Summer Time

beach1Ahh…summer. Hot days and balmy nights. The smell of suntan lotion, ocean breezes and BBQ. I love sitting on a beach watching the waves come in, a tall cold drink in my hand. But maybe you’re more of a mountain girl. Perhaps you’d rather sit on a porch looking out at tall peaks, listening to the birds chirp, fishing in a mountain stream. Or is your idea of a vacation a week spent in an exciting city like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago?

Speaking of NYC, I’ll be in the Big Apple at the Romance Writers of America’s Annual Conference at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square, July 22-25.. I will be teaching workshop: “Polish Me Pretty: Five Polishing Tips to Take Your Writing to the Next Level” and participating in several book signings, including RWA’s Literacy Autographing along with 500+ other authors (free and open to the public). For more information go to

What are you doing this summer? Are you going on vacation?

13 thoughts on “Summer Time

  1. School starts back up for a new year in three weeks (I go back to work in two). We did go to Vegas at the beginning of summer, which was very interesting. Had loads of fun.

  2. I am off to France this year, I can’t wait. I also off to a music and food festival. I can’t wait to go to France but I prefer to drive up to Scotland and stay in a log cabin by Lock Lomond. I think it is so much more peaceful and carming. However my my mum thinks differently and if she chooses something then it is going to happen if we like it or not!

  3. Well I live in Florida, 10 minutes from the beach so that’s where I go all the time. I went up to Ohio to visit family a few weeks ago and now I have family staying with me for the next month. But I have a pool and a beach pretty close so I don’t mind not going on a vacation.

  4. For my vacation, i went with my dad to visit our family in Florida. I was busy everyday. I loved seeing all my family. I only get to see them every few years. I got to go to a planetarium and see manatees, which are my favorite sea animals of all time. They are so cute. So, that was my vacation. I can’t wait until i get to go back. 😀

  5. I really don’t have any plans for this summer. I am just staying home taking care of the kids that are out of school right now and the grand babies. My other plan to read as much as I can and learn about more authors.

  6. I live in cape town south africa .So its winter here. Which means that all of the animals come out.We are flying up to Botswana for a safari .I am REALLY excited !

    • my moms side of the family lives in Houston ,where I am from.My dads side of the family lives in Canada .For my Summer holiday (your Winter holiday) we are gonna stay with our grandparents in Canada for a white Christmas .

  7. I have no vacations planned but I am going to NYC to see you! Yay! I like a variety of different things. I would enjoy the beach, the mountain and wilderness, the big cities… It’s all wonderful!

  8. From Wednesday to Friday I’m spending three days in Prague with all of my classmates 😀
    Then my summer holidays are going to begin. In this six weeks, I’m going to a Sunrise Avenue concert in Ludwigsburg, which is in my homecountry Germany, then I’m part of a crew on a camp for children and twodays later I’m attending a town tour. We are visitig London, Glasgow, the Highlands and Dublin in 10 days 🙂 I’m so exited for this years holiday can’t waited for them to start 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

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