the books I read then i talk to more people about it who are in book stores who are interested in one of the books in the series. i have read your books numerous times because they are awesome i remember my friend introduced me to the series in the summer before freshman year of high school. i love the series best ever i read lots of books before but i liked what you put Kylie being every species that was pretty cool i like that. anyway i just wanted to express my opinion hope you read this thank you have a nice day or night

  13. Dear C.C.,
    My name is Morgan Gonsoski and earlier in the year, I won an ARC of Reborn and I’m not kidding when I say it made my life! To know that one of, if not my favorite, author noticed and appreciated me! Being on your street team would give me and even better way to interact with you and your writing while also having bragging rights! When I first recieved Reborn I talked about it nonstop for at least a week which annoyed some of my friends, yet also helped them to become interested in your books too. It also really helped when my best friend and I visited our local Barnes and Noble and a picture of me holding all 6 of your books and posted! You see, when I saw your books, I had this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and just wanted to hold them! As a street team member, I would probably end up doing the same thing I’ve been doing, just to a greater extreme i.e. Posting on all sorts of social media, constantly talking about the books, and wearing any and all merchandise! I really hope you consider me as a member, and if not that, I just hope you see this and know how much I respect you as author and as a woman for the amazing interaction you have with your fans!

  14. I would really like to be part of the street team, I work with Middle and High School kids and I am always recommending your series to kids. We love getting together to talk about the series and my kids help spread the word about the series.

  15. I can absolutely answer yes to nearly all of your posed questions! I am a huge fan of all of your books and I’ve told everyone I’ve known and a few unsuspecting bookstore as well as library patrons about them! I would definitely be honored to be a member of your street team and either way I’ll still be spreading the word! Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. 1) you are one of my biggest fans?
    OMG yes !!! I love to read all your work and Ive actually reread them Like 3
    times I can get over them!!
    2) Do you tell all your friends about my book, appearances and workshops?
    Ive told my friends to read your books a million times im like 200% sure she
    hates me because of it but its okay haha i cant ever go to your appearences or
    workshops because you never come to california 🙁
    3) Do you walk up to complete strangers in the YA aisle of bookstores and recommend my books?
    Ummm there isn’t many book stores here so im kinda stuck with ordering them
    on amazon. But there was one time i got some one to buy The Beginning at
    Target 😀
    4) Do you post comments on my blog almost every Tuesday? Frequently post on my Facebook pages (CC Hunter Books & Shadow Falls Series)? Have you emailed me?
    Most of the time i comment on your blog, mostly when i actually have
    something to say about what you put like if its a Preview,new books,
    giveaways and other Exciting stuff. I rearly post on your facebooks and i dont
    want to bug you by emailing you

    So i would be a BIG FAN and i would love to be part of your Street Team !! 😀

  17. So, ask yourself if you are one of my biggest fans?

    Yup!! I LOVED Shadow Falls and bought them all after Chosen at Nightfall came out. I pre-ordered Reborn as soon as pre-order was available!

    Do you tell all your friends about my book, appearances and workshops?

    YES. I’ve told tons of people about your books and the epicness of them.

    Hi C.C.! My name is Rachel, I’m a YA book blogger who’s been reading your books for two years now! I absolutely love the light-hearted yet complex stories you build. You put a great spin to the normal paranormals by bringing them all together and making them a bit different from the norm.

    I’m part of two Street Teams. I’m very involved in them, I help plan blog events, brainstorm ways to increase publicity and awareness for the author’s books, I’m very dedicated. I only ask to join street teams for authors whom I love, you being one of them! My co-blogger has recently read and loved “Born at Midnight” as well. We have 1,200+ followers ( and I have 430+ followers on my other blog ( and would love to spread the bookish love to them about your books 🙂

  18. While I haven’t read your books 🙁 it’s becoming a common problem right now for me, but I’m on three different author street teams, helping in anyway I can but I probably won’t be the best beta reader to pick. I have done some art stuff for one of author creating a banner for her street team FB group page.

  19. I’d L O V E to be on your street team. I have emailed you wanting to be on your street team and so I’m happy to see that there are open spots available. I have written reviews of your books. I have a blog and I could promote your books or events about you <3 And my real life friends don't read but I have cyber friends that I would definitely recommend your books to.
    I post all my reviews on Goodreads. I could help you by liking reviews that might be helpful to others of your books. Promote your events on my blog and twitter and other social media sites. I could also do an interview with you to promote your upcoming books. I really love your books. I've read the Shadow Falls Series and read Reborn so I can't wait for Eternal and Unbreakable 😀 😀 It would be a really joyous day to be picked for your street team 🙂

