Why do Writers do that and Other Questions Writer’s Get?

Writer21.  Why do writers write?

Sometimes it’s because we suck at everything else.  Sometimes it because it’s the only career where it’s okay to hear voices in your head.  Sometimes it because we can’t kidnap people and get them to act out our stories.  But most of the time, it’s because we don’t know how we feel about something until we write about it.

2.  Why do writers stare in to space, eyes unfocused, their expression as blank as a drunk rock?

We’re working, leave us alone.

3.  Why when approached by someone at a book signing and someone tells a writer how much they enjoyed their book, the writer looks them dead in the eyes with complete surprise and says, “Really?”

Okay, this might be a surprise to most of you, but most writers consider themselves artist. And everyone knows that artists are insecure little twits.  Even after we hit the big time, we still are afraid someone will discover our secret:  we don’t know what the crap we’re doing.  We are just making it up as we go.

4.  Why do writer’s talk to themselves?

We are not crazy.  Insecure yes, crazy…not really.  And please, doesn’t everyone exchange a little dialogue with themselves?  Second of all, half the time we’re not talking to ourselves.  We are talking to non-existent people who we call characters.  And before you ask, yes, they do talk back.

5. Why is it that writers can read ten, twenty, even a hundred good reviews, but when they read one bad review, they are certain their career is over?

What part about us being insecure little twits did you not understand?

6.  Why do writers continuously check Amazon and other sights for the reviews knowing they are very likely to run into another bad review?

We love pain.

7.  Why do writers talk about their characters as if they are real?

Who said they aren’t real?  If they didn’t feel real to us, how could we write their stories?

8.  Why do writers often ask readers to post a review?

Because the only thing worse than a bad reviews are no reviews.   And because many on-line retailers will do extra promotion if a writer has a lot of reviews.

Unspoken_revised (1)9.  Why do all writers seem to want the readers to run out and buy their book as soon as hit the stands?

It’s not because we need a quick buck, or because we crave instant gratification.  Though that might be true in a lot of cases, but it’s mostly “the list.”  The New York Times and USA Today all use the first week of sales to measure a book’s worth.

10.  Why do writers eavesdrop on strangers sitting in the booth next to them at a restaurant?

Either our characters are having an off day or because every now and then we want to check and see if the real world is more exciting than our imaginary worlds.  If it makes you feel any better, we usually go right back to our imaginary worlds.

11.  Why does it take so long for a writer to write the second book in their series?

Because they’re always checking their numbers and reading and recovering from the bad reviews.

12. Why do writers spend weeks writing scenes and then wake up one morning and delete it all?

Sometimes it’s because that scene didn’t deserve to live.  Sometimes it’s because we are stupid and believe me we often regret it.

writers_mug_she-rb503262d5323460483ddf16094d5cf73_x7jgr_8byvr_51213.  Why do writers claim to love their characters and then do mean things to them?

It’s called conflict.  While humans try to avoid it in real life, if writers don’t beat up their characters enough, readers get bored.  So, you readers make us writers sadistic individuals.

14. Why do writers kill off characters?

Because sometimes they piss us off.  They either won’t stop talking, won’t tell us things, or won’t do what we tell them.  Then occasionally, it’s because your editor makes you.

15.  Why do writers allow their pages to go to print with typos and grammar mistakes?

We don’t mean to, wetry to catch every mistake, but when you are talking about a 120,000 word books, a few typos may get over looked. Of course, the blame can fall on the editor or the line editor.  Then . . . and this is huge, it could be because believe it or not, we aren’t perfect.  We would like to be perfect, who wouldn’t, but nah, we’re just human. We try our best.

16. Why do writers ask people how they liked their book when they really don’t want to hear the truth?

Because we expect people to do the right thing and lie.  That and because well, we’re often insecure little twits.

17. Why do so many writers complain about their covers?

Because a lot of times, they completely suck.   Yeah, I know some of you think we get to pick our covers.  But it’s not always so.

18.  Do writers really mentally imagine the villains in their books are people they don’t like and kill them over and over again.

Hey…it’s one of the perks of being a writer.

19.  Do writers actually learn something from their characters?

Every single time.

20.  Is it true that every character a writer writes is in some way an expression of themselves?

Oh, so now you’re saying we’re not only crazy, but we have multiple personality disorder? Okay, fine, I’ll admit it.  Yes, every character I write has some of me in them.

WritersRevisionTowel21.  Isn’t it unhealthy to spend so much time in an imaginary world?

Yes, it’s an occupational hazard.  Every job comes with some drawback.   We suffer through it for our fans.

22.  Why is it if a writer accidentally loses some pages, he’s certain that those were the best pages he’d ever written?

It the same reason when a fisherman loses a fish, he knows it was the biggest one he’d ever snagged.

