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It’s getting closer to the release of Miranda’s novella, Spellbinder. I’m almost finished with Unspoken, the final book in my Shadow Falls: After Dark series. And I have to admit, there were times I didn’t think Della would make it.  But really like the direction her story is heading, and I think you will too.

Whenever I have a new release, like to have lots of swag to giveaway. So, I’m working on designing a new t-shirt, and I need your help. I have the basic design done, but I’m trying to come up with a clever saying I can add. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Born to Read
  • Book Whisperer and proud of it
  • Gotta a Minute, Get a Book
  • Ask me what I’m reading
  • Take a Book Vacation
  • Go Places, Read
  • I Read Way Past My Bedtime
  • Nocturnal Reader
  • I Have a Book Boyfriend

Which one do you like the best? I’m open to suggestions. What would you like your t-shirt to say about you and your reading habits?


This week I’m giving away a signed paperback of Chase’s novella, Unbreakable. And guess what? This giveaway isn’t just limited to residents of the US. But if you do live outside the US, please be sure to tell me what country you live in when you post your comment. So, come on, Shadow Falls fans, leave a comment telling me which saying you like best, or tell me what you’d like your t-shirt to say.



The winner of last week’s giveaway, a hardback copy of Eternal, is Gisselle Montes. Congratualtions! Please email your mailing address to

95 thoughts on “New T-Shirt and Giveaway!

  1. Oh gosh I love so many of those. I think my favorite would have to be Nocturnal Reader because that’s totally how I am or another I like is Boys in Books are Just Better. I think my favorite shirt though would say, “Currently Grieving a Fictional Character.”

    So excited about both books, can’t wait to read them!:*

    • I also think a good one would be something like, “If you think the movie is better, we can’t be friends.” Or like, “I don’t trust people who think the movie was better.” That can describe any book&movie. Books are always better.

      • I agree with you. Movies are never as good as the books. 🙂
        I personally like imagining the setting, characters, etc. in my mind rather than watching it on the big screen.

  2. I really like Born to Read or Nocturnal Reader, because I can relate to both! I’ve spent lots of nights staying up and rereading past Shadow Falls books as I wait for the new ones to be released. I’m really excited to read Miranda’s story. She’s always been my favorite character. I’m also eager to read Unspoken! I can’t wait to find out what happens with Della. She’s such an interesting character and I think she’s developed a lot since the beginning, but at the same time, she’s always going to have an attitude that’s way to big for her body.

    I’m so excited to read the books!

  3. I am going to go with Nocturnal Reader as well. It is perfect for this series! Very excited about Miranda’s book. I am hoping that she kicks Perry to the curb, leaving her like that. Darn him!

  4. I like all of those phrases! But I think my favorites would either be Norcturnal Reader or Gotta Minute, Get a Book.

  5. I really like Born to read or I Read way past my bedtime because there both true but mostly the I Read way Past My Bedtime:) …..I can’t wait for Miranda’s book to come out…I’m so excited!!!!!….I haven’t readed unbreakable yet but I am looking forward to seeing..why is chase that mysterious guy..why doesn’t he tell the truth?……Also can’t wait for unspoken to be out….

  6. I like the one, “I Have a Book Boyfriend” but maybe add an (s) at the end of boyfriend so it looks like, “I Have a Book Boyfriend(s).” Because I’m pretty sure we all have multiple, with so many hot, awesome boys in books today! LOL!;-)

    And thanks for this giveaway!<3

  7. Those sayings are great but my favorites are born to read and nocturnal reader. Maybe some other ones could be, “sink your teeth into books” or “don’t hide from these reads” “witch book to read?” “Zap yourself into a good read” “shift styles and read” “this book is fae” “werewolf you be without books” Those were terrible but I just had to use supernaturals 🙂 any way have a great week! I’m so ready for you next books to come out!!

    • Or “I’m in love with a fictional character” “books are my best friends” “my escape is to books” “don’t bother me while I’m reading” “reading time is all the time” “books make me emotional” I might post more later if I think of anything good 🙂

  8. I really like book whisperer and proud of it but I also like Nocturnal reader because I have been known to staying up to five in the morning reading a new book. But I also think that these two titles fit the series better than the others. Can’t wait for Miranda’s book and the last of Della story.

  9. I really love the one that says “Go places, read.”
    I’ve always found that a good book can take you away within the first few pages, no matter how stuck you feel or how bad you life is going, you can always get away through literature. It’s like Dr. Seuss wrote “The more that you read the more things you will know. The more that you know the more places you’ll go.”

    I cannot wait for both Spellbinder and Della’s last book! I’ve pre-ordered the novella and I’m just waiting for you to say that Unspoken is up for pre-order to get that one too!

