Chase or Steve?

EternalOkay…October 28th is right around the corner.  Soon everyone will be reading about Della, the new ghost, the new mission.  Man oh man, does the new mission run Della ragged.  Ahh, but you know Della, she doesn’t like to fail, but this time the stakes are higher.  If she fails, two people will die.

Then there are the two guys. Chase the mysterious vampire, and Steve, the sweet dependable shape-shifter who has had a thing for Della since the first time he laid eyes on her.

And let me tell you, I’m just as confused as you are about who she will end up with.  Since you haven’t read Eternal yet, you may not know as much as I know, but . . . I’m still torn.

I’m not giving anything away, but when I wrote Unbreakable, the e-novella from Chase’s point of view, I saw a softer side of Chase.  When I wrote Eternal, Della saw the softer side of Chase, too.  But as Della learns, there are still things about Chase that she doesn’t know.

Because I’m about to dive in to the third novel, I’m feeling Della’s pain of having to choose one guy.

So I made a list of reasons Della should end up with Steve and reasons Della should end up with Chase.

Della should choose Steve because:

* he’s hot.  And looks good in his jeans!

* he’s been so patient waiting for her to get over Lee.

* he chose to give her the transfusion that bonded her to Chase believing it could save her    life, but knowing he could lose her forever.

* he saved her life on the mission and even gave her some of his blood.

* she could let herself love him so easily.

Della should choose Chase because:

* he’s hot. Mysterious and sexy.

* they are both vampire and reborns and can understand each other.

* he risked his life and was willing endure extreme pain to save her life.

* she is bonded to him, drawn to him, attracted to him.

* she could let herself love him so easily.

Okay…so why don’t you guys help me.  Now listen here, Street Team and anyone who has gotten an early copy of the Eternal, you cannot give away any spoilers.  Keep it vague.

Thank you every one who picked up a copy of Unbreakable.

Oh, I also want to do a shout out to the students and librarians of Emma Sansom, Gadsden High and Glencoe.  To all the fans who came to my Read & Bleed event.  You guy rock!!!

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44 thoughts on “Chase or Steve?

  1. Honestly, I like Steve and want Della to end up with her. I’m Team Steve… but in truth, you’re the one to make the call, like you always tell me when I’m writing a story. And then there’s the fact that even though I don’t hate Chase (which I don’t), I think that there’s a possibility of Della ending up with her… if he lets her to get close and allows himself to be vulnerable enough. Reading “Saved at Sunrise”, I really believed that Steve and Della might end up together, but love triangles are hardly that easy: you could love two at the same time, then decide whether you’ll end up with neither or with just one.

    One thing’s for sure – no matter what Della decides, she’s going to blame herself for everything.

  2. As much as I like Steve, I’m team Chase. My reasons are kind if the same as they were for why I was team Lucas. While I can see how much Steve loves Della, to me it’s the first love, sweet romance. Whereas with Chase I can see it being the all consuming, passionate, once in a lifetime love.

    • I totally agree with you because he gets her and Steve does too but he totally does something that hurts Della and well i think that Chase is sweet and hot for Della plus she totally has the hots for him too!

  3. I can definitely see Della with either Steve or Chase, and as much as I really wanted Della and Steve to get their HEA when I first read Reborn, I have to give the nod to Chase now. It just seems that he would go to the ends of the earth if it meant having even one more moment with Della.

  4. I want Della to be with Steve but whenever I pick a side, the girl always choses the other guy!! They both have their good and bad qualities, I can’t wait to see who she picks!!

