Writing & Reading: Oh the Joy!

Hot1Yesterday I rode on a motorcycle, my arms wrapped around a hot guy who is an artist.  The wind stirred my hair as the sound of the motor purred.  It felt a little like freedom.   I’m this close to falling in love with him, although I sense he has secrets.   Secrets I’m going to have to uncover before I let myself fall for him any harder.  I need to find out what he’s hiding.  But while we were out picking out paint for his gallery, one of my own secrets that I’d been hiding from him surfaced.  We were confronted by an angry ex-boyfriendof mine who thinks he can still control me.  I stood up to him.  It was empowering in a way.  But a little scary, too.  I have a feeling he’s not going to just go away.  He may try to start trouble.  And he has the ability to do it, too.  He could hurt me and turn people I care about against me.  I need to come up a plan to prevent him from doing that.But how?

You see, that what was happening to me yesterday when I worked on a new novella.  I lost myself in the life of my new protagonist. (I’m not going to tell you who this protagonist is, but I will tell you, it’s someone from Shadow Falls.  And it’s not Della, Kylie or Miranda.)   I found her world invigorating, I found her problems intriguing and I want to go on this journey with her to see what happens next.  I’m as curious about that good-looking artist as she is. I want to be swept away right along with her as she experiences that first kiss and as they test the waters of falling in love.  I want to see her put that old boyfriend in his place as she builds her own sense of self-worth.

That’s what writing does for me.  It takes me places, it stirs my emotions.  The same thing happens to me when I read a good book.  I’m suddenly living in that world.  I feel the wind in my hair, the sun on my face.  I see sunsets, sunrises.  I stand in front oceans.  I go to Paris, or go sit beside a lake and listen to the song of nature.  I’m going to laugh.  I’m going make new friends.  And yes, I’ll probably cry at some point.

When I read or write, I know I’m going to take an emotional ride.  A ride where I feel love, joy, fear, and pain.  But it’s a ride where I know I’m going to win.  I’m going to overcome all the bad crap and I’ll be a stronger person when I type the end on my own story, or when I finish that book that someone else wrote.

And when I do finish, I know I’m going to miss those characters.  I’m going to wish it wasn’t over.  But that journey I took, it was not in vain.  I think every book I read, or write, leaves footprints on my heart and soul.

I don’t write a book planning the take-away value, nor do I read a book simply for the message it will leave with me.  I read for entertainment.  I write to entertain.  But because books are about people, about people overcoming obstacles, about people learning, or relearning to love, to believe in themselves, to move past a heartbreak or death of someone they loved, they do often come with built in lessons.  These are the lessons that our storybook people learn during their fictional life, and, as a result, they offer us advice, motivation and gumption.

Today, I’d like to hear from readers and writers alike about why you write and why you read.  What is the takeaway value of getting lost in a fictional world? And remember Miranda’s story is out June 30th.  I can’t wait for my fans to learn the lessons Miranda’s faces in Spellbinder.




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29 thoughts on “Writing & Reading: Oh the Joy!

  1. I agree with both comments above me! Reading is my escape, so is writing but definitely more so with reading. Anytime I am stressed or upset, I read and take on other people’s lives. I believe in the Kylie Galen method of dealing with things, focus on other people’s problems. And yes I love all the Shadow Falls books and can’t wait until Spellbinder comes out! Also I can’t believe I won an Ernie!!!!

    • Oh and another reason to read is boys in books are just better;) Fictional boys are amazing and they just don’t exist in real life:(

  2. I don’t always read. In fact I hated reading when I was a kid — it was just too hard. When I write a story, I write it for the joy, the entertainment. Sometimes I can create things almost as powerful and clear as a time machine’s effects. And since I’m not a fan of history, creating my own worlds makes it even more fun.

    Now, I read occasionally, but only certain topics entertain me.

  3. I read to escape, unwind and relax. I love to get lost in the stories. When my family gives me strange looks for laughing out loud or tears running down my face. That’s when i know it’s a good book.

  4. I read because I love it. It gives me a great escape and lets me be in my own little world away from everything else in life. It also allows me to visit places I would never go.

  5. I read to get away, to relax, to live vicariously though someone else for a few hours. I love my life but sometimes to sit back and lose myself in a book, oh what joy it brings. Almost like binge watching a tv show for others (but I am not good at watching tv- kinda wish I was).

    A new novella not with one of the trusted trio. Hmmm I gotta have it!

  6. I read to enjoy myself because it makes me feel good. I also like reading to escape when I’m having a bad day so that I can forget about my problems. It’s great when you learn while reading too that can make it more enjoyable. I just love when I read a good book and I get this warm feeling inside it just makes me so happy. I could forever continue talking about this but I think that is enough LOL.

