Happy Holidays!!

Wintry Happy Holiday TagsIt’s a busy week for everyone. The gifts are bought, the tree decorated, and my cookies are in the oven. I love baking those delicious sugar cookies that I can decorate. I still need to wrap a few presents, but I expect they’ll be done in time.

I’ll be spending Christmas Day with family. My children are grown now, but they’ll still be here with us for the holidays. I always loved watching my kids’ faces light up when they were little and they opened something they’d asked Santa to bring. It seems like it was only yesterday, and now I’m watching my granddaughter’s delighted face.

FullSizeRenderI did receive one early present. It didn’t come through the chimney, but the doggie door. Lady, my Border Collie mix, brought in a live toy and dropped it at my feet. Neither I nor the squirrel appreciated it. Imagine me screaming, hubby running, Lady barking, and the poor squirrel raising hell. Long story short, we managed to get the terrified squirrel back outside. I know Lady brought me the squirrel out of love, but that was probably the oddest present I’ve ever received.

I’m wishing you a day surrounded by family and friends, good food on your table, books at an arm’s reach, laughter and love.

UnbreakableI posted on Facebook that I have a few paperback copies of Chase’s novella, Unbreakable. So I’m giving away one copy to someone who leaves a comment. So, what’s the oddest present you’ve ever received?

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  1. Dear C. c. Hunter,
    I hope you have a wonderful and Happy Holiday! I know Lady is proud that she brought you a present, but I hope she’ll bring a flower or something that isn’t alive to that extreme. When I was younger I had a cat that use to do the same thing except the squirrels luckily were always dead. I’m really shocked that she was able to bring you a living squirrel. Keep up the amazing work that you do! I can’t wait for unspoken!

    • My cat always brings in mice. When my dad came home he brought about 10 mice in the space of an hour we all said it was because he was happy see dad. All dad said was ‘I wish he would stop bringing in bloody mice’

  2. I went to a christmas party and we had a gift exchange. I received a bottle of deer urine, which was odd and gross. I exchanged it for an even weirder gift, a picture in a picture frame of one of the men at the party. I teased that I would put it by my bed.

    Those gift exchanges are always fun.

  3. The oddest I’ve ever received wasn’t around Christmas or my birthday. It’s not really crazy but it was weird. Whenever we found my dog she was a stray with her family. I was walking with my brother and aunt when we came across them. She came up to me so naturally I started petting her when we left she and 2 other pups started following us (1 of them turned back around and went back) we kept the 2 that stayed. I named the girl Sara and my brother named the boy Fangs. Fangs sadley died 2 years later, but 7 years later Sara and I are still best friends. What’s odd about that present is how on a random walk I found my best friend and shes still around today.

  4. Merry Christmas, CC! I’ve received many “gifts” from my pets…the usual mouse, lizard and rodents. I try to brag on them when they lay the treasures at my feet, but lordy, it pushes you doesn’t it? 🙂 None have been alive though, so I’ve escaped your dance of the furred people. Cannot imagine what that was like! 🙂 On the people side, I did receive an ice cream scoop with a hippo on the handle. I smiled big, and tried to ignore the connotation 🙂 Threw that puppy out. If I’m doin’ ice cream, I don’t want any prophetic portents to remind where scooping might lead! 🙂 Lo

  5. I believe one of, if not the oddest gifts I’ve recieved, is a toilet brush.
    no joke, a toilet brush. I was out of town for Christmas when I was very young, maybe 5 or 6, and was visiting my whole family on my dad’s side. unfortunately, my uncle thought it would b hilarious to give me and my sister, who again were 4 and 6 at the time, a toilet brush. long story short, we opened it, he grabbed it, and ran around the house scrubbing people’s heads with it. the toilet brush, is now a long-standing inside joke with my family! I hope you have a great Christmas and great holiday time in general! thank you!

  6. Ohhh sweet giveaway!!! Thank you so much! I wish I had a dog like yours! And like you, I’m also spending the holidays with my whole family and its really fun.

    To answer your question, the oddest present I’ve ever received was from my grandpa last year. He gave me a bag of black beans…. yup I know what you’re think… black beans?
    I had the same thought, but then I looked at the back and there was $50 taped to the back. So even if it was odd, I really liked my present!

