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Spellbinder_revised3Wow.  Today’s the day.  Spellbinder is out.  You guys can finally read Miranda’s novella.  I hope you enjoy getting inside her head as much as I enjoyed it.  She made me laugh.  She made me cry.  She made me appreciate good friends.  She made me want to hug her.

When I think about how well I feel I know the Shadow Falls’ characters, it almost seems crazy.

They are my friends.  I feel as if they are a part of my life.  And I guess they are.  I’ve been writing about Shadow Falls for five years.  Each and every one of them has taught me something.

Kylie taught me to think before I speak.  To never judge anyone too quickly.  She taught me to believe in myself.

Della taught me to do less rolling over and more speaking up for myself.  She taught me that sometimes people can hide a lot of pain inside.  She taught me that sometimes it’s okay to say what you really think.

Miranda taught me the value of a human touch.  Oh, those hugs!  Seriously, I’m a bigger hugger now that I’ve known Miranda.  She taught me that even when times are tough and things are hard, to keep your chin up and keep going.  She rekindled my belief in magic.  I think you guys are gonna love her as much I do.

Now from all my Shadow Falls fans, I want to know what these characters taught you.  This week, in celebration of Spellbinder’s release, I’m hosting a contest.  Tell me what you’ve learned from one of our Shadow Falls gals, Kylie, Della or Miranda, and you could win one of the cool prizes listed below:

Two people will win a C.C. Hunter T-shirt.

Two people will win a C.C. Hunter bag filled with some cool promotional items.

Two people will win a signed copy of any of the Shadow Falls books.

But if you are reading this on Goodreads, remember, you have to go to my C.C. Hunter blog to post your comments in order to be eligible to win.

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Thanks you guys for being fans!!



49 thoughts on “Release Day!!!

  1. Reading from all 3 of their povs has allowed me to learn something from all of them. From Kylie I learned that things are always changing and you have to learn to cope with those changes. From Della I learned that sometimes you’ve got to stand up for yourself and show people you’re capable. And from Miranda I learned that the journey may be tough but the results are worth it. You have to learn how to overcome problems that stand in your way. All three of their stories are different but they all taught me a valuable lesson. That’s why I love your books so much. There’s always something awesome to learn. 🙂 p.s SPELLBINDER IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  2. I cannot wait to read Spellbinder!! Getting it tomorrow, well I guess today:) Man I’ve learned so much from all of them. I mean I guess my main thing is that from Della I’ve learned that it’s okay to be alone but it’s also okay to open up to people. I tend to push people away and not get close to anyone but after reading about Della I really do make a conscious effort to try and give people a chance. They could be my Kylie and Miranda but I would never know if I don’t give them a chance. Of course I’ve learned a lot about forviveness from Kylie and how to overcome obstacles from Miranda but I’d say my greatest lesson came from Della.

    • And I can’t believe I forgot one of the most important ones from Kylie. What you are doesn’t change who you are. And I’m not talking about species. I tell myself this sometimes whenever I start feeling negative about my body image or something.

  3. Another Shadow Falls book? I couldn’t wait! Luckily, I got approved for the novella on NetGalley and enjoyed it! When I learned that Miranda would be getting her own story, I knew that it would be brilliant. All three of the characters have taught me valuable things. From Kylie I learned that change can be a good thing and that it can help you discover who you are, rather than lose yourself. Della taught me that everything isn’t black and white and that it’s seeing past the gray areas that teach you how to overcome some of the most difficult decisions. Miranda has taught me something throughout the entire journey, even when she didn’t have her own story: to be yourself, because it’s the only way you can be the best you can be.

    • Kylie taught me it’s ok to just be yourself be proud of who you are. Della taught me even if your tough it’s ok to have a soft side it doesn’t make you weaker taking the hugs and know you are loved this doesn’t make you weak it makes you stronger. Miranda taught me not to doubt yourself cause you will surprise yourself with the things you can do everyone had a little magic if you just believe. Thank you for writing these amazing books I have loved them all each character has taught me something new about the way I look at the wold.

  4. I learned that unconditional love is not only a necessity but a precious gift to treasure and respect. Also I learned that you should trust your gut and follow your instincts. And always rely on the ones that love you the most.

  5. Kylie taught me to be brave, braver than I was before. Della taught me to be strong- stronger than I think I can be. But Miranda taught me the most important lessons- it is okay to fail, as long as you try again. It is okay to love, even if your heart is broken. It”s okay to rely on your friends, if you don’t want to. Other people’s opinion of you don’t matter as long as you step up and do the right thing.

