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Unspoken_revised (1)I’m often asked to do interviews, and my readers want to know the answers to a lot of the same questions. So, I’m republishing an interview I did for a member of my Street Team, Maria Anderson. It originally appeared on her Instagram and tumblr accounts. And many of you email me asking for writing advice, so I think my answer to the last question my be particularly helpful.

1. After Shadow Falls and Shadow Falls: After Dark will you be writing any other teen novels?

Yup. I’ve already sold another series.  I’m really excited about it, too.  It’s tentatively titled Glimmers.  It’s a story about descendants of grim reapers.  It will be spooky, and sassy just like my Shadow Falls books.

2. Did any of the Shadow Falls characters have different names before the ones they have now?

Funny you would ask that.  Miranda was Isabella.  And it was as if when writing her dialogue, she turned and told me, “I hate that name.  You have to change it!”  So I listened to her and gave her Miranda.  And Lucas’ was named Hunter. But then I had one of those duh moments and realized that his first name would be the same as my pen name.  So Hunter became Lucas.  I think I like Lucas best, too.

3. Do you have any advice for future writers?

I have three pieces of advice for new writers.  First, remain positive and focused on your goal.  What works for me is to do something each and every day to achieve that goal.  It can be a little thing, such as researching something you need to know before you write a scene, or it can be something bigger, such as writing X number of pages.  One thing I really believe in is that keeping a positive outlook is vital to building a career as a writer.  Surround yourself with people who share your positive outlook, and try to limit your contact with those who spread negativity.

My second piece of advice goes along with my first, and that is to work hard to become a better writer every day.  Take a writing class or workshop or read a how-to book.  Expand your horizons and read widely.  Become a sponge and soak up as much about the writing process as you can.

Last, and perhaps most important of all, accept that rejection will happen, no matter if it’s your first book or your 20th, and it’s never personal.  I worked hard to get published and believe me, I had my share of rejections before I published my first novel with Silhouette Romance in 1993.  And I’ll admit—I thought all my worries were over once I signed that first contract.  I thought I’d made it and the days of getting rejections were over but I was wrong.  The rejections kept coming.  When I wasn’t having any success selling a second novel, I decided to focus on my freelance non-fiction.  I did well with that.  I’ve had over 3,000 national credits and my non-fiction writing assignments have taken me all over the world, but along with that success came a lot more rejections.  And when I switched back to writing my adult romance novels, I racked up more rejections and even after I broke back into the market (I sold four novels in a single day), I still got my share of rejections.  But I never, ever let those rejections stop me from pursuing my dream.  And neither should anyone else.

So tell me, how many of you are thinking of becoming writers and what sort of books do you want to write?



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  1. I kind of want to become a writer but I also want to focus on being a cellist when I get older. If I do become a writer I would like to write about supernaturals and maybe some mystery and suspense books. I already have a couple ideas about stories that I’d like to write, maybe during winter break I’ll try writing a little. 🙂 Only 4 more days of school!! :):):) Thanks to the tips! I also liked reading about what some of your characters were going to be named. Oh and I can’t wait to read your new series! Have a great week.

  2. I write every day and I finally received wonderful praise from my writers group. I still have a long way to go but my hard work and determination are finally begin to pay off!
    I originally only wrote YA Fantasy but lately I have been writing YA Contemporary. My novel actually takes place at a summer camp! BUT it’s not paranormal and my main character is a worker (not a camper). It’s more of a suspense.

  3. I would love to become a sci-fi/fantasy writer. I start out having “great ideas” but my follow through and focus is absolute garbage. Perhaps one day, but more than likely…squirrel!

  4. Funny. I’m writing my own book and it takes place in the future. I use Fae as the main species along with humans. I like fantasy and I’m thinking of a one book so that I can do something more with it. I have other stories, but they aren’t as developed as this one so far. I’m so happy with it. Page 35, chapter 7 is how far I am so far. It will probably be a long book, which is what I’m aiming for.