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  7. My cat always brings me presents. We don’t have a doggie door,so i have learned to check before letting him. Especially when i hear that distinctive meow..lol.
    The weirdest gift i got for Christmas was one of those accordian doors. It was bought to suicide our kitchen from our Landry room,but come on, a Christmas present?
    Merry Christmas Christie!!!

  8. Happy Holidays to you too! I have to say that Christmas is an interesting time at for my family. Not only do we celebrate Christmas, but it is also my birthday. So a typical Christmas can get pretty crazy here. However, the oddest present I have ever received was a can of olives from my grandma. My sister, two cousins, and I all love black olives. One Christmas Eve when the four of us were around the ages of 7 to 9, our grandma let us open one present before we went to the Christmas Eve church service. Of course she was the one to decide which particular present we were to open. The four of us were handed little stuffed animals that had elastic bands holding on to a wrapped cylinder. We all ripped into the paper to discover a can of black olives! Needless to say, some of us were confused and another one of us was extremely upset. Now it is a funny story that we tell when we reminisce about the holiday. I hope you and yours have a fantastic Christmas season!

  9. My granny gave me peas & mayo in a box for crystal cups. I must have been about 9 years old or so. There is a reason for it also came with my favorite recipe.

  10. Hmmm. Well, when I graduated high school, my Dad gave me a silver like a proof or something if a $100 bill. I still don’t get it.

  11. That’s definitely an odd gift! Hmm…I can’t really think of any “odd” gifts that I received from family members. Or our pets, but there was the one time one of dogs had a friend in the form of a baby bird who couldn’t quite fly away. It was a harrowing experience trying to get the dog to stop “playing” with his own present.

  12. Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!! My oddest gifts (they’re odd but not unwanted!) is foreign editions of books. I love collecting foreign editions of my favorite novels (yours included!!!!).
    When I was a kid my cat killed a lot of mice but I haven’t had a cat in a while so I haven’t received that as a present in so long!
    Hope all is well!

  13. Merry Christmas C.C. Hunter! I don’t remember getting any odd gifts. Well, unless you count the time where my cat gave my family and I a gift, which was climbing up our Christmas tree and making it fall down, breaking some nice ornaments.

  14. The weirdest thing I ever got was fingernails and a pair of dentures from my grandma she said when I get old I’ll really be glad that I have them and that in the future i probably won’t have them so I now know never say you don’t know what you want

  15. Haha my dog does that stuff all of the time! It’s so adorable and nasty. The weirdest present I’ve ever gotten was a stuffed arangatang (or however you spell it) from my grandma. It was really creepy even though I love her to death. And are you going to start selling more paperbacks? I’ve been dying to get a paperback version and that would be amazing if you started to sell them. Thanks!!

  16. I’ve never received an odd present in my twenty-one years of life, but my little brother did get chocolate coal from our older sister about two years ago. It was so funny! Especially when he thought that was all she got him. Goes to show which sibling has behaved better lately… ;D

  17. I received this big jar of “something”. It had no labels on it, no directions, nothing…I did finally find out that it was some sort of sugar scrub for dry skin. I felt bad for having to ask the person what that stuff was supposed to be but hey, there was no indication of what the mysterious jar of “stuff” was.

  18. The oddest Christmas present I received came from my husband in our first year of marriage. We set a $25 limit, and he stuck to it. He found online a pair of professional chopsticks. Yep, our first married Christmas together and I get professional chopsticks. He thought it was a sweet and thoughtful gift, seeings how every Christmas we had been together we would eat dinner at my parents house at 12 and by 7 we would be hungry again. This hunger lead us the the Chinese restaurant in town that was open. So while he was being sweet, all I could think of was “Seriously?”

  19. Probably the weirdest gift I ever received were these rubbery hait ties. I couldn’t get them in my hair. I ended up using them to close up chip bags.

    Ps- if I don’t win, is there a way to buy a copy? I own all the books and would love to put this in my collection!!

    Here is to hoping they will print all your novellas this year!!

  20. Dear C.C.,
    I believe one of, if not the oddest gifts I’ve recieved, is a toilet brush.
    no joke, a toilet brush. I was out of town for Christmas when I was very young, maybe 5 or 6, and was visiting my whole family on my dad’s side. unfortunately, my uncle thought it would b hilarious to give me and my sister, who again were 4 and 6 at the time, a toilet brush. long story short, we opened it, he grabbed it, and ran around the house scrubbing people’s heads with it. the toilet brush, is now a long-standing inside joke with my family! I hope you have a great Christmas and great holiday time in general! thank you!