  6. Yay! I love Miranda!!!

    The girls teach about friendship and being true to yourself. Family that you are both stuck with and have by choice.

  7. Can’t wait to read spellbinder!!! Kylie showed me that I can be brave for whatever comes my way and that its ok to forget your problems and care about somebody eles problems and help them. Della showed me to stand up for myself and speak up for myself and be brave.Miranda showed me that you can overcome anything if you try to and give people I love hugs more often. hahaha.

  8. I’ve learned from all of the girls. They all taught me to be myself and it’s okay to be different from other people. I can’t wait to learn more from Miranda in Spellbinder!

  9. I’ve learned so much from Kylie, Della and Miranda! Kylie taught me that no matter how difficult things may be, you can’t give up. Della taught me how to stay strong and to never run from a challenge. Miranda taught me that titles that are given to how you think don’t define you as a person. And all three of them taught me that your best friends will always be there for you in any situation.

  10. Is Unspoken going to be the last book in Della’s series? And will Miranda have her own? For the four years I’ve followed the gang and read about their lives I’ve learned from all of them that there is nothing better than friends, and they will always be there to support you– if they’re the right friends. From Kylie I learned that it’s okay to give some people second chances because the other person may be telling the truth. She also taught me that sometimes making a decision that feel wrong is often he right thing to do. From Della I learned even tough people need to cry and a shoulder to lean on. Also to speak up for myself, and if I really want something then I shouldn’t give up on it. Lastly, I learned from Miranda I learned just because you aren’t great at something doesn’t mean you can’t pull off something incredible with that same talent. Also, hugs can make you feel a lot better!

  11. I’m so excited about the release of Miranda’s story! I can’t wait to read it. The fabulous Shadow Falls Trio have taught me so much in seven books. Kylie, Della, and Miranda truly represent the value of friendship and how much people other than one’s family can mean to someone. They have helped me to confide in my friends more when I have problems, instead of keeping it to myself. I still haven’t talked my friends into having a Diet Coke Kitchen Table Talk, though. Of all of the girls, I have probably learned the most from Della, even though I’ve only read two books in her point of view. She taught me to always stand up for what I believe in, even if it’s not the popular choice. From Della, I learned to speak up and be brave.

  12. Della has definitely taught me to always speak my mind! She would say things I’d think in certain situations. Sometimes I do say things in such situations but only if I’m quick enough with the wit! LOL! I love how Della has her tough girl personality but also has a soft side! I like to think that I’m like that too! I can have a rough demeanor at first, but I definitely have my soft side! Get me with a Disney movie and there’s a near guarantee I will cry! Especially with some of these newer ones! Dannnnng!! And I thought my niece silly for crying in Peter Pan when Nana, the dog, got put outside! 🙂

  13. From reading all the shadow fall series I’ve learned that Kylie was always courageous when everything was going wrong but she knew deep down that she had friends that were there for her and that’s the best thing I loved about her she’s strong. She also has the same name as me! Della she can sometimes be short tempered but I’ve learned that she is tough love towards her friends and her loved ones. Through the end she’s caring and smart. And for Miranda I’ve learned that she can always be hilarious when she’s around her bffs but she always think for others and always be by their side no matter what. Never leaves out anyone. She is the best when it comes to thinking clear and always stay positive whenever the situation goes wrong. Kylie, Della, and Miranda they are all the best I’ve know and learned from them! Thank you CC Hunter for making these characters come to life! They all my #1!

  14. While I love all three of them, I’ve learned the most from Della.

    I’ve always been outspoken, but I’ve also been guarded and afraid to trust other people with my feelings from fear of getting hurt. Della showed me that it’s perfectly ok and normal to be afraid, but that sometimes life grants you the blessing of finding a few good friends that are with you through thick and thin, and that no matter how hard you try to hide your love away, they can help you embrace it and deal with the joys and pains of living.

    p.s.: I finished Spellbinder five minutes ago…IT’S AMAZING!!! oh CC please tell me that the next series is Miranda’s pleaseeee! There were too many cliffhangers there!

  15. I have learned so much from the characters in the Shadow Falls series, but the thing that sticks with me the most is what I learned from Miranda. I learned that it’s not a bad thing to learn in a different way than everyone else. It’s okay to have your own style of learning and it’s okay to be a little quirky.

