Answers, Fan Club and a Giveaway!

EternalOnly THREE weeks till the release of Eternal! Are you ready? Have you pre-ordered your copy? Or perhaps you are a member of my Street Team and  received an early copy of Eternal. Have you already read it? Posted about it? Told all of your friends? Della is coming very soon, and while she isn’t looking for trouble, trouble always seems to find her!


In case you thought I’d forgotten about all those questions you sent in for me to answer, well, I haven’t! So I thought I’d answer a few more this week.

Elizabeth asked, “Why do you like love triangles? Your books are overflowing with love triangles, even with minor characters.”

Well, I’d actually never written a love triangle before I started writing Shadow Falls. So, I didn’t really understand the rules.  I didn’t realize that when you have two guys interested in the same girl, you have to have one of them stand out over the other one.  Instead I had Lucas and Derek, and both of them were wonderful. And so, Kylie had a very hard decision.  And now poor Della has the same problem.  So why do I like doing it?  Well for three reasons.

  1. St. Martin’s asked me to do it.  And that probably is the most important one.
  1. Love triangles, when done correctly can help engage a reader’s interest.  Writing novels is all about creating questions in a readers mind.  Will Della ever be able to tell her parents that’s she’s vampire?  Will her dad ever love her as much as he did when she was young?  Is her dad really guilty of murder?  Will Della end up with Steve or Chase?
  1. While I write about vampires, werewolves, chameleons, all of which do not exist in real life, I really want my books to reflect real life.  And while we may not have two equally hot guys who are both dream guys who want to win our hearts, most of us at some time in our life, especially when we are young, will have are hearts pulled in two different directions.

Jess asked, “Are you going to write another series after Della’s books are over? Are you going to keep going with Shadow Falls, but from someone else’s perspective?”

I’m sure I’ll be writing another series after I finish Della’s books. But which series? I already have a contract on another series about the descendants of Grim Reapers. But I’ve had that contract since before I even started on Della’s series.  You see, after I finished Kylie’s series, I came up with the idea for a novella about Della.  When my editor read it, she loved it so much she asked me to write a series about Della.  And guess what I’m writing now?  A novella about Miranda.  Will they ask me to write her book?  I don’t know.  We’ll see….

Join My Fan Club!!

Good news!  I’m opening up my fan club to about 35 more members.  What do you do as fan club member?  First sign up for my newsletter.  (It’s free and I seldom send out more than one a month.) Help me promote my books by posting them on social media, talking the books up to your friends, re-Tweeting and sharing my Facebook posts, writing reviews, and posting on the my blog.  This isn’t the street team, who actually get an early copy of my releases, but when slots become open on the street team, I’ll be filling those slots with the fan club members.  So, what do you get as a fan club member?  Sneak peeks to covers, and excerpts.  And every three months I will give away two or three prizes of swag, bookmarks, t-shirts, signed copies of books, and maybe even some gift cards to Fan Club members.  These will not just be random names, but people who I see are doing the above list of things that help me promote my books.  And the week of Eternal’s release, I will be giving away a Kindle to one fan club member.  How do you become a fan club member?  Email me with your name, address, t-shirt size and tell me what you’ve done as a fan and what you’ll do as a fan club member.   In a week, I will be emailing those who are accepted.  Remember it’s only limited to 35 more members.  Also, I will be accepting 3 fan club members outside of the US.  But make sure you tell me what country you are from.

For My Street Team!

More good news! I’m doing the same drawing for my Street Team members who are working their tushes off to help promote me and my books. Yes, one lucky Street Team member will receive a Kindle, and every few months, I’ll be giving away prizes.  So make sure you are leaving reviews, posting on my blog and using your social media to help create a buzz.


I’m giving away a signed copy of Chosen at Nightfall to one lucky person who leaves a comment on this blog. (Sorry, but this giveaway is limited to US residents.)

45 thoughts on “Answers, Fan Club and a Giveaway!

  1. I’m so ready to read Eternal! Unbreakable was amazing and ready to read more about Della and how she is dealing with her new powers. Also I want to see more of everybody at Shadow Falls! Can’t wait!! 🙂

  2. I love and adore your books. They were such great reads. Della’s story is no different. Always the perfect balance to every book.

  3. I’m so excited for this love triangle. I’ve been adamantly Team Steve, but after reading Unbreakable, I’m torn between both. Maybe a little more Team Chase, 😉 but maybe Steve should have his own Novella?!!

