Della’s Dilemma

for blogI saw this on a new friend’s blog and for some reason it reminded me of Della.  Problem is, Della has two boys in her life and she’s only going to end up with one.  Who will it be?  Who will she choose?  Who is that boy sitting in that tree with her?

I’ll be honest, both are great boys.  And it’s gonna break my heart when one of them doesn’t get the girl.  But in life, we run into a lot of people who only stay in our lives for a short while.  It doesn’t mean they weren’t important.  Or that they didn’t make a difference in our lives.

So, here’s to all the people who come into our world, even those that are only there for a short time.  Meanwhile, I’m asking you, who do  you think is in the picture?  Is this Steve or Chase?  Who do you think Della will choose?


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38 thoughts on “Della’s Dilemma

  1. Those who read the last book probably already know. Plus, this picture reminds me of the first book where Della and Chase sits with one of them to talk about Chase’s secrets. Man, that guy has some honesty issues..

  2. I really really hope that it is Steve. I don’t like Chase at all, so I am hoping Steve flies in and carries her to a tree limb. There they share a passionate kiss and life is grand.

  3. I think that Dellas going to chose Chase. Steve is nice but I don’t think Della will pick him after he walked away. Chase is bonded to her and has been helping her out, and sure he’s been lying, but I think their relationship is worth working through that. Anyway today’s my birthday!!! :):):) happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. I like both of them. For me it’s harder to choose this time than it was with Lucas and Derek. I like Steve because I don’t know he’s cute with her, but Chase is more like her. I don’t know Chase kinda pissed me off at the end of the last book and Perry pissed me off more than Steve did with the whole leaving thing…. So I guess I would say I’m on the fence. I like both guys and I could see it going either way.

  5. Well I did so something in my Pre-review of Unspoken about the Love Triangle. I’m finally on Team Chase. I was so done with Steve and his shit after Eternal. But seriously, I’m expecting to be Wowed, and I mean as wowed as I was when I finished Whispers at Moonrise:)

  6. I think that Della is sat with Steve. This is because he has always been there and is very patient with her, although he does go off to Paris and leave her he will still come back I think!

  7. I an on team chase completely now. Before “Eternal” I was on the fence but what Steve did wasn’t really forgiveable. Yes we forgave Lucas for what he did but he worked for it and had a reason for everything he was doing, Steve did not. Steve was horrible and I just can’t see any reason for anything he has done. Sure Chase “lied” but I can forgive that more easily especially since Della never came out and asked him if he knew her uncle. Chase also challenges her and can make her a better person if she let’s him. Plus Chase is a great guy he’s just been through some hard times so the jerk he shows is just a mask you can tell from his back story in “unbreakable”. I love Chase.

  8. Team STEVE! I like them both but I think Steve is her perfect match. I think they connect better and have been there for each other and through things much more than her and Chase.

  9. At the start I was 100% team Steve I did not like Chase because he was ruining everything. Now I’m not so sure, Chase has gotten to me like he has Della. I feel like if she loves them both then she is going to chose Chase because if she really loved Steve her heart wouldn’t have opened up for Chase. But at the same time Chase could just be a bump in the road for her relationship with Steve. I personally love Steve more and will be a bit upset if she choses Chase but at the same time I do love Chase and I would be happy.

  10. Gosh, I thought it would be an even split, but most of you seem to want Steve for Della. She has yet to clue me in, but she will in Unspoken. 🙂

  11. Although i understand the bonds Chase and Della share,i really hope it’s Steve she picks.
    He’s been there through thick and thin.

  12. I hope Della picks Steve; even though he left her and went to Paris. I never liked Chase even through Eternal, and i get that the bond brings them closer and all but i still like Steve and Della together more then Chase and Della. Steve is always there when she needs him, even when she didn’t call him. So, i hope that Della picks Steve because i like them together.

  13. Team CHASE!!! Steve’s nice and all but I really can’t see him doing the things Chase has done for Della. But then again, Steve gets along with Della so well! Ugh I’m so confused! Can’t wait for UNSPOKEN!! AHH!

  14. Aaaaah! It is such a hard choice!!!!!!
    But! I think in the end she’ll go for Chase. He was trying to help her. He was there when Steve was going to Paris. I have to make me cry tears of blood.

  15. I’m now Team Chase all the way! Yes he lied, but that is forgivable. Maybe he had a good reason for the lie, after all he did save Della’s life through the Bond. When I first read Saved at Sunrise I l-o-v-e-d Steve’s character, then Reborn was okay but between them they had me on the fence. Then I read Eternal. And that was unforgivable. And before you go on me, yes what Lucas did was worse (I guess) But at least he had a reason for what he did and kissed major ass to get back in Kylie’s good graces. What was Steve’s reason exactly? That’s right! Absolutely NO reason. Just to get away from Della who did Nothing wrong and had no control over the bond with Chase. And when he did leave that crushed Della, and we all know Della isn’t as forgiving as Kylie. What Exactly did Chase do? He lied? So? At least he probably had a reason and was more than likely protecting her from something, rather than just running away like Derek did. Chase for the win! #sorrynotatallsorry

  16. Honestly, I believe it’s Chase BUT I want her to end up with Steve. I think she’ll chose Chase because he understands what she has been through and can help her through everything. They also share that special bond. BUT Steve was there first. He had her heart first. He never gave up, even when all she did was try to push him away.
    I have to admit, though, that after reading Chase’s story, I do like him more than before but I’m still TEAM STEVE!!!!

  17. i hope it’s chase. There’s just this connection he has with her. Steve just gives in. I think chase would be so much better for her.

  18. I think it’s Chase. because Chase is limited with him she fills void in her life,but also with him she can’t follow her dream .but if she goes with Steve she’s gonna have to wait a whole 4 years but she can still follow her dream.

  19. I’m team Chase all the way! I never liked Steve. Sure, he has been there longer, but he just isn’t right for Della. He rubs me the wrong way. Chase on the other hand, is awesome. He does have a little lying issue but you can tell that he really cares about Della, and plus he has opened up to her more than he has anyone else. She is able to catch him in his lies and he’s getting better at telling the truth. Chase and Della are more alike and share a lot of the same interests, whereas Steve and Della are almost polar opposites. The fact that Chase chose to bond with Della all on his own means a lot also. So, TEAM CHASE ALL THE WAY! If Chase ends up not being the one…. I think I will cry for a week straight. I can’t wait for Unspoken C.C.! 🙂

  20. I’ve liked Steve, chase just seems to sure of himself and lies all the time. But with the pick and choose game, Della should pick soon cuz Steve and chase are going to leave soon. But I kinda hope she picks Steve!

  21. Okay, now more of the Chase supporters have weighed in. So, now maybe it’s fifty-fifty. 🙂 Della’s got a hard choice to make.

  22. At first I also thought that Steve would be the one for her, and I was happy with that.. I didn’t much like Chase in Reborn because I felt like he was coming between her and Steve, BUT reading Unbreakable started to change my mind and after just having finished Eternal I have to say I really really hope she’s going to end up with Chase. I think they complete each other, both having to work through their issues but I guess that only brings them closer together in the end. Plus there’s the bond (AND the “prediction” from Unbreakable), and judging from his actions in Eternal, even if she chose Steve he would always remain suspicious and never fully trust her and that’s no good way to build a relationship.

  23. Chase. I truly believe they are meant to be together. There is something magical about them, and I don’t just mean the bond. I am really hoping they end up together. I definitely don’t dislike Steve – just think Chase and Della are the real deal.

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