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IMG_4148What a great time I had visiting with Foy H. Moody High School and the Teen Bookfest by the Bay in Corpus Christi, Texas last week.  It was a rainy weekend, but you couldn’t tell from the turnout. The students had wonderful questions and were so attentive.  Thank you so much, guys!  I had a great time chatting with Melissa, the school librarian, over lunch.  And I loved getting to know several of the students who have plans to write their own stories.


IMG_4136Then, the Bookfest by the Bay on Saturday was great as well.  What a time we had visiting with authors and librarians.  Thanks to everyone who put on the book festival and to everyone who took the time to come out.

So, I thought I’d share some of the great photos from both. A special thanks to Melissa Yanez for sending me so many photos. And the next time I’m at an event, I hope you’ll come out to see me, because we have a blast.

Maybe . ..   If I came to your school, or you came to a book festival that I was attending, what question would you ask me?  I may answer a few in upcoming blogs?


This week, I’m giving away two signed copies of Chosen at Nightfall, the final book in my Shadow Falls series, to two lucky people who leave a comment or question below. (Sorry, but I need to limit this giveaway to US residents only.)



































RebornThis Week’s Deal

Now for the deal. Kobo has a special on Reborn, Della’s first book. The ebook is only $2.99 for a limited time. So, grab your copy today at Kobo.

31 thoughts on “Book Signings and a Giveaway!

  1. I love love love the Shadow Falls series! You’re such an amazing author and person. I’m exited to get into the SF After Dark series with Della. I’m sure I’ll love it just as much.

  2. First to comment!! Yay. I am patiently waiting for your next Shadow Falls book to come out. I love this series.

  3. Wow!!!! Della’s first book is only $ 2.99 on kobo cool I will have to check that out!!!! And I also can’t wait for the next shadow falls book to come out!!! I am so excited!!!!……one question I have for you is how did you come up with all the names for the shadow falls books and also when is della’s book Uspoken coming out!!!!

  4. You’ve already answered a lot of questions on blogs and at the event I attended so I know a lot about how/why you wrote Shadow Falls and stuff like that. I would probably ask you questions like: what conferences did you go to before you were published? How did you find an agent?
    Everyone looked like they had a grand time! You’re an awesome speaker.

  5. Here are some of my questions for your:
    1.Will you ever write a short or novella from Lucas’ point of view about his time away from camp in Awake at Dawn or about the time between when Kylie left and when they found her?
    2. Have you heard any new news about the series becoming a movie/show?
    3. Have you been working on the first book of the new series that’s going to be coming out?
    4. Do you know the release date for Miranda’s novella and Unbreakable?
    5. Is there a place that you go to when you need some inspiration?
    6. What other things do you like to do outside of reading?
    7. When did you get the idea for Shadow Falls, did it just come to you randomly?
    8. Will we see some more of characters from the original series like Clara, Helen and other minor characters again? I would like to know what happened to Lucas’ sister. 🙂
    9. Will we see more Lucas in Unbreakable?
    10. Do you think Miranda will get her own series & if she does will you continue writing from more p.o.vs after that?
    Thank you for giving us so many opportunities to ask questions!
    Can’t wait to read more books from you! See ya again next week! 🙂

  6. I love your books. They pull me in and I will continue to read them into the wee hours of the night. I would love it if this series became a TV show or movie series. Would you be excited to see your books on the big screen?

  7. Man, I really wish I could meet you at some point. Your books have really inspired me and the way you write is what I am constantly comparing my writing to to make sure it’s good enough that people would want to read it. My question as an author is how do you come up with the bad guys? It’s so easy for me to make characters to love and I even tend to turn mean characters into lovable ones. I struggle to make an evil character because I want to redeem them, however I know there needs to be a villain so any advice with that?

    • I’m not a published author yet but I have found that when I am writing a villain it helps to imagine that you are talking about someone that you don’t get it along with in real life. Don’t flat out base your character on said person but take the feeling of wanting your friend to not like that person and use it to convince your readers not to like that person. That is what works for me, maybe it help you too 🙂

      • Oh thanks for the advice! I’ll take all I can get. That sounds like a pretty good way to go about it, I’ll definitely try it.

  8. I can’t wait to read the next book. Are you going to write any more with shadow falls characters 🙂 and when does Mirandas book come out. havent heard anymore 🙂 can’t wait. Love the series

  9. Because I have read so much about Shadow Falls and your blog finding questions is a little more challenging then I would hope. If I had the chance to ask you a question in person, I think it would be: “What’s the biggest thing you see in your readers, and why do you continue to respond to your them when some authors ignore there readers?”
    Once again I love reading your blog and everything you wright, Desirae Bone

  10. My question would be,

    Would you ever rewrite the Shadow Falls Series from Lucas or Dereck’s point of view? I would just absolutely love to know what they were thinking when Kylie was coming into her powers. What they were doing when they were away from Shadow Falls. I can honestly say that even though I know most of the major events that you would write about I would definitely buy the entire series again just to read the from the perspective of the other characters.

  11. I wanted to let you know that for awhile I lost my interest in reading until I picked up your first book from the library. From there on out I could not put them down! You help bring my joy in reading again and for that I like to Thank you.

  12. I own the first two books, and I love them! I loaned them to a friend, and now he loves them too! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  13. You’re one of my favorite authors. Whatever is going on in my life I can sit down and slip away to the world of shadow falls and everything feels right again. I once wrote you a email when you finished kylies story about how your ending was perfect but never did i expect you to reply. When you did it was like i found the golden ticket . For you to take the time to reply to your fans is amazing. I’ll forever be a fan!

  14. Hi, Im a really big fan and love your books! I like the way your characters show they’re own little quirks,personalities,and emotions. And they just go with it. I’m trying to learn how to write stories, and do this or that the right way. Your books has taught me alot. (I also like to read, and so the fact that iIlike your books might also be a contributing factor to why iIpicked up on so much.) So, thank you.

  15. That looks like so much fun!
    I have two questions. I apologize if you’ve already answered any of these in previous blog posts already though.
    Firstly, do you already have the ending of your series planned out since book 1?
    Secondly, how do you some up with the names of your characters?

  16. How many books are going to be in miranda ‘s series’s and when is Della’s book unspoken coming out ?!!

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