  21. That must have been so scary when your dog walked in! I myself haven’t really received any crazy presents, the craziest one would have been one time I was at a Chinese restaurant and I loved the spoons that they had LOL. So once we left my uncle handed me one and to this day I still don’t know if he stole the spoon…
    Also Merry Christmas!

  22. The oddest Christmas present that I got was from my gay best friend and he gave me penis shaped lollipops the year that I turned 16. I remember my face was so red when I opened them in the middle of my theatre class. I also remember the looks that I got when I actually ate them. I was just like hey its candy and ate two of them and my friend ate the other one.

  23. The weirdest Christmas present that I have ever received was a pack of dog treats that my parents thought were peanut butter crackers. Needless to say my dog had a better Christmas than I did lol

  24. My gay best friend gave me magic mike movie knowing I’m lesbian so I asked him who the gift was actually for an he just said ” its for you” “but I’m lesbian not gonna find a bunch of guys hot” he said “no but my brother said the girls were hot” lol gotta love him though so we ended up watching it together later that day lol

  25. Feliz Navidad C.C.!!!
    Well Christmas is a tough time for me: three years ago there were 12 of us around the dinner table and today there’s only four. Yet we carry on and keep our family tradition alive.
    The oddest gift I’ve ever received was a plastic cereal bow (that actually came from inside a cereal box) wrapped with a bow made out of a shoe lace. It was a gift exchange and my secret santa forgot to buy me a gift.

  26. One year my husband got me towels. We needed new towels so he thought it be a good gift for me. He did get them to match the bathroom so gotta give him props for that.

  27. Omg!! Really excited for the 3rd installment in the after dark spin off !!! :3 anyways I’ve never gotten an odd gift cause I always love the gifts my friends and family always give me on Christmas 🙂 Merry christmas!!!

  28. My cats like to bring alive and dead toys! One time my cat(I call him my baby cow cause he moos) he brought in a live bird into my brothers room! So the bird was flying around his room trying to get out. Good thing he has a big window and we were able to open it and the bird got out alive.. Needless to say my cat did not get treats for that present

  29. I really have no idea what the weirdest gift I’ve ever received is. I have gotten books that I already own before, always kind of awkward to tell the giver. Haha. Happy Holidays!

  30. Merry Christmas!
    I just want you let to know that you made me love Della and understand her more in Shadow Falls: After Dark series. I can’t wait to read Unspoken!!

  31. I don’t remember ever getting any kind of weird gifts but my mom and dad would usually separate Christmas presents that would go together into different boxes so that it would confuse me. Also, I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!! 🙂

  32. Happy Holidays CC, I remember the weirdest present I ever got was last Christmas when my friend gave me an alarm clock. I thought it was weird because I am never late to school.

  33. Merry Christmas C.C! 🙂

    The oddest gift I’ve ever received was a stuffed animal poodle that came with bath body-wash….not exactly what I wanted at the age of eight and my uncle, who I never see during the year, gave it to me.

    I guess he didn’t know I hated poodles then…

  34. My husband bought me some outdoor wall sconces this year. He wrapped all the light bulbs individually and in ridiculously sized boxes. It was amusing. 🙂

  35. The weirdest gift? Well, the gifts themselves weren’t weird, but it was mostly due to the fact that they were given to me at the wrong time of my life. Like, a book of how to put make-up and I was like 14-15 years old and I hated make-up. I received earrings when my ears weren’t even pierced. So, yea, I guess that’s that. Usually, people know what to buy me hahaha *cough*books*cough* lol

  36. I don’t think I’ve ever received a really odd present for Christmas but I do remember giving someone one. When I was little, I gave one of my neighbors a faux but realistic looking toy snake which freaked them out quite a bit an I was, for some odd reason, very pleased with myself for that.

  37. I wouldn’t call it odd but when i was 16 i wanted a
    Red t-top Corvette for Christmas and my mom decided she be funny and buy me a remote control Corvette. It was exactly what i asked for i just couldn’t drive it

  38. I know that I have gotten lots of odd gifts because I live in quite an odd family. I remember a really dissapointing, but odd, gift when I was about 9 or 10. I had just gotten my room painted yellow and my mom decided that I needed to get new furnishings for my room. When I went to living room on Christmas morning I found a bright green…trashcan! All my mom had to say was, “It’ll match so well!” I don’t know what was wrong with the old one. I also got cleaning supplies that year as a joke. You know, a new vacuum, (like that would make a 9 year old happier to vacuum a house!) a broom, and some detergent. Let’s just say, I was a very sad little girl. Anyway, I love your books and I’m so glad that you didn’t end the story with the original shadow falls gang. Thank you!

