Where’s Your Della ‘tude?


Today’s the day!  Della is running loose and wild and I hope, jumping off the bookshelves. If you haven’t snagged your copy yet, you can buy Eternal at  Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Kobo, and iBooks. To celebrate I’m doing lots of giveaways so pay attention.

Della, she’s spunky.  She’s sassy.  She’s not the kind of girlfriend you ask if those jeans make your butt look big because she will tell you the truth.  There’s no sugar coating the truth from Della.  That said, I still know I’d love to call Della my friend.  I’ll even go one step further and say I think we all could learn a thing or two from this kick-butt vampire.  Not that I don’t have a little Della in me already.

You see, when you create a character, you pull her personality from your own.  No, I’m not nearly as spunky as this girl, and I know when I was young, I could have benefited from a little more Della persona, but there was a time or two that the Della inside me came out.

I particularly remember a time when I was in ninth grade.  And in reality, I was much more like Kylie than Della at that age.  I was quiet, I didn’t fit in.  All I wanted was to fade into the wallpaper.  Ahh, but there were the bullies.  And they liked to pick on the quiet ones.  I’d never done anything to this one girl, hadn’t even spoken to her, but she’d spoken to me plenty.  She was a known trouble maker. In and out of trouble all the time.

Walking home from school, she’d call me names and taunt me.  It was as if she wanted to make me mad.  I ignored her and I think that just made her madder.  She was getting more and more confrontational.  I even started hanging out at school a while after classes, hoping I wouldn’t have to face her. One Friday, after a pep rally, I’d bought a coke and started my walk home.  I wasn’t even off school property when this girl and her friends caught up with me.

Unhappy that I was ignoring them, the girl came and stood in front of me. Then, she hit the bottom of my drink.  The coke splashed up in my face.  I don’t know what hit me, but I’d suddenly taken all I could.  The essence of my Dellaness came out to play, and I tossed the rest of that drink in her face.

The next thing I knew, she’d knocked me down and we were in a serious scuffle.  Some teachers ran over and broke it up.  And you know come Monday morning, I was called in the principal’s office.  I’d never been called into his office before.  I’d never even been in trouble.  Like I said, people didn’t know I existed.

The principal sat behind his big desk and asked both of us what happened.  I told him everything.  Ahh, but then the girl told her story.  And it was a whopper of a story, too.  She said how I’d jumped her and had been throwing rocks at her on the way home.

The principle looked at us, and said since we both had different stories, he didn’t know who to believe.  So, he said he was going to suspend both of us from school for three days.  Once again something came over me.  If I’d had fangs and eyes that changed color, I’m sure I would have scared the bejibbies out of that man, because I suddenly found myself sitting up straighter, unwilling to just shut up and take a punishment for something I hadn’t done.  She’d been bullying me for over a month and I’d had enough.

“Excuse me, sir,” I said to the principal.  “Can I please speak?”

He nodded.  I swallowed the bit of fear down my throat.  “Sir, can you tell me how many times I’ve been in your office in the past three years?”

He looked at me strangely.  “I don’t think you have.”

“That’s right.  Never.  Not only do I not get in trouble, I work really hard at avoiding it.”  I looked at the girl sitting next to me, the bully, the one who’d make my last month of school holy hell.  Then, I looked back at the principal.  “Now, sir, can you tell me how many times she’s been in your office?”

He just looked at me, but didn’t speak

“My point, sir, is this.  I sit here in your office, with no record of ever causing any problems.  I tell you my story.  And in here with me is a girl who is known for causing trouble. A girl who has been accused of this very thing, expelled from school numerous times for doing this, and you tell me my word is no more believable than hers.  Why are my years of good behavior not being considered?   When is it that a person’s character doesn’t add credit to her word?

The principal sat there almost speechless.  He finally leaned back in his chair and shook his head.  “Young Lady,” he said.  “You make a very good point.  I hope you are considering becoming a lawyer.  You may leave the office now.”

I wasn’t suspended.  She was.  Oddly enough, she never picked on me again.  And I can tell you that I honestly believe it wasn’t me standing up to her when she knocked my coke in my hands that stopped her from bullying me again.  It was me using my words to put her in her place that made her realize I wasn’t somebody she could run over.

Perhaps from that ounce of spunk, Della was born.  Now, it’s your turn.  Tell me, do you have a little Della inside you?  Do you need a little Della ‘tude in your life?

15503647925_005b0440e5_kAnd here’s a photo of me when I was in school. My maiden name was Christie Hunt. I can’t believe how young I looked. And that long hair! How did I put up with that in the Alabama heat? I wonder what some of those other kids are doing these days.




