The Big Apple

timessquareI just got back from Romance Writers of America’s National Conference in New York City.  Okay, it’s so good to be home.  I missed my hubby, my dog, my house, my bed and my pillow.  But I had a blast!  New York has an energy, a vibe, to it that I love.

The streets, especially in Time’s Square, are packed with people.  The street vendors are cooking everything from hot dogs to grilled corn.  Various scents fill the air as you walk by.  Buskers sit on street corners playing music.  Spider man and Mickey Mouse walk by with the crowds—everyone is hurrying to be somewhere.

Yellow cabs, one right behind the other, fill the streets, dodging the guys speeding by on bicycles.  Their horns blast and blend with the distant sound sirens.

754 759I caught myself looking up at the sky scrapers looming above.






I ate Korean, Italian, and Cuban food.  I had pastries.  I drank red wine and mojitos.  Yum!








I saw fabulous shows on Broadway, and stayed up way past midnight too many days in a row. I watched other writers getting much deserved awards at RWA’s Awards Ceremony.  I got to visit and meet with my fans.













But the best part about going to New York was seeing my writer buddies.  Reconnecting with old friends, making new friends.  Laughing and sharing.  Talking about the hurdles of this business.  Oh, and the hugging, of course!

We writers are such a crazy bunch that just being in room with all the creative energy is invigorating.  It’s like finding family that you didn’t know you had.

Today, I’m back in my office, living on the creative energy of New York and all those writers that I soaked up from my six days of being a city girl.

773So here’s to New York, to writer friends, wine, mojitos, and to memories that I gathered this last week.





Have you ever been to New York City? What was your favorite thing about the Big Apple?

6 thoughts on “The Big Apple

  1. That’s so cool you had fun! I haven’t been to NYC. I have family that lives in Buffallo, NY so when I say I’m going up to New York everyone assumes New York City and I have to correct them. I really hope to go there at some point in my life.

  2. I only went to New York once and I had so much fun!!!…and your right C C there a lot of movements, music, and cars everywhere!!!! I happy that you had blast there !!!!

  3. We spent a day there on our honeymoon. I loved going to sites- Statue of Liberty, Wall St (for the golden bull), Central City Park….Of course, it being our honeymoon, we were lovely dovey. Oh the kissing and cuddling…

  4. I was there last month! I honestly loved all the artists. The people playing their instruments, selling hand made crafts, drawing pictures, it was all so amazing. I wanted to give them all money but sadly I wasn’t able too. I can’t say that I want to go back because I didn’t like feeling like I was crowded in the big city, but it was definitely an experience I won’t forget and one that I enjoyed. 🙂

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