  39. Oddest present…. I don’t know. I think snow down my pants from my dad. That was…… Ew. And uncomfortable.

    Merry (late) Christmas CC! I hope you had fun and it’s great to spend time with family. The one thing I want next year is a WHITE Christmas. Hopefully Mother Nature agrees.

  40. One year I got a giant makeup kit which is absolutely great, but I got it when I was like 7. I had no clue how to use any of it.it was weird and went unused until my mom took it after a while.

  41. One year I got a tickle me elmo as a joke from my bro and it was fine at first but if you didint tickle it it would yell and basically scream tickle me! tickle me! so i took out the batteries and put it out on garbage day.

  42. Well I don’t remember a strange gift but I do remember getting books and cloths a lot as presents. I love your books and can’t wait till your new one comes out Unspoken and I heard you were having another series for Miranda. Is this true? If so awesome can’t wait to read it. Also when my grandmother passed away last year I was reading you book Whispers at Moonrise, it helped me get through the heart ack an escape when it got to hard to deal with. Thank you for that and all your works and I can’t wait to read any more books you come out with and I can’t wait to read Unbreakable. I haven’t rea it yet as I am in the middle of reading Reborn. Thank you again for your wonderful books and I hope I get this paperback of Unbreakable.

  43. I haven’t gotten that many odd presents, my mom has pretty good taste and my dad gives me money most the time, but there was this one time that my aunt, who I hadn’t met before, gave me dog treats. When I asked why, she said that my brother said I was a real dog. Yeah… He got slapped for that and someone explained to my aunt, who wasn’t aware of it’s meaning, that when he said I was a real dog, he wasn’t being helpful. I was ten at the time, but I understood that my brother deserved more than a slap in the face. I also got old chocolates that made me sick and soap, when I was six, from my mom who used it to wash my mouth out for something I did. Oh and Merry Christmas

  44. Hmmmm…. I think the oddest Christmas Present I have ever received would be a dead goldfish. It wasn’t dead when my parents got it, but on Christmas morning I wake up to find a little fish floating above the water. We got it replaced soon thereafter.
    Happy Holidays to CC and all you other readers out there!!!!

  45. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Christie. The oddest Christmas Present I even gotten hmmm….. let me think, I would have to say one year a box that had yarn all knotted up. From the looks of it my friend was attempting to make me something but did not get very far with it. LOL. We was kids at the time.

  46. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Let’s see… I think the weirdest thing I’ve gotten for Christmas was a jar of Pickled Eggs. Now I really, really love eating those things, it was just that it was my aunt who gave them to me. She always gets me practical stuff, stuff like drawing or writing supplies. It made everyone laugh their butts off when I opened it. Good times!

  47. I hope you had a great Christmas with your family! I sure did! I had my whole family out to visit and stayed with us for a while 🙂 There was so much screaming from my kids (excitement) I’m surprised I can still hear 😉 I’ve been thinking for the past few days on this and I honestly can’t remember any odd gift I’ve ever received. I have a very close family and everyone is pretty good with picking things out 🙂 Thiis year my son came in sat in my lap and told me that the best present he got was being able to spend Christmas with his whole family. It made me so happy!

  48. one of my cats always leave us parts of the mice. I guess she really has a hard time parting with the whole thing. so she leaves us the tails and sometimes a leg. not a plesant thing we have learned to check our shoes and keep a blanket over our bed just in case.
    my grandmother got me underwear the first year I lived with her they where bikini type and I was so dang embarsed because my male cousin and grandpa laughed about it. so to me that was wierd at the time. since then it does not bug me. I can not think of anything else atm. I am sure I have prob gotten some really weird stuff but my brain is not wanting to remember atm.

  49. I didn’t think it was odd at the time, I actually thought it was cool. When I was about 8 (I think) my aunt (note my hillbilly aunt) gave me a tea set she had made out of pop cans. Looking back on it, it was odd but they were actually pretty cool and there were so many pieces to the set it was crazy!

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