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Howdy Fans,

I thought I’d give you a little prequel to Spellbinder, Miranda’s book that releases June 30th.  Miranda was so much fun to write, and her story with Perry and . . . the hot young FRU agent Shawn is well, a heart tugger.  I hope you enjoy.


“Take this you no good piece of crap!”  Miranda Cane mindlessly tossed her jeans into her half-packed suitcase, then stopped. Glaring at her phone in her hand, she pushed buttons to bring on death.  Breath held, she plopped her butt on the mattress, waiting to see if she’d succeeded.  “Die for me!”

“Hey.” Kylie, her chameleon roommate, popped her head into Miranda’s bedroom door.  “Who do you want to die?”

“It’s just a game.” Miranda barely glanced up, instead she frowned as she watched the blond avatar, a shape-shifter, dodge the bullet she’d sent his way.  “Damn it, I missed again.”

Kylie moved in and looked at the screen on Miranda’s phone.  “You’re a gamer?”

“No, I just . . . this one is fun.”  The fact that her ex, Perry, was a blond shape-shifter had nothing to do with her sudden interest in murder.  Okay, maybe it had everything to do with it, but who gave a crap.  Perry, sure as hell didn’t.  He’d broken up with her, then took his cute butt to Paris.  And he wasn’t calling.

Miranda frowned and looked back at the screen where the blond shape-shifter grabbed a gun from the magic bubbles and commenced to fill her avatar with bullets.  Oh, that hurt.

She glanced up at Kylie. “Or it would be fun if I could take out that nasty scumbag!  Grr!”  She tossed her phone on the mattress.

“Are you okay?” Kylie dropped on the bed beside Miranda.

Hell no! “Of course I am.”

“Is this about Perry?” Kylie asked.

“Perry?  Who’s that?” She rolled her eyes.  “Oh, you mean the guy who spent the last four months telling me he loved me and then broke up with me and left me to wallow in pain.Left me, while he’s probably in France playing kissy-kissy and checking out the tonsils of some French chick?  I should give him pimples.  Or jock itch.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.”

Kylie frowned.  “I’m sorry I brought him up.”

“I’m fine,” Miranda lied again and glanced back at her phone.  “Haven’t you ever just wanted to kill something?”

Kylie made a face.

Miranda rolled her eyes again.  “Della’s right, you are just too nice.”

A grin brightened Kylie’s blue eyes.  “Speaking of Della, I just got a text from her. She said her mom agreed to let her come with me to your competition tomorrow.  So we’ll both be there.”

Miranda suddenly wished she hadn’t asked them to come.  “Great, when I make an idiot out of myself, you two can be there to cheer me on.”
“Why would you make an idiot out of yourself?”  Kylie bumped shoulders with her in that best friend kind of bump that said I care without a word.

A knot of emotion filled Miranda’s throat.  “Oh, I don’t know, maybe because I’m probably the only dyslexic witch who’s stupid enough to let her mom sign her up for a spell competition.  What if I turn someone into a kangaroo?  Or . . .”

“Hey, you finaled in that last competition,” Kylie reminded her.

“A fluke,” Dread built in her chest.  “Even Ernie said so.”

“Ernie?” Kylie asked.

Miranda reached into the suitcase and pulled out her magic eight ball.  “Meet Ernie?”

Kylie laughed.  “Hey, I had one of these when I was thirteen.  I used to ask it about boys all the time.  Will he kiss me?  Ask me to dance? Does he even know I exist?”

“You didn’t have one like this,” Miranda said.  “This one is . . . special.”

Kylie took it from Miranda’s hands.“You mean like really magic?”

“Yeah.”Miranda could tell Kylie didn’t believe her, not that it bothered Miranda.  Non-witches, even paranormals, always held a shadow of doubt when it came to Wicca powers.

Kylie wrapped her palms around the black ball.  “So if I ask it a question, it will answer it?”

“Only if he’s in the mood,” Miranda frowned.

“Okay.” Kylie gave the ball one quick shake, the liquid inside the sphere made splashing sounds.  “Are you really magical, Mr. Ernie?”

Kylie looked down and waited for the message to appear in the little window and then read the words.  “You betcha!”  She grinned. “Okay, let’s try again.”

“Good luck,” Miranda said glaring at the black ball who had refused to answer any of her earlier questions.

Kylie rolled her eyes.  “Is Miranda going to win the competition?”  She shook the ball and then staredat it, waiting.  When nothing appeared Kylie looked up, her brow pinched.

“Told you, he wouldn’t answer,” Miranda said.

Kylie laughed.  “I just need to shake it a little harder.”  She gave the ball a good shake.  Then looked back down at it . . . waiting.   Finally, frowning she looked up.  “Why is it not working?”

“I told you.  He’s not in the mood,” Miranda said.

“It’s just stuck.”  Kylie shook it again, and then stared down at it.  When nothing appeared, she looked up at Miranda with wide eyes.  “You weren’t joking.  It’s really. . .   Shit.”  She literally threw the ball back to Miranda and popped up off the mattress.

“That’s freaky,” Kylie said and walked out.  “I got to get packed and so do you.”

