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More From Unspoken

Tweet I promised you some more teasers from Unspoken this week, so here goes. In Unspoken, Della sits by the bedside of someone she loves as they waver between life and death. In Unspoken, on a full moon, Della rushes in … Continue reading

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Unspoken Teasers

Tweet The release of Unspoken is getting closer! I just thought I’d share a few teasers with you, so you can start thinking about it. In Unspoken, Della can’t count on privacy anywhere—not even in the ladies room at Whataburger. … Continue reading

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Inside Unspoken

Tweet It won’t be long until Unspoken comes out on October 27th. I’m getting super excited! I can finally share the cover blurb with you, too. “I love reading about Della’s journey of self-discovery in this amazing, heart-pounding romance.” –Bookish … Continue reading

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Two Tips on Meeting your Goals

Tweet Years ago, I heard a parable that really resonated with me.  Normally, I like parables that compare me to a princess, but I wasn’t so lucky with this one.  There were two frogs who both fell into deep pails … Continue reading

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