  5. I want to become a writer or a wildlife rehabilitator, but if I do become a writer I want to write supernatural, fantasy type books.

  6. I want to write books similar to Cc’s , including action, romance, supernaturals, and surprise all in one book. I actually have the most amazing plot with a beautiful story, it’s so perfect I can taste it. The only problem is that I am a horrible writer. I’m actually hoping that I can summarize it and give it to Cc to write. Maybe one day she would do that! That would complete my dreams.

  7. I’m currently writing stories for two young adult paranormal series. I’ve self published them as ebooks but would love to be traditionally published. maybe someday?

  8. I would love to become a writer someday, but for now I will stick to reading. The storie authors like you create a so amazing I don’t think I would ever compare to such brilliance. I’m so excited for Glimmer!!! It sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to read it

  9. i want to become an author. and i get so many ideas in my head that i write them down before i expand them or change them. i want to write ya novels. worlds that aren’t like ours. that stuff. i like creating things. imagination brings me into a world that’s not our own, and i love it. that’s why i read books too. and i’ve read TONS. i hope i become an author one day. that’s what i want to be

  10. Oh I am so very excited to hear about Glimmer!! I already can’t wait to read it!

    My husband and I have talked about doing children’s books together, with me writing and him illustrating. We have just not had the time to fully devote to it . . . Yet. Life has thrown us a major curve ball here recently, a lot of changes are coming. (Maybe now we will have the time to do this.) I have been in my own bubble trying to find a way to deal with everything and still take care of my family. I have some catching up to do with your blog 🙂

  11. Your new novel sounds very interesting Mrs. Hunter, I can’t to read it…!!!
    I would love to write novels that deal with the supernatural as well. Such as vampires, werewolves, mermaids, angels, etc. I think that those types of books are very interesting, because they suck me right into the story.
    I want to thank you for including your own personal experience, because who would know that a successful author like you had to deal with rejection plenty of times. I think that the trick is to make up characters that relate to your audience and have a good theme that will suck anybody right into the story:) Thanks for never giving up, because if you had then we wouldn’t be able to read about Shadow Falls.

  12. I’m thinking of becoming a writer, but I’m not sure yet if that’s what I want to do for a living. If I do become a writer, I would write young adult fiction books involving a lot of action and romance. I would also include lots of humor to make the story funny. I kind of have a storyline thought out, but I haven’t written it out since I’m still in high school so I have a lot to do already. Maybe one day I will write a book for it.

  13. I write plays and poetry. I can’t always keep up because of school and all but it’s fun to write! If i go into the writing business I’d definitely be a teen fiction authoress :)!

  14. OMG! this is going to be great. First Miranda now a new series called Glimmer.I CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Your the best writer ever to me (the second best is rick riordan)

  15. I would love to be a writer when I am older. At the moment I am writing a book called midnight killer it is about this demon that goes around killing people and there are two people who are fighting to stop the demon. However I will take me a long time to write cause I have to concentrate on school

  16. I do! I want to write young adult books but I want my books to be different. Like my main characters and some other important characters being African American because i read a lot and none of the main main characters are African American and I totally understand why authors do that but maybe things can change. I also wanna to be different because it’ll interest more people and I want my fictional human characters to have human traits. I mean like wearing glasses cuz not everyone has 20/20 vision and females at least mentioning their period even its gross I know dang well they still have them…plus shocking readers with plot twist and angering them with character deaths seem fun ^.^

    • Kylie and Hunter??? That doesn’t sound right for one. Derek vs. Hunter? Oh no. Plus a werewolf named hunter is so tacky. But not tackier than Remus Lupin the werewolf who’s name is basically Wolf Moon, nicknamed Moony, who’s mother’s maiden name is Howell,and who’s protronus is a moon…see what I mean by tacky

  17. I’m wanting to become a writer and eventually a full fledged author such as yourself. I want to write young adult fiction, children’s books and adult romance. You’ve been such a huge inspiration for me. Keep writing the wonderful books that you do! =D

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