  5. She should definitely pick Steve. It would be so great if the nicer guy got the girl for once. I’m just so tired of all these bad boys acting like douches, and still getting the girl. I haven’t read Eternal yet though, but I don’t think I’m going to change my mind. 🙂

  6. Gaaaaah! It’s so hard to decide!!
    Steve…. I really wanna smack him. Chase as well! I am sworn to secrecy not to tell why, so I can’t say why! ARGH!!
    I did see the softer side of Chase. Enough that I was rooting for them the rest of Eternal. Then the ending…. GAAAH! I want to smack him soooooo bad.
    Truthfully, I can’t wait for the third one because it’s awesome and I need to figure out how to put videos up on Youtube. I have an account, but I just haven’t put anything up yet. Mainly because I haven’t had access to a computer that I can do that with. I have a book review I wanna post so bad!! It’s twenty minutes of me talking about ALL of your books that I’ve read. Grrrrrrr. And my phone died…. Crap.
    Anywho, I love your writing! Also, do you have advice for writing full length stories? Like, more than twenty chapters? I could use the help.
    •_• I just realized that this was insanely long…. Oops…


  8. I was team Steve, until I read Eternal and than I was unsure. To be honest when I read it changed my perspective, and had no idea, who she would end up with. Without giving anything away, I feel in a way Della and Chase’s relationship is all about the bonding, and may not necessarily be because they love eachother. I am completely befuddled who she will end up with, but I have a feeling it will be Chase, unless something happens to him in the third book.

  9. I think she should end up with Chase. They liked each other even before they were bonded and Chase didn’t cheat on her. He tried to help Chan but knew he would die, but the fact is that he risked his life to save Della. He put Burnette’s trust on the line by coming back and Della liked him before the bonding. Della and Chase make sense together and I believe he is connected to her uncle. Steve is a good choice too but he is too protective and gets angry to fast. When he gets angry he makes bad decisions. Like cheating on Della in Reborn. Steve being too protective is a big problem because Della wants to find her uncle and Steve already had a heart attack when she went to the funeral home.

  10. I love both Steve and Chase but I’m leaning more towards Chase because I love his mysterious side, his badboy side. But I can see Della being with both Steve and Chase. I think that what Della has with both guys are very special but I still think she should be with Chase because of the special connection that they both have with each other.

  11. Unbreakable was amazing I can’t wait for Eternal!!!!!! It’s hard to choose what team to be on. Team Steve or Team Chase. At first I was Team Steve, but after reading Unbreakable I don’t know any more. I think I’m leaning towards Team Chase.

  12. Honestly, I’m team Steve. I feel like he’s the total opposite of Della (very sweet and calm and stuff compared to her ferocity), and, well, opposites attract, right?

    I have another question about something Miranda said in the original Shadow Falls books. She told Kylie that swapping out the meat in her sandwich wasn’t a big deal, but couldn’t that potentially affect the other people eating turkey (I think it was turkey) and then change the amount of turkeys that were dead? And I’m pretty sure that if something really specific happened (like the turkey being killed to compensate for the turkey Miranda took was supposed to end up in a homeless child with no food’s sandwich, therefore starving a homeless child) it could set off a chain reaction (like the one I just listed). So I dunno…I just thought about it during my re-read and decided to ask (even though the turkey likely didn’t belong to a homeless child, because that would be really sad).

    Thanks for reading this…I’m in a rambly kind of mood right now.

  13. If I were an author, I would kill myself trying to decide who to go with! Steve is nice and exactly what Della needs in her life, while Chase mysteriously attracts Della and keeps her alive during her second transformation. I honestly don’t know! I think that you should trust your gut and just shoot for it!! You will make the right choice, and I know that everyone will be happy with whoever you choose. Thanks for reading this even though I wanst much of a help!

  14. Hi cc I wrote a review for unbreakable but I don’t no how to send u a link if any one could please tell me that would be great thank u!

    My opinion for team Steve and team Chase my vote totally goes to team Chase. I love how mysterious he is and I really hope Steve takes it ok if Della beaks up with him and Chase and Della live happily ever after lol!!!!