  4. I personally enjoy love triangles but the girl never ends up with the guy I like and it makes me somewhat sad. I love Steve and want Della to be with him, but everything is pushing her to be with Chase. *Sad face* but I know whoever she choses will be the right guy for her! (Why am I talking like Della is a real person?) 🙂
    I can’t wait for Eternal. I have been counting down the days ever since I heard about the new series and when you revealed the books! Unbreakable helped hold me over but I want more Della! 🙂

  5. I can not wait for Eternal to be released!! I have a countdown on my phone and I will be at my bookstore when they open waiting for this book! So excited 🙂

  6. I love all your books so much, and I can’t wait to read more books by you. I normally don’t like young adult fiction that has romance scenes; your books are so well written that I can’t put them down which is a great thing.

  7. I love reading your books! I like the love triangles you create in them. I think every great love story has some kind of love triangle, whether it’s a small one or a big one. Can’t wait for Eternal! I need to get Unbreakable, but I have to wait a bit longer before I can. Love Shadow Falls!

  8. I have a wondrous break from work & school this weekend & can’t wait to get reading!! Hoping my street team copy of Eternal arrives, and since Amy got hers last night I say there’s a good chance!!

  9. I found your books the other day and i LOVE them! Seriously LOVE them. I’m so excited to finish the series, but sad the end is near. I hope they have you write Miranda’s story!!!

  10. Hey CC,
    I just wanted to take a moment and say how much your books make my day and put a smile on my face. I talk about them all the time at school and where ever the conversation starts. You may say I have a problem if all I talk about is how Lucas Parker’s eyes are beautiful (even though I haven’t seen them in person–obviously) or how a cat got turned into a skunk, most of the time when I bring up random conversations like those I just get stares and nods of confusion. Then I tell them about your wonderful books. Anyway I just wanted to say you are one if not my favorite author I’ve read.
    Thanks soo much!

  11. … My stuff hasn’t arrived yet… I have no idea when it’ll come and I’ve been searching for it the past two weeks… 🙁
    Anyways, I’d love a series on Miranda! I can’t wait! If there is one, expect a ton about it from me! I’m always everywhere with books. I talk about them a ton along with jumping up and down, the whole bit. Books get me excited. I can’t wait for the Street Team stuff to arrive here!

    • Oh, I am watching for it every day! I really can’t wait. Just watch, I’ll finish it in one sitting. I did that with Reborn as well. XD I love your books and you inspire me as a writer. I can’t wait for Miranda’s book! I hope I get my stuff tomorrow. That’s most likely what’s going to happen. Being on the East Coast is a ton of fun and all, but I like-No, LOVE- to sit inside with a good book and read it. I do read most books within two, three days. To say, you hooked me. It’s a good drug I can’t get off of.

  12. I’m so excited to get my advanced reading copy of Eternal!!! I think it’s a great idea that you’re starting a fan club!

  13. As always I am always spreading the word about your books. I tell everyone that I can and I know for a fact quite a few have picked them and have been reading them. Like I said once before is word of mouth is the one of the best ways to do that. I have been making sure the local Library is keeping them in for people to read, as that is where i have gotten my copies to read, cause like myself a lot of people cant afford to buy the books but gives them the chance to read them like myself. One day I am hoping to own my own copy of each one. I feel you are an awesome Author.

  14. I love the Shadow Falls series! I’m working on getting the ones I’m missing. Translation: Oh, guess what I want for Christmas!

    Thanks for writing such a great series!

    Tambra Nicole

  15. I’m sooo looking forward to Eternal; I’m not the preorder-type, but I’ll get it immediately once it’s out, my phone alarms are all set 🙂
    Loved reading the story from Della’s POV and I’m counting the days until Eternal’s release… also, I don’t know what is not to love about triangles (as long as it doesn’t become too ridiculous). I always squeal like a little girl if they’ve got a cute moment with my favorite guy (Chase! Chase!) or I start doubting my own decisiveness if I myself am being swayed by the other one. At the very least, it’s a lot of fun. 🙂
    You did everything right with Kylie’s series, by the way – after she picked Lucas I was floating on cloud nine. 😉
    Waiting to see how it will go on for Della and her guys…

  16. I love the Shadow Falls series whether it is from Kylie’s point of view or Della’s. I can never get enough and I don’t want the story to end! I especially love reading stories that involve love triangles.

