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beautiful teen girl portraitA few weeks ago I told you that I was writing a novella about Miranda. Well, believe me, it turned out to be much longer than planned, but hey, some girls need more pages than others. After all, Miranda has a big adventure. So, it’s finished, and I thought you might like to learn a little bit more about what happens in Miranda’s novella.

In Miranda’s story, Paranormals in Paris, (the title will change) Miranda learns:

Past mistakes can turn into lessons to help secure our futures.

Who you are shouldn’t be all about the boy you like.  Be true to yourself.

When you’re following your dreams, nothing should stop you.  Not even opening a door and stepping in a pile of purposely placed horse crap.

Just about all parents keep secrets, and Miranda’s parents were keeping a doozy.

Sometimes the person you think is your arch enemy can turn out to be something so different.

It’s never enough to depend on someone else to rescue you.  You need to be willing to rescue yourself.

Doing the right thing doesn’t automatically mean it will be easy, or that it isn’t scary.

When all else fails, just turn someone into a kangaroo with pimples.

Where will I be?

I’ve got a few upcoming appearances and book signings. So, if you’re in any of these areas, please come on by and say hello.

January 23, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM, I’ll be at Mostly Books in Tucson, Arizona. For more details, follow this link: Mostly Books.

March 27-29, I’ll be teaching workshops and attending the California Dreamin’ Conference near Los Angeles. You can find out more here: California Dreamin’.

May 12-17, I’ll be kicking up my heels at the RT Booklovers Convention. I’ll be teaching several teen workshops and participating in their Giant Book Fair on May 17th along with 800+ authors. If you live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, you can’t miss this one! For more information check out this link: RT Booklovers.

I’ll be updating my calendar as I schedule more appearances, so keep checking back. I hope to meet you at one of my events!



19 thoughts on “More Miranda News

  1. So excited about the Miranda novella!! Any idea when it’s going to be released yet? And it’s cool that you reach out to your fans so much, any idea if you’re ever coming to Florida?

  2. Super excited to hear more about Miranda’s novella!! Can’t wait to read it:D What is crazy though, is that I am going to be in Texas in March and you will be in California. Which is what happens every time I go to Texas! You are always someplace else, lol! I am going to keep trying to find a way to go to a book convention or book signing in the future though!

  3. I cant wait for Miranda story! Omygosh I CAN’T WAIT! =D IT’s GOING TO BE THE BEST THING EVER! UNSPOKEN WILL ALSO ANSWER ALOT OF “UNSPOKEN” QUESTIONS and there better not be a cliffhanger lol! 😉 Thanks for all the amazing work that you do! 😉

  4. Oh I can’t wait to read it! I’m interested in the secret that her parents were keeping, that could explain some things for her 🙂 If I am still living in TX in May, I will see you in Dallas!

  5. Can’t wait!! Oh, I hope you come around the East Coast. I would love to meet you!! I already have a few people reading Shadow Falls now. My Step Sister hopefully will return my copies how I saw them!

  6. I’m so thrilled that Miranda’s novella is coming soon!! I can’t wait to see who she turns into a kangaroo 😉

    Oh, and it would be so amazing if you came to South Carolina! My dad would never let me go unless you came somewhere close. Thank you

  7. I can’t wait for Miranda’s story! Ever since you mentioned it I’ve been dying to read it. 🙂 I hope (since you posted her lessons) she grows a lot in this novella!

  8. Omgomgomg! I can’t wait for Miranda’s novella! And gosh, it’s such a pity I don’t live in the USA. I would love to meet you! <3


    Awe! Why don’t any authors come to Illinois 🙁 I’ll never get to meet any of my favorite authors

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