  10. I would say Nocturnal Reader or I Read Way Past My Bedtime which is true. Basically I am an adict reader. I can never put down a book unless I have finished it. Sometimes I dont sleep at all. I can not wait for your upcoming books. 🙂

  11. I like the Go places, read.
    It’s so true, especially with your books. I’ve imagined myself at shadow falls so many times and it’s amazing.

  12. I love the saying “Ask me what I am reading” It gives you the chance to open up a topic with someone and tell them about the books you are as word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote books for others to read.

  13. I’m torn between I Read Way Past My Bedtime & I Have a Book Boyfriend. Maybe something like a combination of the two…like, ‘I hear my book boyfriend whispering to me from my night stand ‘skip curfew tonight, let’s stay up and read till morning’ Or ‘Flashlight. Check. Bed covers made into a tent. Check. Book boyfriend. Double check.’

  14. “Go Places, Read” has a ring to me. I like it, and can’t wait for Miranda’s story, although I have been wondering about Chase. Hm.

  15. I like “I read way past my bedtime” because it is true, it is the only time I read. Mum once sent me to bed at 10 and she found me still up reading Reborn at 2am!

  16. Oh oh oh!!! SIGNED PAPERBACK!! I soooo would love to win this one! Heehee! I honestly LOVE the first saying the most! Born to Read is definitely my motto as I felt like that was what I was meant to do! Though writing is a passion of mine, but since I’ve hit a rather rough patch in life recently, it’s been poorly neglected. Waiting for a bit of sunshine to come my way before I can find my muse again.

    I sadly am not a Nocturnal Reader so I couldn’t really go with that. I’m more of an early bird than night owl! Something fun and quirky would be like Want to ask me what I read? Got an hour? LOL, I go off on long tangents when it comes to discussing fave reads.

    Something I saw once on another shirt that I wanted to buy, but didn’t was something like: Readers will rule the world…right after this next chapter! Something to that effect, because you know, we need to finish our chapter because stopping in the middle of one is deplorable!

    There are sooo many things I want to think of that I’ve seen elsewhere, but naturally when put on the spot, I draw a blank and I bet this time next week I will have remembered a few more! Typical! LOL!

  17. I like “I read way past my bedtime” because it is true, it is the only time I read. Mum once sent me to bed at 10 and she found me still up reading Reborn at 2am!
    I am from England

  18. Nocturnal Reader is my favorite and describes me the best. Always telling myself that I can live on 5-6 hours of sleep each night just to get a few more chapters in.

  19. I like them all, but I have five faves. Three go with the series and two are just awesome. One Born to Read goes with the series but I have loved to read since I learned how to. Two Book Whisperer goes with the series and is my absolute fave! Three Take a Book Vacation I love because I take my books everywhere even on vacation. Four Go Places, Read I like it to because I feel like I’m in another world when I read most the time I am. And last but not least Five Nocturnal Reader goes with the series and I have read till four o’clock in the morning just because I couldn’t or wouldn’t stop reading my book! I would love to get a copy of unbroken in paperback and SIGNED! So cool! Also cannot wait for Della’s last book to come out and for Miranda’s! So excited! When does Della’s final book come out? CC you are a fantastic author I love your books!

  20. Book Whisperer and proud of it pops forgot that part. Stupid dyslexia. 🙁 Anyway that’s my favorite! Of them all!

    • Also where can I get Shadowfalls swag? Oh yah Book Whisperer and proud of it fits the series the best. It just says Shadowfalls to me. 🙂

  21. They would all be great! I like “book whisperer and proud of it” the most or “I read way past my bedtime” or “nocturnal reader”

  22. I really like book Whisperer and proud of it and take a book vacation. I so can’t wait for the novella to come out! So excited.

  23. OMG LOVE “Books Whisper and proud ” and “I Read Way Past My Bedtime” Even if i dont have a bed time lol … I’M SO EXCITED!! Even if its that last book of Della :'( I hope you make another spin off with new characters

  24. I really like “I have a book boyfriend” because that describes my life. Lucas Parker is one of my book boyfriends!

  25. Oh wow, this is so exciting. I would say either “Nocturnal Reader” or “I read way past my bed time ” because they are so true. Or “Ask me what I’m reading”. Hilarious, because I can talk about books for a long time.
    I would say that “Beware of walking and reading” or a classic “Emotional, do not approach unless it looks safe”. Those are funny ones.

  26. I like Nocturnal reader! Congrats on almost finishing dellas books and I’m uber exited about Miranda’s book I’m pre ordering it this weekend!!! Live your books and can’t wait for all your books that r coming out in the future!

  27. I think I really like I Read Way Past My Bedtime !
    I would definitely wear that one!
    Another suggestion : I read books like supernatural a read brain patterns.
    Just so that there would be a little Shadow Falls touch to it!
    Can’t wait to read Miranda’s story!!!