  17. C.C I love your books so much. I laughed and cried,sometimes at the same time. I wish your books were real and I was part of Shadow Falls!! I would have to refrain myself from going after Lucas though cuz I love him and Kylie! Team Lucas!! I can’t wait for Eternal!! I hope if you have time you can write a novella about Kylie and Lucas from their point of view, kinda just as a update. I was on Team Steve but now I am torn…. I kinda want Chase and Della now. I can’t wait to find out. Thanks C.C

    • Please write about Miranda after you finish Della’s series! I feel like in Kylie’s series we got to know Miranda but not very well and so far same with Della’s series. In Kylie’s series we got to know Della a little more than Miranda. It would be great for Miranda to have her own, that way we can get to know her character and her life and journey better. We still don’t know her last name do we?!?

  18. I am semi new to your books! I fell in love with Born at Midnight! I just got the rest of the series and a short story! Hopefully I will be caught up by the time Shadow Falls Eternal comes out! I have already gotten my best friend interested in the books and I am working on my daughter! I will be putting up reviews on GoodReads and Amazon when I am done! If I get onto the fan page I would be able to share with my friends and book friends! I am on several street teams so I already do a lot of sharing!! Btw I love your writing style it is one of the things that drew me in!

  19. I can’t believe that eternal is almost out! The huge cliffhanger at the end of reborn is making me want to cry, it’s so frustrating and I can’t figure it out. And if you did write another Shadow Falls series, I think you should write about Holiday, or maybe even Perry. I think that either of those would be so funny and interesting! And I have to say, my school is rocking the Shadow Falls series’! Every single day, my friends obsess about the series, and they get angry when I don’t spoil the entire plot line (mwa ha ha!). And the guys are hilarious, overhearing us talk about Lucas and Derek, with their expressions priceless! And thanks for letting me join the fan club! I really appreciate it! Thanks

  20. I would love to be a part of your Steeet Team! I have recommended your books to many of my friends who absolutely love to read! I will also post a pit your books which leads to me to a question I’ve been meaning to ask…do you have an Instagram? I just set up a Facebook so I will have to find you on there too!!
    I am also super psyched about reading Eternal and Unbreakable!!

  21. I love all of your books, and I really love books that have love triangles in them. To me your books are fantastic when it comes to love triangles, you give this type of wanting that every person wants to feel. Every girl wants to be fought over by guys because we girls love guys who show affection. I love telling people about your books and recommending them to people who love supernatural books that you can imagine yourself being the characters. I love how I can put myself in your characters shoes. I personally think that if you can feel the emotions that the characters are feeling, then the book is worth reading. Your books are worth reading because I can put myself in your characters shoes, I can feel what they feel, and to me that’s what makes a good book. You should keep writing books like the Shadow Falls and the Shadow After Dark Falls because they are that amazing!

  22. I’m glad you explained the reason behind the love triangles. I’ve never been a huge fan of them, but you convinced me. It does seem a little sad though that you had to do something because your publisher wanted you to, but at the same time I understand. I look forward to a Miranda novella (and hopefully a series!) because she’s my absolute favorite.

  23. I love your ideas with the love triangles, it makes the story more interesting with all that conflict, very easy to relate to reality btw. Love your books, and I can’t wait for more, and the Miranda novella! My friends are lovin’ it to, keep up with the awesome wrting 🙂

  24. I love all your ideas for the books and the direction your taking them in. I think that adding love triangles make the books more interesting and mysterious. You never no who will get the girl and what will happen to the other boy till the end. I love how you keep everyone guessing.

  25. I can’t wait for Eternal!!!!! I would love to be part of the fan club but I don’t do any social media so I wouldn’t be that great at promoting the books.

  26. My stuff came before my camping trip, so I read the entire weekend. I loved Eternal! It was great and I can’t wait to put my video review on Youtube! It’ll be long since I went on about the other books as well, but Eternal is there. Yeah, I need to figure out how to put it up first though! It was freat and I can’t wait for the next one!

  27. I can’t wait for Eternal to come out! I really have no idea what to expect on this book. I just know that its going to be as amazing and funny with lots of love triangles as your other books C.C.!

  28. Just read the first 3 chapters of Eternal in Wattpad. They are so good. I need more!!!!
    You’re an amazing writer C.C.!!!

  29. C.C. what in the heck do you mean we have to wait till July 2015 for Unspoken and what do you mean its the last and final book???? This doesn’t help my addiction to your books…..I need more NOW! WHAT? What are you doing taking a break? Get back to writing! Nah you take at break you deserve it you gave us another wonderful book! I Loved it! Thanks again!

    So I guess while I’m waiting on unspoken to be written, I guess I’ll go read my second favorite author Quinn Loftis new book.

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