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Unspoken_revised (1)I finally finished writing Unspoken and did my happy dance around my house.  Not that I was glad to be done with Della, that’s not it at all. I’ll miss her like crazy.  It’s just that Unspoken was a hard book to write, not only because Della got herself into so much trouble I was nervous she’d never be able to get herself out, but also because I had a lot of distractions while I was writing (like hubby getting a new kidney). But now it’s finished and in the hands of my editor. So, Della’s final book, Unspoken, is scheduled to be released October 28, 2015. You can pre-order it now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.



In the meantime, Spellbinder will be out on June 30, 2015. So, you can look forward to Miranda’s novella.  She has quite an adventure in Paris, where she goes for a huge magic tournament. It seems someone wants to win so badly, they’re killing off the competition. And Miranda’s in the cross hairs! Pre-order your copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Me? Well, I’ll be going to conferences and book signings and plotting what’s next. And as soon as know what’s coming, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.  Like this Thursday, May 21st, I’ll be at The Storybook Garden in Weslaco, TX, starting at 6:00 PM. I’ll be giving a short talk and signing books. You just never know what might happen! Then, RWA’s Annual Conference will be in New York City in July, and I can’t wait. I love the Big Apple! I’ll be participating in their annual Literacy Autographing on Wednesday, July 22. Follow the link for a full listing of all the authors who will be there. Oh and, hopefully, I’ll even find a little time to squeeze in a beach holiday at some point. Happy summer!

P.S.  Thank you to all the fans who showed up at RT. You guys made me feel so special.

21 thoughts on “Unspoken and Other News

  1. Man I so need to move to Texas I am missing the best signing this makes me sad. Happy that Della will have an ending and Miranda has a beginning.

      • Omgggg! I’ve been waiting since like last summer for Unspoken to come out my whole family’s sick and tired of me complaining about how Eternal ended, but hey writers have outside lives so it’s totally understandable (hope the husband’s doing okay now!) and I’m sad that Della’s story is ending but like Julie had said Miranda is beginning(: Gosh I’m gonna cry when this series finishes ): but it’s not over yet! I’m obsessed lol

  2. Can’t wait to read both! Ugh I can’t believe it’s ending, I’ve read the Shadow Falls books so many times and to know that you’re done writing about some of my favorite characters in the world is just kind of sad for me. Anyways I still can’t wait to read them and I really wish I lived in Texas so I could go to some of your events.

  3. I CANT WAIT FOR UNSPOKEN AN SPELLBINDER!!!! I hope you had an amazing time at RT! I wish I could’ve gone… 🙁

  4. I am really excited that you are finished with Unspoken. Cannot wait to read the Reaper Series that you are working on. Hoping that Miranda gets her own actual book, maybe two or three. Fingers crossed.

  5. I need to move to Texas cause I miss all the book signing, I live in England. So sad Della’s series is coming to an end. I wish that one day Miranda will get her own series. 🙂

  6. Waaaah! I really wanna come to your events! It’s just I live here and you live in Texas where your events mainly happen. If I still lived in Colorado this would not be an issue. I can’t wait for your books in which I’m going to push my mom to bring me to the book store on June thirtieth.

  7. I can’t wait to read both Unspoken AND Spellbinder. I’ll be sad for Della’s story to end but I need to read it!! 😀 I also can’t wait to read a story about Miranda. Been waiting too long for that!
    Can’t wait to see you in NYC in July!!!!!

  8. Congratulations! I can’t wait for both books to come out and am ready to pre-order! Your books are fabulous and keep me and all my friends gripping the book wanting more \^-^/

  9. What? oboy that’s good I’m glad it’s coming october but I am gonna be on vacation in Mexico from june 22 to july 21.

    • while spellbinder comes out though. I hope i can convince my dad to get me it since he is staying here with my older sister and brothers while i go with my mom and little sisters.

  10. I just finished Eternal and it said Unspoken was coming out July 2015 so I jumped on to find out the actual day and I find out I can’t get it until October..?? Noooo! How will I manage?!! Lol

  11. i’m so excited i can’t wait to finally read unspoken!!! I really hope Miranda gets a few more books of her own… cause I can’t stand the thought of shadow falls ending 🙁 PLEASE KEEP WRITING C.C.!!!!!!! 🙂

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