  16. From Kylie, I have learned that friendship is everything and that without friendship, life can be tough. Miranda taught me to be brave, even though I may not be good at it. Della is a strong character and she showed me that people hide their pain to feel safe, but it isn’t all the time. With that, I learned that I could help people open up and feel even safer. Their friendship showed me to appreciate my friendships even more! 🙂

  17. I feel like each of the characters have taught me something, each in their own way :). But for me, Miranda has probably taught me the most, especially after Spellbinder. Miranda has taught me to be a good and fair person. While I was reading Spellbinder I kept thinking, “Man, Miranda is a better person than I could ever be.” She never gives someone up for her own gain and she always sticks up for others–friends and strangers. Reading about Miranda has taught me that being nice isn’t the weakness many people portray it to be. I’ve also learned to stay true to yourself no matter who or what is telling you otherwise. She has also taught me to be a good and loyal friend and to also always look for the good in people. But, for me personally, the most important thing Miranda has taught me is that it’s okay to fail sometimes. Miranda struggled with failure when competing in the witch competitions, but in the end she showed me that you can learn from your failures and if you work hard, it’s harder to fail and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Miranda has taught me many things, and I’m so happy to have read about her throughout Shadow Falls.

  18. I’m exited to read Spellbinder!
    These charicters have taught me about friendship, loyalty, and to never give up and to try to see the good in people, even though that may be hard at times.

  19. They have each taught me something in their own ways. Kylie taught me that it’s ok to be different and that being the bigger person doesn’t always mean you have to do what they think is right for you. Della tought me that being tough doesn’t mean you can’t share your feelings with the ones who care about or love you. And losing someone because you have changed doesn’t mean it’s your fault that they pushed you away. It’s because they have been through it before with someone they care about has been throu it too. They just don’t want to get hurt again. Miranda has taught me a lot she felt like a screw up because of her dyslexia like I do but she never let that stop her from trying to be more than her dyslexia. She also never let it stop her from trying. She has taught me to never give up and that being a nice person doesn’t mean you have to let people walk all over you. Della also taught me to take up for myself and not let someone push you around.

    • I think a lot of people need to remember that different doesn’t make it bad, it’s just different. It could even be better, if given the chance.

  20. I have to admit it, this week, I wasn’t interested in which day of the week it was. I was more interested in “How many more sleeps till I can read CC’s latest book?”

    The opening had me worried for Miranda, but she is and always will be the best witch in Shadow Falls or anywhere else! I read until 20% mark last night, then my husband interrupted and got a severe glaring at.

    This morning, when another publisher contacted me, I blogged about it. She was a little insane. But… for the first time in my life, I wrote in my blog:

    “As C.C. Hunter would say…. What a B with an Itch!”

    This book is great so far, and hopefully I can read the rest tonight. Great job, CC, as always 🙂

    – Rosie xx

  21. All of the Shadow Falls gals has taught me important things that has helped me improve myself and reflect upon my actions. Kylie taught me about loyalty and putting the needs of others before my own. Kylie is the most selfless character I have ever read! She cares so much about the people she loves and even the people she doesn’t love. While reading Shadow Falls, I was inspired to be more considerate and caring to those around me. Della taught me through her mistakes that it is important to open up to the people you love or it can negatively effect you. She also taught me that I shouldn’t hide my emotions and always pretend to be strong even when I’m not. Last, but not least, Miranda taught me to be the best you can be, even when it doesn’t meet someone else’s expectations. Miranda is such a strong person and I learned from her that you can be whoever or whatever you choose even if something is holding you back. Miranda has become an amazing and inspiring witch even when her mother put her down and her dyslexia held her back. This taught me that all the struggles life throws at me are only obstacles I have to overcome and it is never impossible to reach your dreams.

  22. All of the characters taught me that love hurts no matter if you are on the receiving or giving side of it. And you usually don’t mean for it to.

  23. Spellbinder was AMAZING. I devoured it in one day and I want more Miranda! I wish they were real because Miranda, Della, and Kylie would make awesome friends and allies. Thank you for giving me their stories. I can’t wait to find out what happens in Della’s final book!
    They all taught me so much. Each of them were afraid to get hurt, got hurt, but they never gave into the heartache. They kept going and it made them stronger. (Even if the guys usually had good intentions. Perry and his man logic!)