This week, one lucky person who posts on my blog telling me they bought a copy of Eternal and telling me how and why they can relate to Della, will win a Kindle. I’ll also be giving away a Shadow Falls T-shirt and hard copies of the both Eternal and Reborn.

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And to all the fans of Shadow Falls: After Dark, Della and I both thank you.  On a parting thought, I’m kind of glad I didn’t take that principal’s advice and become a lawyer.  I love writing too much.

Shadow Falls: The Next Chapter

ShadowFalls_NEXT_CHAPTER (1)Don’t forget I have another Shadow Falls book out today. It’s Shadow Falls: The Next Chapter and it contains both Taken at Dusk and Whispers at Moonrise for one low price. Combined it with Shadow Falls: The Beginning, which contains Born at Midnight and Awake at Dawn, and you have a great holiday gift. What a wonderful way to introduce a friend to the world of Shadow Falls.

Blog Tour

Starting this week, I’ll be traveling all over. Well, virtually anyway. I’ll be on a huge blog tour and I’ll be answering some of your burning questions in interviews. There will also be a lot of giveaways! So check my Facebook pages (CC Hunter Books and Shadow Falls Series) for days and links.


The winner of the hard copy of Reborn is Taryn Courville. Congratulations, Taryn! Please email your mailing address to cc@cchunterbooks.com.

It’s Good to be Back Home

AL2Well, this last couple of weeks I’ve been jetting off everywhere.  And one place I landed, I’ve never landed before.  I can no longer say I’ve never been to jail.  And now that I got your attention and maybe even made you smile, let me tell you the real story.

You see, I went to speak to group of women in the SAP program, Substance Abuse Program, in the Etowah County Detention Center.  Do you know that noise you hear of the door clanking shut that you hear on some prison shows? It’s just like that.  And it echoes in that place, reminding you that you are locked up.  I got chills each and every time it sounded.

These women are in for six months to a year and are completely cut off from all family and friends.  No phone calls.  No visits.  They are there to work on getting their lives back on track, and hopefully, finding a new path for their lives. The Gadsden Library works with these women, offering them books and talking to them about literature. And for the women with young children, they have even done video tapes of some of them reading bedtime stories, and then the tapes are sent to their children.

AL7Being there, talking about writing, about facing hurdles, and laughing–yes, we did a lot of laughing–it was a reminder of how easy it is for someone to go down a wrong path.

While I was in Gadsden, I also had a Bleed and Read event.  Wow, that was fun.  Got to visit with some serious fans.  I went to three schools—even my old high school.  What a delight.

I wasn’t home but for a few days and then I packed and left again.  This time I landed in New Hampshire to speak at Another Anime Convention.  Wow, talk about colorful.  And I mean the people and the leaves.  The leaves were gorgeous, and boy oh boy did I meet some really neat and entertaining characters.  I was just crazy enough to fit in. Here are just a few of the crazy costumes there.




















And there were some really wonderful chalk artists who created these cool drawings. I’m sitting on the first one, so I look like I’m riding on his shoulder. I loved that!


25 Christie AoT













Anyway, I’m home for now and back to writing.  Don’t forget I have two releases coming out on October 28th.  I hope you’ve pre-ordered Eternal, the second book in the Shadow Falls: After Dark series. And Shadow Falls: The Next Chapter will be out on the same day.

So, have you ever felt you were going down the wrong path? Did you almost make a wrong decision? Or maybe you did, and now you regret it? I want you tell me about it, and I’ll give away a hard copy of Reborn to one of you who leave a comment. (Sorry, this giveaway is for US residents only.)


Lots of great comments last week, and I got a lot of emails with links to Unbreakable reviews. Here are the winners: Crystal Chapman ($25 gift card for Amazon or B &N), Gabrielle Saunders (signed copies Reborn and Eternal), Essie Binder (Shadow Falls t-shirt), Carly Burkard (Shadow Falls poster) and Maria Villatoro (Shadow Falls poster). Congratulations! Now you need to send me an email at cchunterbooks.com with your mailing address.

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Don’t forget I’m giving away three Kindles the week of Eternal’s release. One to one of my Street Team members, one to a member of my Fan Club and a third one to someone who comments on my blogs. But these aren’t random giveaways this time. No, I’ll be checking social media to see who is posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. to see who is working the hardest to spread the word about the release of Eternal.


Chase or Steve?

EternalOkay…October 28th is right around the corner.  Soon everyone will be reading about Della, the new ghost, the new mission.  Man oh man, does the new mission run Della ragged.  Ahh, but you know Della, she doesn’t like to fail, but this time the stakes are higher.  If she fails, two people will die.

Then there are the two guys. Chase the mysterious vampire, and Steve, the sweet dependable shape-shifter who has had a thing for Della since the first time he laid eyes on her.

