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I promised you some more teasers from Unspoken this week, so here goes.

Unspoken_revised (1)In Unspoken, Della sits by the bedside of someone she loves as they waver between life and death.

In Unspoken, on a full moon, Della rushes in to save a human girl only to find herself surrounded by a pack of werewolves.

In Unspoken, Hannah Rose James, says her first word—and man is her daddy in trouble!  Can you guess why?



Unspoken comes out on October 27th, but you can pre-order it today at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Don’t miss out and pre-order now!


IMG_0948I’m giving away one bag of Shadow Falls goodies to one person who leaves a comment. Tell me why you think Burnett might be in trouble because Hannah says her first word. (Sorry, but I have to limit this giveaway to US residents only.)




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26 thoughts on “More From Unspoken

  1. The word that Hannah says is probably a bad word and she repeats it to holiday later and then holiday gets mad at Burnett! RIP!!!! And good luck to him can’t wait to read unspoken!!!!!

  2. I’m like 5000% sure Hannah Rose’s first word is gonna be a bad word. Either damn or Burnett’s favorite word sh*t. RIP Burnett. Holiday make it quick. Oh and 64 DAYS UNTIL UNSPOKEN (that is if my countdown is right)

  3. Oh, boy. Burnette is screwed. Holiday warned him to stop cursing in front of Hannah. But Holiday shouldn’t have assumed he’d listen; he’s a vamp. 😀 I can’t wait to read about Burnette’s death. He will be missed 🙂 Can’t wait for the release day!

  4. Hannah’s first word is related to swearing, and Holiday goes through with her promise.

    This is the end of Della’s story, huh? Wish I could see it now. Hm… oh, well, at least I got The Arkwell Academy to keep me company for a little while.

  5. The Death Angels have given her a vision or had her say that because Burnett might try to help save Della or someone’s life at a noble deed. Gah! I haven’t read the book yet. I can’t wait but it has probably have something to do with Holidays’ and Burnett’s powers of ghost whispering.

  6. poor Burnett , that one time that Holiday was angry at Kylie in Awake at Dawn I got a shiver down my spine and my toes curled . However,this time I have a feeling that this is going to be a lot worse …

  7. A curse wordy, or maybe something signifying she is going to be boy crazy as she grows up. Every father of a girl’s worst nightmare. lol

  8. I think it might have to deal with ghosts or the Death Angels…but there’s a high possibility it’s a curse word too…like s***. ^.^ lol

  9. Honestly I’m going to go simple here and say that Hannah’s first word is dad or Dada. And Holiday gets upset because she didn’t say mom first and Burnett makes some smart mouthed comment about Hannah liking him more and then it all going down hill.

  10. Burnette was babysitting for the afternoon and hannah says her first words and he records it. But just as hes showing holiday, he accidentally presses the delete button.

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