  24. If there’s anything they taught me, it would be that you cannot let fear get in the way; Kylie has had to deal with changes in her life, the ghosts and the threats that brought her face-to-face with death more than once, and yet she found the will to push through that fear in order to live. Della pushed past her fear of ghosts just so she could brave through her hardships, sure she still has trouble with other things like giving her heart to someone (who can blame her), but she is on her way to finding that power. Miranda was in the midst of danger and yet she did her best to save a stranger, and a vampire at that, even though there was a possibility that the guy would kill her. And even though Tabitha was scared to death, Miranda kept her cool because optimism sometimes was the one power you had.

    Fear always comes at you in one form or another, but sometimes you just have to find a way to push past it. It’s not always about facing danger, but the things you are most uncomfortable about confronting… and you could lose that strength. Key is to find it, I guess.

  25. In Della’s case even when your pissy your true friends can see right thru you and will love you no matter how standoffish you are.

  26. I’ve learned so many lessons from these characters. I will go into detail about the lessons I have learned from Kylie in this post. Kylie taught me that change is inevitable and that you must embrace it. She taught me forgiving isn’t easy, but it is essential to move on. I learned from her that not to hold others on the mistakes made by people in the past. She taught me not to judge others by what me assume at first. One really important thing she taught me was to not delay my own problems by focusing on that of others, as procrastinating doesn’t solve anything. She also taught me to follow the path that I feel is right, and not what others think is right. Wow I’ve really learned a lot of lessons from Kylie as well as the other characters from Shadow Falls! I cannot wait to read all the books that are to come from you! 😀

  27. I bought ell, I can say that Kylie taught me some patience. I’m someone who acts and speaks before they think. I definitely need some of Kylie’s gentleness and kindness. Miranda taught me that everyone can rise above their ‘limitations’. The inside of someone is much more important. And Della taught me that being yourself and opening up to others is life changing. In a good way. Reading about all the

    • Sorry, I hit post before I was ready. I bought Spellbinder the day it came out. Love it! Reading about all the Shadow Falls girls helped me learn things about myself that I needed to know. Thanks CC!

  28. I have learned so many things from the Shadow Falls characters. But most importantly Kylie taught me that first impressions(or in her case second impressions) are not always correct. When she went to Shadow Falls she was afraid of Lucas and now they are this amazingly epic couple. And it honestly helped me find my boyfriend. I ignored him because I thought he was a video game nerd buy then I decided to give him a chance like Kylie did for Lucas and today July the 2 makes 8 months that we have been together and I couldn’t be happy with him. I am so thankful that I found your books because they really truly changed my life.

  29. Kylie has shown me that although difficult things happen and you do not understand it in the moment, the time will come that will explain itself. There has always been difficulties in life and Kylie has been able to overcome them, and that helps me with my own obstacles. Thanks CC!

  30. After reading all the books, Kylie, Miranda, and Della each taught me something. Kylie taught me to be myself and change can be good. Miranda taught me on how to overcome different obstacles in my life. And Della taught me to not let people control me. To be my own person. I am so thankful for all these characters!

  31. Honestly, I’ve learned so many things from all the girls. They all taught me a different thing each and r that I’m grateful. Kylie taught me that it’s ok to be different. Della taught me to always be strong and to stand up for myself and not let anyone walk all over myself. Miranda taught me to never give up and to always kern trying, no matter what other people say and think about you. All these lessons are sone of the reasons why there books are some of my favorites. I’ve even learned sone useful things from the male characters, especially Lucas and Derek. So to say I’m in love with thaws books and the characters would be an understatement. Thank you so much C.C. For giving us these amazing books and life lessons.

  32. From Miranda i learned that its not always what you want.
    Sometimes its better to lose than win..

    Kylie i learned that no matter how big of a freak you think you are true friends will always love you.

    Della i learned that no matter what we all want and need love. And hugs from a friend can heal your heart

  33. They all have taught me something invaluable:
    With Miranda, I’ve learned that you don’t always need to worry about pleasing others. Take pride in knowing that you are your best self and the people who truly love you will accept that. With Della, I’ve learned that you need to let your outer walls down every once in a while. Your heart needs to get broken a few times before it can heal properly and learn to love wholeheartedly. And Kylie, well she may have taught me more about the most important aspect in life I struggle with; to love oneself. We are all built differently. It’s what makes us unique and special. You must love yourself first before you can expect others to.
    Thanks for the amazing stories C.C.! Shadow Falls & After Dark are such great reads. I will cherish them forever!

  34. I loved Miranda’s book and want more. She is growing stronger and stronger and I feel it’s her friendships that’s helping. But no matter what bad things happen to her she stays true to herself. MORE MIRANDA!!!

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