  28. How about ‘Book Therapy’?
    Because, to me, books are my therapy. I read to temporarily escape or getaway from hectic life and get entranced in a fiction world. Failing that i like ‘I Have a Book Boyfriend’.

  29. They all are so good. I would have to say my favorite would be ‘Nocturnal Reader’ or ‘I have a book boyfriend’ 🙂

  30. I can’t wait for spellbinder and unspoken!!!
    I saw something on p interest the other day ‘my workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt’ I loved it 🙂

  31. I’m so excited for Spellbind and Unspoken! I’m counting down the days until I can read them. 😀 I think Born to Read is a good one. It makes me think of Born at Midnight and being a Supernatural. It would fit with your series pretty well. Well, that’s what I think. Your the best, CC!

    • I know it’s late to be thinking up something, but I was just fangirling about Unspoken and I came up with one. “Born to read cause I was born at midnight.” I thought it might fit. Oh, man, I am so looking forward to finding out who Della ends up with. I don’t know who to cheer for.

  32. I Have a Book Boyfriend, and I read way past my bedtime are the ones I like.
    I can not wait for the release of the next two books.

  33. I really like I have a book boyfriend. There is also one that I rencently saw it says I like to party and by party I mean read books.

  34. Hi I am from out of the country I live in Canada,Ontario. I have to say I love “I Read Way Past My Bedtime” because who does not do that every once while cough*every night cough*. I think another good saying is “A backpack without a book is like a body without a soul…so save a soul, buy a book”. Or another couple are “Every time my ship sinks, I cry” “My boyfriend died today but the author resurrected him 🙂 “

  35. I think out the options given I really like “Take a book vacation”, because when I read it’s like escaping into a new, different world with so many things to discover. I often find myself lost in the written world as a read my way through a new adventure. I have a few suggestions for other slogans such as “Read away your worries”, “Read to escape”, “Shh, this is the best part”, “Secretly dreaming about fictional characters”, “Never bored, always reading”. This is such a great contest opportunity, and I would love to win. 🙂

  36. Personally, I like “I have a book boyfriend” because its so true…we all have them *cough* Lucas Parker *cough* lol. I also think that maybe something like “Shadow Falls: What’s your pattern?” would be cool or “I stockpile books like extreme couponers stockpile groceries.” or maybe “Never annoy a writer, they might put you in a book and kill you off.”
    or another “WARNING: Disturbance of the writer will result in the death of your favourite character!”

    just some suggestions from the crazy Canadian (Ontario, Canada)

  37. i love the one “I have a book boyfriend” its so true for me because i am in love with guys from books. I mean who dosent have a book boyfriend even though i have more that a few!!!!!!!

  38. I like the saying “I have a book boyfriend” because that is true for most readers especially with how authors make write the boys as looking and acting!! It is hard not to fall for book boys!! Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  39. I like either the “I have a book boyfriend” or ” I read way past my bedtime” I can’t decide between those two. You are such a great author and can’t wait to read more from you!!

    • hmm maybe it should be “the book whisper and proud of it’ or maybe “Nocturnal “or “i have a book boyfriend” yeah its gonna be hard to choose

  40. Oh yeah I just remembered that here in LA we are having a book festival April 18-19. I am going with my friends tomorrow can’t wait. Also I hope you got my email CC. 🙂

  41. I like I have a Book Boyfriend, because when you read to much, guys in the real world are never as good. So I prefer book guys… I Have a Book Boyfriend. BUt if anything else, I like Nocturnal Reader because it’s the best time to read, everyone is too asleep to bother you…haha. Just my opinion. (Hope I win the book!)

  42. I do like the Book Boyfriend one because lord knows I have tons of those! Haha. However, I was thinking of suggesting something like “Feed Your Imagination”. I was never a fan of reading until I read the first Harry Potter book way back in 1997. It really sparked my imagination hence my suggestion 🙂

  43. I really like ‘Born to Read’ or ‘I Have a Book Boyfriend’ or I like ‘I Read Way Past My Bedtime’ or ‘Ask Me What I’m Reading”. Overall, they’re very good slogans! My t-shirt would probably say “I Have More Crushes on Fictional Characters Than Real People!” I also live in Canada! I can’t wait to read Miranda’s novella and the last After Dark Book Unspoken! To hold me over on the wait, I’ve been re-reading all of the Shadow Falls books and The After Dark Series and all the Novellas! Really love all your books C.C! 🙂

  44. I really like born to read and I have a book boyfriend. I am so excited to read Unspoken!! I can’t wait. I loved all your other books and I am reading them over. I will be one of the first ones to buy your shirt and the new book!

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