  15. It seems like Steve is edging out Chase, but Chase definitely has a following, too. I go back and forth. Steve, then Chase, then Steve… I was like that with Lucas and Derek, too. In fact, when I strated writing Born at Midnight, I thought Kylie would end up with Derek in the last book. Ah, but Kylie had other plans. In the end, I let her pick. 🙂

  16. I personally am on team DELLA.point blank.because Della should choose Della,and this boy trouble is throwing her curveballs and getting in the way of her hopes and dreams they have to get all up out her face and when it’s time Della will choose whose right for her weather it be Chase,Steve,Her hopes and dreams or Della herself.(look at me sounding like the little feminist,well I guess it makes sense since I am a girl) i am HILARIOUS

  17. I am like you it is hard to decide as they both have great qualities about them. But I feel I am leaning more to Steve at them moment. He even stepped aside till she can figure out what she wants not many guys do that.

  18. I sent in my email with my review links 🙂

    Before I read Unbreakable, I was Team Steve. But now that I know more about Chase, I’m really liking him! It is def a really hard decision, but I think right now I’m leaning more towards Chase. Either way I can’t wait to read more and find out what happens!!

    • I’am team Steve cause the mysterious bad boys always seem to get the girls:-) Also Steve reminds me of my best friend forever 🙂

  19. I’m torn between Steve and Chase. Della has a hard decision to make. There’s no way I could decide between two hot guys 😀 I can’t wait for Eternal! It’s going to be amazing! I wanna read more about this very intense love triangle. I’m loving it! Can’t wait! Love Shadow Falls!

  20. Hmmmm its so tough because Chase is so mysterious and sexy, but on the other hand, Steve is so sweet and caring with Della! So right now I’m Team Steve, but I’ll have to read Eternal to see if maybe I change my mind 🙂

  21. UGH!!!! Reading Eternal made this so hard! I’m completely torn, between the sweet and caring shape shifter, and the mysterious and sexy vampire. They are both great choices and the characters are so well developed. But before Della choses, the one she ends up with has got some serious loyalty proving to do. I’m mad at both!! But I still absolutely love them! Good luck with the choice CC! You are absolutely amazing!

  22. ‘Chase’ Please!
    Because everytime I was reading your books, it felt like He cared about Della more. Also because Steve wasn’t thinking about how Della must have felt about him and Jessie while he was accusing her.
    But still, when I was reading Kylie’s story, I wished Kylie would choose Derek. But when I finished reading it, I liked Lucas much better. I’m not telling you that you should choose Steve, but I’m just saying that I think I’ll just be fine even if Della end up with Steve. Still, I would love it if you choose Chase.

  23. chase!!!!!!i love you chase!!!!you know,honestly,i do like steve. . .but you know. . . it has to be chase!!♥♥like PLEASE CHASE

  24. Team Steve for life!!! he’s so sweet, kind, gentle and understanding. I love his humour and funny personality. however now that I read some of the other posts I am double minded because I realised that so much is going to happen in Eternal that may alter my perspective.

  25. Definitely team Chase! From the moment I started reading the series I have known that Chase is the one for her. They have a love that is so much more powerful than Della and Steve’s attraction to one another. What Della and Chase have is love. What Della and Steve have is like a middle school crush.

  26. Ever since the first After Dark book, I was already rooting for Chase. Chase seems like the better guy for Della . Besides the bonding they share, I feel like their personality fits well for each other and their sarcastic remarks to each other. Steve is nice and sweet, but honestly, I feel like Della isn’t her true self with him. Besides the nice guys should get the girl and all those sayings, I think Chase should be with Della!! Can’t wait for the next book!

  27. With Steve its safety, its the case of the nice guy always there for her like a safety net. With Chase its uncertainty, its mystery, its spontaneous if not a little bit dangerous, but also safe. With Steve hes all consuming patient kind sweet guy, but Chase is the bad boy but who will protect Della with his all. I definitely think Chase he brings all her emotions out, her joys her anguish her spontaneity and of cause he frustrates her so much because trying to resist him is taking all her energy.

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