And let me tell you, I’m just as confused as you are about who she will end up with.  Since you haven’t read Eternal yet, you may not know as much as I know, but . . . I’m still torn.

I’m not giving anything away, but when I wrote Unbreakable, the e-novella from Chase’s point of view, I saw a softer side of Chase.  When I wrote Eternal, Della saw the softer side of Chase, too.  But as Della learns, there are still things about Chase that she doesn’t know.

Because I’m about to dive in to the third novel, I’m feeling Della’s pain of having to choose one guy.

So I made a list of reasons Della should end up with Steve and reasons Della should end up with Chase.

Della should choose Steve because:

* he’s hot.  And looks good in his jeans!

* he’s been so patient waiting for her to get over Lee.

* he chose to give her the transfusion that bonded her to Chase believing it could save her    life, but knowing he could lose her forever.

* he saved her life on the mission and even gave her some of his blood.

* she could let herself love him so easily.

Della should choose Chase because:

* he’s hot. Mysterious and sexy.

* they are both vampire and reborns and can understand each other.

* he risked his life and was willing endure extreme pain to save her life.

* she is bonded to him, drawn to him, attracted to him.

* she could let herself love him so easily.

Okay…so why don’t you guys help me.  Now listen here, Street Team and anyone who has gotten an early copy of the Eternal, you cannot give away any spoilers.  Keep it vague.

Thank you every one who picked up a copy of Unbreakable.

Oh, I also want to do a shout out to the students and librarians of Emma Sansom, Gadsden High and Glencoe.  To all the fans who came to my Read & Bleed event.  You guy rock!!!

Contest!  Contest!  (U.S. Only)

This week, I’m giving away five awesome prizes, a $25 dollar card from either Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner’s choice), a Shadow Falls T-shirt, a signed hard copy of both Reborn and Eternal, and two signed Shadow Falls: After Dark posters.  How do you enter? This one is different, so read carefully.  You have to have read Unbreakable and left an honest review (the number of stars do not matter) on either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  You email me a link to the review with Review Contest in the subject line to cc@cchunterbooks.com, and you will be entered.  Winners will be announced next week.

Reborn News

St. Martins decided to extend the sale of Reborn. The first book in Shadow Falls: After Dark is still on sale for only 2.99.  If you haven’t read it.  Go grab a copy now!


The winner from last week’s giveaway is Casey W. Congratulations, Casey! Please email your mailing address to cc@cchunterbooks.com and I will send you your signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall.


Answers, Fan Club and a Giveaway!

EternalOnly THREE weeks till the release of Eternal! Are you ready? Have you pre-ordered your copy? Or perhaps you are a member of my Street Team and  received an early copy of Eternal. Have you already read it? Posted about it? Told all of your friends? Della is coming very soon, and while she isn’t looking for trouble, trouble always seems to find her!


In case you thought I’d forgotten about all those questions you sent in for me to answer, well, I haven’t! So I thought I’d answer a few more this week.

Elizabeth asked, “Why do you like love triangles? Your books are overflowing with love triangles, even with minor characters.”

Well, I’d actually never written a love triangle before I started writing Shadow Falls. So, I didn’t really understand the rules.  I didn’t realize that when you have two guys interested in the same girl, you have to have one of them stand out over the other one.  Instead I had Lucas and Derek, and both of them were wonderful. And so, Kylie had a very hard decision.  And now poor Della has the same problem.  So why do I like doing it?  Well for three reasons.

  1. St. Martin’s asked me to do it.  And that probably is the most important one.
  1. Love triangles, when done correctly can help engage a reader’s interest.  Writing novels is all about creating questions in a readers mind.  Will Della ever be able to tell her parents that’s she’s vampire?  Will her dad ever love her as much as he did when she was young?  Is her dad really guilty of murder?  Will Della end up with Steve or Chase?
  1. While I write about vampires, werewolves, chameleons, all of which do not exist in real life, I really want my books to reflect real life.  And while we may not have two equally hot guys who are both dream guys who want to win our hearts, most of us at some time in our life, especially when we are young, will have are hearts pulled in two different directions.

Jess asked, “Are you going to write another series after Della’s books are over? Are you going to keep going with Shadow Falls, but from someone else’s perspective?”

I’m sure I’ll be writing another series after I finish Della’s books. But which series? I already have a contract on another series about the descendants of Grim Reapers. But I’ve had that contract since before I even started on Della’s series.  You see, after I finished Kylie’s series, I came up with the idea for a novella about Della.  When my editor read it, she loved it so much she asked me to write a series about Della.  And guess what I’m writing now?  A novella about Miranda.  Will they ask me to write her book?  I don’t know.  We’ll see….

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I’m giving away a signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall to one lucky person who leaves a comment on this blog. (Sorry, but this giveaway is limited to US residents.)