  7. I read to escape. I just get engrossed in the world set in the books and will read for hours without even realizing. I just fall in love with the characters and hate it when a book series ends!

    • I know! Me too! I think that’s one of my favorite parts of reading- living with the characters for a while. We get to go on these amazing journeys that we’ll probably never experience in real life and I don’t think there’s anything more special than that!

  8. I can’t wait to read Spellbinder. I love reading, I read very fast. Once when I was on holiday in Scotland read the whole of Reborn in a day (it was the day after it can out and I had found WiFi to download it!)

  9. I finished rereading the shadow falls series today (not including after dark)! I started on Friday and read 1 book a day! 🙂 I love those books so much! All of your shadow falls books are amazing! anyway the reason I like to read is because reading is an escape. No matter what is happening in your life you can always lose yourself in a good book. Same for writing, it’s a great escape, and you can write what you feel, think, or imagine! Also reading is a great way to learn and become a better reader. Like someone once said practice makes perfect! Whether you’re learning new words or becoming a faster reader! I love reading and writing so much (not just writing books, but journal entries too) because they’re my escape.

  10. I love to read; I always have. I love disappearing into a book and experiencing all that happens there. I escape from reality to experience a different world. I get to be somebody else. Just for a little while. Books teach me to care, to never give up, to love because life is too short. Books teach me life lessons, but they give me much more than that. They give me a place to belong. In a book, I have a place to belong and, to me, that’s the value I get. I try to write, but I’m new and not very good at it. I’ll let ya know when I finally get the guts to go for it. Long live reading!

  11. I write and read for similar reasons: to lose myself in another world. But writing is different. When I read I’m losing myself in a world someone else created. When I write I lose myself in a world I created, with people who I’ve created an emotional bond to, even if they are fictional. In my world(s) if I don’t like something I can change it or alter it, when I read I can’t. Writing is hard sometimes, coming up with a new world and all but in the end it’s worth every second. Even though I’ve never finished writing a book. I like reading because I like to see what a person can create and how they make readers fall in love with each character. It’s fun seeing how other people’s imaginations work

    • I read Spellbinder and I have no words, it was so amazing. Not giving any spoilers but I loved the plot twists and I love Shawn (Still like Perry too). I’ve always known Miranda was one of the most talented witch out there but that book really showed it

  12. I read for multiple reasons. When ever I read, I get so entranced, I can’t hear people talking to me. It’s amazing what a book can do to me, and others, with it just being words magical woven together to form a story. I’m reading a book that they jump dimensions, and I wondered to myself, “What if book worlds are just another dimension? What if this is true somewhere?!” So I read because I travel to a whole new place, become a whole new person, and live a whole other life. I also read because I love to imagine their world, and then also I can twist it into my own perspective. You get a small description of the character, but then you “make” it your own, because nobody has the same character you do. Especially comparing the same character with different friends of yours.. Always leads to a funny squabble XD

    Sorry, I don’t write much, lol. I think I have good ideas, and I’ll start ’em, but they don’t get anywhere. Books are better for me out of the two, haha.

  13. I love to read and write because it ports me into another world. I live adventures and I follow usually a great heroine who thinks they are lost but they always make the best decisions they can.
    Also, now I’m thinking about who your new novella is about! I have an idea but I’ll keep it to myself!

  14. Will Spellbinder be in stock at Barnes and Noble on June 30th?? If not, where can I get it on June 30th? I want to read it the day it comes out!!:)

  15. I love how you can just jump into the storys and feel the emotion through the characters. Its like your living another life that no one can take away from you. I love the adventures and romance that comes along and how you can learn stuff through someone else’s eyes and experience. You never know how the story is going to end just like you never know how your life is going to end. Its all up to destiny or the author in this case. I don’t know where i would be without books.

  16. Reading is my freaking life! I have no idea hat I would do without books so I’m forever thankful that books and amazing authors exist in this world! Thank you for the opportunity and I can’t wait for Miranda’s and Della’s books to come out

  17. I read because it inspires me to do bigger things with my life and gives me the hope that those things are possible. I grew up in a small, cramped town in Indiana and quite frankly without being able to experience the rest of the world through reading, I don’t know where I would be today. If I hadn’t been able to see what life is or was like in other parts of the country and the world. I would have absolutely no motivation to do what I wanted to do. It has kept me on the path needed to achieve the things I want to do in life and motivate myself and others to do the same. I now have a motto for myself that I try and always keep in mind when making decisions or just experiencing my daily life; “live a life worth reading about”. That’s why I read

    • Morgan, I love how you put that. It’s so true. Thank you everyone who took the time to respond. I love that my fans are so much like me.


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