Miranda watched her go, and then looked back down at Ernie.  All of a sudden a heavy feeling filled her chest.  Not just from the broken heart, but the kind of feeling that usually meant something.  She cupped her hands around the magic ball and brought it close to her lips.  “Is bad shit about to happen?” she whispered the question.

She gave it a shake then stared down, believing Ernie would ignore her again. But then one word floated up and pressed against the tiny round window.“Absolutely.”

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49 thoughts on “Spellbinder Prequel

  1. I so can’t wait for Spellbinder. I am pretty sure i will have it read in one day… Have a great day. Love your books

  2. OMG!!!! I can’t wait for Miranda’s book to come out!!… I’m sooo excited about it!!!!…It sounds really good!!:)

  3. Oh how we loved our magic 8 ball! Can not believe they still make them.
    So excited to read Miranda’s story.

  4. It’s summer and I can’t wait for spellbinder 🙂 I’m aloud to read all the time since it’s summer school gets in the way of reading :). Lately I’ve been into writing and have been working really hard on writing a book (shhh don’t tell my mom) most of my family don’t think I can do it but my friends encourage me 🙂 so I’ll give it my best

  5. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO COME OUT! Its going to be amazing!! All of your books are 🙂 since its summer I’m going to reread the entire series 🙂 from born at midnight to eternal and then I just have to wait for spellbinder to come out 🙂 have a good week! See you next week 🙂

      • Yeah 🙂 I’m also going to spend a lot of time with family and my best friend, but I’m going to try and read a lot. I haven’t actually been able to sit down and read because school had been so busy this year. I’m so glad I’m finally done with middle school though 🙂 but I don’t think I’m very ready for high school

  6. Dear CC,
    You have a way of knocking your fans in the stomach with your prequels, do you know that? Miranda is going to need to toughen up for her challenge.

  7. What!!? We get to read a Shadow Falls book from Miranda’s point of view! Yessss, that’s amazing 😀 Can’t get enough of Shadow Falls. This is one of my favorite series!!

  8. OMG!!! Sounds so epic! i can’t wait til it officially comes out. It’s gonna be so amazing! Love ya, C.C. Keep writing! 😀

  9. Your books so fun! It’s amazing , I can’t wait till Unspoken comes out!! You are my favorite author!!❤❤

  10. This is such a good prequel, just made me more excited for reading Spellbinder!!! Ernie’s response with “absolutely” is just perfect. I do have a question though. I’ve been holding off reading Della’s series until Unspoken comes out because I don’t want to be left hanging but I have the books in my room. My question is just should I read them first before Spellbinder or will it not matter?

  11. Ahh, I can’t wait! I’ve already got it pre-ordered and the prequel you just gave us…. Oh my goodness! It’s going to be so good! I love all the shadow falls novels, and it’ll be great to finally get to know Miranda’s story!

  12. I am super excited for Spellbinder! I was wondering if their would be a prequel like the other series. I hope their is an ebook for her like saved at sunrise for Delia. I love the eight ball I had one when I was a teenager and I would ask the same questions as Kylie about boys. I am super excited about this book series and I can’t wait! I love all your books CC and I can’t wait to read more. I have also been working on my own books on wattpad I love to write as much as read.

  13. OMG!!!! I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR MIRANDA’S BOOK!!!! I get the feeling thay Ernie only gives news that you don’t wanna hear.

    Can Miranda make a voodoo doll of Perry and set it on fire or is that like illegal? OMG CAN SHE TURN HIM INTO A KANGAROO VOODOO STYLE!?!?!

  14. I cannot wait to read this when it comes out!!!! Looks like it wont disappoint, can also tell it will have a lot of funny moments. Love the excerpt so far!

  15. I have been so excited to read this novella, getting to learn more about Miranda. I am still telling everyone I know about it. Matter of fact recommends the Series to some one else the other day that asking about a book to read.

  16. I am Absolutely in love with your books! You are 1 of my favorite authors and I have your whole series so far. I would love to win one of your swag bags and I cannot wait to read Miranda’s story, lord knows she’s going to be as feisty as ever. 🙂

  17. I can’t to read this novella. I have enjoyed reading your books from the very beginning, and I love that Della and Miranda got their own stories as well. I’m currently trying to reread all of the shadow falls saga thus far, and I am now onto rereading Della’s story. Your story-writing is always so well done, and love how you incorporate humor, friendship, etc. into your tales. I can’t wait to see what kind of things will happen in Miranda’s story as you always keep us on our toes.

  18. Im so excited for the book to come out!! I can’t wait for Della’s. I wish it would be a long running tv show. I would love the prize pack. I cant wait to share this book with my kids.

  19. Have read pretty much everything Shadow Falls so far, can’t wait for Spellbinder. Would love to have the giveaway.

  20. Can’t wait wait I am even more excited now!!!!! Love how Ernie says absolutely at end, it ends on a real cliffhange!!!

  21. Can’t wait wait I am even more excited now!!!!! Love how Ernie says absolutely at end, it ends on a real cliffhanger!!!

  22. Omg!! Omg!! Omg!!! I can’t freaking wait for Miranda’s book to come out! I’m so excited and I’ve been waiting for it since I knew there was gonna be one. I’m gonna be the first to buy it and I will probably not finish reading it until the end of the book even if I miss some sleep LOL.

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