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Wow! It’s been a busy week. Eternal was released last Tuesday, and since then, I have been on a blog tour, taught a writing class and had a wicked Halloween! I want to take this moment to thank all of you who have bought Eternal, it had a great debut week.  And speaking of my blog tour, it continues, so keep checking my Facebook pages (CC Hunter Books & Shadow Falls Series) for my latest stops and giveaways.

But I have something special for you today. I’m happy to reveal the next cover in Della’s series for her final book, Unspoken.  And yes, it is the same girl on each of Della’s book covers. I’ve posted all three of her covers here so you can see. Which one do you like the best? I’m torn.  But I will say that I love the motion of Della’s hair in Unspoken.  To me, that tells a little of Della’s character, she’s always on the move.  And when I look into her eyes, I see it. I see the turmoil she’s feeling.  What do you see in these images? 

Unspoken_revised (1)


















As you know I’m giving away THREE Kindles, one to a Street Team member and one to a Fan Club member who are out there promoting my books on social media. The third Kindle goes to someone who left a comment on last week’s blog stating they bought Eternal and told me their bullying story. I want to thank my Street Team and Fan Club members for doing a great job spreading the word about Eternal’s release. But there were a few of you that really went above and beyond. My Street Team member that won the Kindle is Katina Hall. Katrina, you’re a star! I had several Fan Club members that went all out on social media, but Crystal Chapman won the Kindle. And from those that posted on my blog, Gabrielle Saunders, you have won a Kindle! So, Katrina, Crystal and Gabrielle, please confirm your mailing address by sending an email to You guys rock!

I’m also giving away a few more things to my Street Team and Fan Club members. I’m giving away a $15 gift card (Amazon or Barnes & Noble, your choice) to Sarah Smith and another one to Jonathan Goldhirsch. I’m also giving away hardcover, signed copies of Reborn and Eternal to Angela Sickles and also to Lucy Bashford. And as a special thank you, I’m sending Nicholas Redden my copies of Shadow Falls books in German. Please confirm your mailing addess at

But that’s not all! I also said I would give away a Shadow Falls: After Dark t-shirt and hard copies of Reborn and Eternal.  So, the winner of a Shadow Falls t-shirt is Taryn Courville, the winner of the hardcover, signed copy of Reborn is Zara Wild and the winner of the hardcover, signed copy of Eternal is Vickie Wu. Okay, please email your mailing address (I have yours Taryn) to Congratulations, everyone!

Don’t forget the giveaways don’t stop here. Every three months, I’ll be giving away goodies to my Street Team and Fan Club members who are out there on social media spreading the word about Shadow Falls and Della.

50 thoughts on “Cover Reveal!!

  1. I’m so happy to get your German books! Around 10pm Alabama time, I changed my profile picture to that of Unspoken to sponsor the release of the cover art! I can’t wait till it comes out… I cried in Eternal! Why must you make us cry lol? I love all your books!

    • Oh I forgot to write which cover is my favorite! My favorite one is Reborn because you can just see the attitude in Della’s facial expression!

      • I agree with you. Reborn is my favorite too. It show her sassiness, her racism (part Asian), and always ready to kick butt of the bad.

  2. Holy cow!! The cover is amazing!!! But I think I like the cover for Unspoken best :-). The hair movement is really cool and I agree with you when you said that it represents Della always in the move!!!

  3. Holy moly that cover looks amazing he eyes look so cool this is a perfect cover for the hair in every one is always blown but this one looks fierce and intriguing !! Absolutely can’t wait to read it !!

  4. I LOVE the cover to Unspoken!! I set it as the background on my laptop because it’s so beautiful! BUT I think it’s tied for my favorite. I also love Reborn’s cover! You are right about how her hair is blowing on the cover of Unspoken, it says a lot about her character. I can’t wait to read it! I also Pre-ordered Unspoken this morning!!!! YAY!! 🙂

  5. Thanks and congrats to everyone! I love all the covers and can’t wait for Unspoken. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long. 🙂

  6. The covers are all awesome!! But I gotta say Reborn’s cover is the best! It shows Della as lethal and dangerous by the expression on her face – and that’s how we should think of her! Not only is she loyal to her friends, shes also fierce like a lion! She not only barks – she bites too!

  7. I think that Unspoken is my fav cover because it shows a bit of how Della moves and I like the hair. However I also like Reborn’s cover because it show how Della looks read for a fight. 🙂

  8. It’s funny that you mention the “t-word” Della’s feeling, because I can see that too! And to get really odd, the way her hair is always moving on these covers, it starts to move just a little more each time and in each book Della’s life gets a little more crazier, especially with that boy trouble! So now I am on pins and needles wanting to read Unspoken because wow! (and my whole hair/chaos theory aside, I still want to read this one asap because WOW!)