23.  Why do writer’s use pseudonyms?  Are we scared our strange stories will attract strange people?

No!  Well, at least I don’t use one because of that.  After all, I’m pretty strange myself. Seriously, some people use a pseudonym because they write in multiple genres and they don’t want a reader to pick up a book and be disappointed that the book is not in the genre they expected. When I sold my first book in 1993, the publishers wouldn’t allow a writer to use their own names because they wanted to own it.  Later when I sold to Dorchester, I chose to use my real name.  Then when I sold to St. Martins, they suggested I use a pseudonym because my Christie Craig name was tied to romantic comedies.  And while my young adult series has humor, it’s different.

So did I answer your questions? If not, leave your question for me in the comment section, and maybe I’ll answer it next time.

21 thoughts on “Why do Writers do that and Other Questions Writer’s Get?

  1. Great Q&A! This has probably been asked before but how did you come up with the names for all of your characters? Did the names just randomly pop into your head or did you have to put a lot of thought into it?

    • I do actually just pick them randomly. When I named Steve, I wasn’t thinking. Steve is hubby’s name, and now when I get emails from readers who love Steve, he gets all cocky. 🙂

      • Haha that’s cool! I think you named all the characters perfectly! All of the names fit your characters personalities! Can’t wait to see more new names in Glimmers! And maybe some more new faces in Shadow Falls?

  2. Gosh! IF I had to do that to my name…. XD R.E. Teskey. Very funny. I happen to like my name very much. Wow! I love this! I hate writers block. In the middle of chapter eight and now I have to have homework on me. Grrrrr. I also have to write a Bio paper along with a bunch of Geometry problems and I have to write 10 sentences in Spanish. Then I have a midterm next week. Wait. Make that 2. I am dying. Though I will say that all my characters have a bit of me in them as well….. They are so adorable!
    I love your replies! We writers are artists. We just use words. Thanks, C.C.! I’m just gonna say, you helped inspire me. A lot. Thank you and everyone pushes me forwards. Thanks a lot!

  3. That was so funny! I’ve never enjoyed something that much. I loved it!

    I was wondering how you create a perfect image of the setting for the readers without going super in-depth. When I write, I try to explain every single tiny detail so that the reader understands the image the way I do. You’re an amazing author and I wish I could know the way you write. Thank you!

    • I understand!!! Though one time I sat at the computer and wrote a chapter in an hour and a half because I just wrote what came into my head. I didn’t stop until I was on the next and had to go to bed. It was funny because I went back to read it and reacted like, “Dang.”

  4. Do you ever watch tv and make the characters like the actors? And how do you know what the characters will be like? Also how do you know if the characters are ready for scenes and relationships?and how do you think of the elaborate facts about characters like how Della’s allergic to broccoli?

    • A lot of times I draw from people I know or have met, but then other times, I just let my imagination run wild–and I have quite an imagination!

  5. This was great! As a young writer, I couldn’t have answered these questions better for myself. You said it perfectly and I know all writers can relate!:)

  6. I love everything about interview that you participate in because it’s always so refreshing to hear your answer! I love both your series so much! =D

    When Miranda gets her own Novel set, will you change the name from Shadow Falls After Dark or keep it?

  7. Great post with the Q&A! I’m a novice writer myself, and I found that I could relate to most of your answers. I was relieved to know how it’s normal for me to space out and talk to myself all of the time!
    This question might’ve been asked before, but when writing fantasy novels, do you ever find the world-building part complicating or tough? (Because I do!) Can you, perhaps, provide some advice on writing fantasy stories? Thanks in advance!

    • My paranormal stories take place in our world, so it’s a bit easier. I don’t have to create an alternative reality/world like in Lord of the Rings. So, I’m probably not the best person to ask. But I know it’s important to keep really good notes when you write fantasy so you can keep you facts straight.

  8. Hey my name is Elizabeth, My English class is currently writing an essay about our favorite author and I chose you. This is my first real essay and my class is limited to very few resources. So, what is a better resource than the person you’re writing an essay on? I only have a few questions… What motivated U to start writing? Have you ever epicly failed at anything? Did u go to college? If u did, which one? Thank you in advance if u answer it would really be awesome to tell all my friends that my author actually answered my questions:)

  9. i can’t wait for this book to be out. i truly adore you. I’ve read up to book 4. What i mostly love about you is how detailed you are, and describing so much in all of your books. I’ve never seen an author with so many mistakes, and you don’t have any mistakes lol. I’m just a grammar freak… but i truly do adore all your books!! Their covers are awesome :).

  10. Dear CC

    Thank you very much for the interesting questions and answers. I absolutely loved it. Had a great time reading them.

    Werner 🙂

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