  20. Hi C.C Hunter and fellow Shadow Falls fans!
    I discovered Shadow Falls when around May 2012 right after Taken At Dusk was released. I saw it in the store and noticed it wasn’t the first book, but to my relief they did have Born At Midnight so I bought that. The only mistake I made was not buying all the Shadow Falls books that were out while I was at the store because I finished Born at Midnight before the night was over, and I did the same with every single one of your books since. Waiting for the next book always feels like forever but when I finally get it in my hands, I’m the happiest person in the world!
    I have recommended your books to anyone who enjoys YA. I’m not usually one to strike up a conversation with someone in the store unless I see they are looking at a book I loved. Shadow Falls is one of the first books I recommend. I got my little sister and a friend of mine hooked on the series! I even have some foreign copies of Shadow Falls (not that I can read them) but I have foreign copies of all my favorite books/series!
    I am also a fan of both your pages (have been since I read Shadow Falls) and sometimes comment on your posts. I mostly “like” your posts as well. I comment on your blog probably once a month. Of course if I get picked (fingers crossed), I will comment every Tuesday, and ALWAYS 100% recommend your book to complete strangers!
    I haven’t e-mailed you and not because I’m not a fan but because I don’t want to interrupt you and your busy life. (And I don’t want to distract you from writing more books for me to love!)
    I know I’d be an asset to your Street Team. As I said, I already got two people (that I know of!) hooked on your books. To strangers I’ve recommended it to, I might have but I haven’t seen them since to confirm it. I read a lot, have a blog that I review YA books on, and LOVE LOVE LOVE your series. I can promote your events, book releases, and any other news that will help you on my YA book blog!
    Thank you for the consideration to join your street team! It is such an honor because you are one of the most talented writers in YA I have ever read. Also, thank you for creating a world for me to enjoy so much, characters for me to love and relate to.
    Your #1 fan,

  21. C.C. Hunter, I tell my friends about your books all the time. I follow you on Twitter, I check your website almost every week and I just love everything that you do. I talk about your books to my friends and family and even recommend them to people I don’t even know. I hope, hope, hope, you pick me because it would be an honor

  22. Wow people are writing so much! I’ll help you by making mine shorter. It would be great to let me be one of your street team members, but if you don’t want me to be then that’s fine. I have told all of my friends about these books, and I have had three people reading the series and I’m now getting even more requests, and I even have my dad hooked to the series! Whenever I’m inside of books-a-million, I always find the series on the shelves and I loudly talk about how amazing they are! Some people probably thought I was crazy

    • And sorry it cut the rest off- I’m so excited for eternal! I’ve been waiting my own eternal for it! I’m so glad that’s it’s about to come out. Thanks for writing!

  23. I love the Shadow Falls series and like several others above me I let everyone know about them when I can get someone to listen to me blabber about books. What I can do on a street team. I am a PR professional and can promote the street team for one. I have a blog and Facebook page and I will promote all I can. I will also read, review and give feedback. I still wish I could meet face to face at a book festival maybe one day. This is that series I bought all the books and read them and a series I would read again in a heartbeat, and I do not do much of rereading of books.

  24. Omg I can not wait for this book I have been so out if date with the new releases of my favorite series and I have had such a bad couple of weeks seeing this made my day well and truly so excited! 🙂

  25. I told at least 15 people about your book when I read the first one. I was hooked and now I count down the days till the next book comes out. I walk up to like random people in the library and go “Hey you know I bet you would really like C.C. Hunter’s Book Born at Midnight here I’ll help you find it if you want. It’s really good!” I love to read and I own every single book of yours. I think I practically memorized half of them. I should be part of the street team because I absolutely LOVE recommending books to people and I love to read. I even got my friend who hates to read obsessed with your books. I would love to read Eternal early and I can’t wait to read it even if not early. My friends and I count down the days until the book comes out and we have a line for who reads it first. I CAN’T WAIT.

  26. am I you’re biggest fan?
    Yes! i get in trouble for talking so much about youre books. what i can do for street team is work a little let evry one on
    and others i know
    i can donate copies to the library
    i dont walk up to people cause im shy but i sell some copies and i DARE people to read it
    i made a bunch of Twilight freaks

  27. I absolutely love your series. I have told all of my friends about your books and about half of them started reading them. they agree with me that you are an outstanding writer that let’s the readers feel the emotions of the character. your words paint vivid pictures in my mind. I am hoping for a movie to come out. also, I’m hoping for a prequel or another book to the shadow falls series. I know I and the other readers would love that. I will as a street team member let everyone know what great books you write. I hope you will take me into consideration to recruit me onto your team. all the best, Olivia

  28. -One of your biggest fans? CHECK
    -Do I tell all my friends about your book, appearances and workshops? CHECK
    -Do I walk up to complete strangers in the YA aisle of bookstores and recommend your books? CHECK
    -Do I post comments on my blog almost every Tuesday? I will start doing this.
    -Frequently post on your Facebook pages (CC Hunter Books & Shadow Falls Series)? I will start doing this.

    So I have read all your books and novella’s in the Shadow Falls and Shadow Falls: After Dark Series and loved every bit of them. It would be awesome if I could be considered to be on your street team in the US. I think that I am best at recommending your books to others when I get conformation that you are releasing a new book but also in the YA aisles due to always going to that section of the bookstore and deciding what to read next. I know that there are others who consider themselves your biggest fan, but I think that whoever has your books in their ever growing personal library and reads them multiple time are your fans. I am not able to attend your appearances or workshops due to them not being close to home (Richmond, VA) but if you do come over this way I will do my best to attend and show my support.

  29. I would love to be on your Street Team because I just love your books!!! I’m already a member of your fan club and I’m doing everything I can possibly do to get people to read your books :-). Though I mostly post in Twitter because that’s were I’m mostly at. Though I still share a thing or two in Facebook. I email and text all of my friends and family, and i tell them to check out your books. A few weeks ago my sister was looking for something to read and I told her about your Shadow Falls series. She loves them and and she just finished reading the last book. Now she started reading Reborn. I check your blog every night to see if you posted anything new. I also love to find out news about your books and I like the stories you have for us. I also like to comment in your blog 🙂

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