  9. Wow, talk about a cool book cover! I remember when you asked what we thought it should look like, and this cover is way more than I expected! I said it should be purple, and I remember somebody saying that she should be smirking. I love how you included both of those. And I absolutely love the hair action! Della looks fierce! And I definitely think that Unspoken’s cover is the best. Not just because of the girl, but I also think that the background is beautiful! I really love this cover!

  10. I literally I’m so excited for this book. That cliff hanger was insane but it just made me about ten times more excited for Unspoken! Congrats on the big reveal!! The cover all look tremendous!!

  11. I’m torn. I love them all. But… I gotta go with Unspoken. Della just looks so epic! She looks ready to kick major butt. Della looks ready to face what she has to. Lookin’ forward to it! I’m already halfway through Eternal (and loving it) and loving it! This is fantastic! Love Shadow Falls!

  12. Yay! Thank you so much 🙂 Man, it’s too hard to pick a favorite! I love the colors and the lake on Eternal, and I love the look on her face, the movement of her hair, and the sky on Unspoken! I can not wait to read it!!

  13. Hey CC! I hope y’all have checked out my video…. I did enjoy Eternal greatly and I hope that you know I can’t wait for Unspoken. I had a great Halloween, and I wrote an awesome short story for English.

  14. My favorite cover? I’m liking Eternal best. It shows more of Della’s sassy side plus to me it looks like she’s giving someone a death stare

  15. I love Della’s hair on the book “Reborn” the best! I love the way it looks multicolored as well makes her look more mysterious. I think that version of her captivates her character the most! =D I absolutely loved it the most. Della is my #1 favorite character tied with Kylie and Miranda! =D
    I can’t wait to hear about Miranda’s story next, but I hope I won’t cry at the end of the 3rd book “Unspoken” like I did at the end of Eternal. It was just heart gripping. I laughed my butt off throughout the whole thing as well. I love your work! =D

  16. Oh my goodness!! Unspoken is wonderful! Love the cover! And I love the story for Two Blue Lines! Sounds amazing and I might have to check it out! I like the way Della’s hair flows and I like how all te books blend together. It’s like they were meant to be those colors! But my favorite is Eternal’s cover like others 🙂 I always like the middle books best!

  17. I’m already excited for Unspoken because I think that Eternal was the best book you ever wrote! Even better than the shadow falls series! (I would have never believed that this could really happen!)
    I’m so in love with Della and Chase because their relationship is so special and so intensive and just… aww, I just love it! #TeamChase
    *Spoiler alert*
    The end shocked me and I am already on my way defending Chase why he has done what he has done! And because Steve nearly appeared in that second book, I really really think (and hope!) that Unspoken will only be about Della forgiving Chase. But as we know you, it won’t turn out that easy, I guess… ;D

    • I agree Della should forgive Chase. I don’t know what will happen I just hope that both Della and Miranda’s hearts are mended. But who knows only you do cc.
      (#Go Team Chase or Steve you choose)

  18. Hello CC hunter, I wonder if the novella Della will be released in Brazil . I live in Brazil and I am a huge fan of Shadow falls, I really fwant to have more of these many perfect books! I too want to know shadow falls movie.

  19. i just got done reading eternal and it was awesome, now i can not wait till unspoken comes out in july of 2015, i am so excited i want to see what happens to dela’s dad and chase and her uncle. as well as liam and natasha. but i did nott know you had a book out called unbrrooken i believe. but i think della’s uncle killed the aunt not her ddad. after this series is done i think the shadow falls series should continuee and a shadow falls seriees about miranda should come next. lol. i also think shadow falls series would make a good movie as well. have you ever considered makingg it into a movie i know i’d go see it andd so would my daughhhter. i reeally enjoy reading the shadow falls series becausse yoou arre in suspense from begiining to ending and i liike that, and you arre an awesome writer.

  20. I’m such a huge fan. I really love this series and shadow falls too. You really inspire me. I was wondering if you would ever make this books into a movie ? Most books such as Unwind series and Evernight series are really great books and most fans would want it to became a reality but they never do. So why don’t you ?

  21. I’d really like to read eternal but I read them in french and I can’t find it!
    Tu es un auteurs formidable! J’espère que tu conteras à écrire des livres aussi bon car tu peux être certaine que je les dévorerai. Comme j’aimerais vivre dans leur monde et habiter Shadow Falls. J’ai aussi adoré l’histoire de Kylie!
    You’re simply amazing!
    XXX YOURQuébecFanClub

  22. Will you do any more books on Kylie and eats happens when you finish all of the shadow falls series the other question who will Della choose and I know you probably won’t answer that question but could you me a hint Thank you for time and readine this comment

  23. I really love your books and I wanted to know if you will ever make it into a movie just like they did divergent and I hope you don’t let the directors take out any scenes out of the movie because every part of your books is flawless

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