Unspoken Teasers

The release of Unspoken is getting closer! I just thought I’d share a few teasers with you, so you can start thinking about it.

  • In Unspoken, Della can’t count on privacy anywhere—not even in the ladies room at Whataburger.
  • In Unspoken, Della gets caught breaking and entering. You’ll never guess who gets her out of hot water.
  • In Unspoken, Della confronts a ghost that even scares Holiday.

shadow falls thing


I’m giving away a Born to Read t-shirt to one person who leave a comment. Good luck!

53 thoughts on “Unspoken Teasers

  1. Let me guess, the one who gets her out of the trouble is either Burnett, Chase, Steve, her uncle or someone in her family.

    The scary ghost is her aunt? All a guess, of course, but it wouldn’t be impossible… She might actually have to visit a graveyard to get answers, if not the falls for peace and quiet. She’ll have more on her plate than she’d bargained for… hell, perhaps the vampire council will help her out of the ordeal in exchange for her allegiance to them.

  2. i seriously can’t wait to read unspoken. i am still trying to decide on kindle books or actual copies of all the shadow fall series books. 🙂

  3. super exciting!!! Left me guessing who helps Della. Very happy that Unspoken is coming out!! Yay! So happy that you wrote another book for this series! Love you so much CC Hunter! These Books gaved me happiness! Can’t wait until I read this baby! ♥️♥️♥️

  4. I can’t wait for Unspoken to come out, my dad keeps on calling it Forgot to Tell You! I can’t believe that Della’s story is coming to an end, she is my favourite character!

  5. YES!!!!!! I have been waiting for this, like, forever. Ever since I finished Eternal, I’ve been dying to know what will happen to Della. *happy dance* It’s so close XD

  6. So excited to read Unspoken!! Can it be October already? I mean October is one of the best months already and now this just makes me even more excited for it!!

  7. Oh, wow. Sounds like Della’s really gotten into a mess. I so can’t wait! October can’t get here fast enough. I’m dying to know who Della picks, Steve or Chase. I’m on the edge of my seat. 😀

  8. JUST LEAVE A COMMENT????? THere’s not enough room to tell you how awesome U + UR Series really are, especially Shadow Falls & SF After Dark!!! Truly remarkable Fiction!
    JUST HAVE TO SAY, thank U in advance!!!! Love those teasers!!!! Keep ‘um coming!!!!

    Lv 😉

  9. I am anxiously waiting for October so I can get Unspoken ASAP. I am just too excited to find out how this all turns out for Della.

  10. I’ve already been dying to read Unspoken but now you made it unbearable!!! I need Della’s 3rd book now! 🙂

  11. I can’t wait till unspoken comes out! The only thing im sad about is that it’s della’s last book. I have been counting down the days. My moms birthday is around when it comes out so we have this joke that she can get me the book for her birthday. She loves to read them too.

  12. I can’t wait till unspoken comes out! The only thing im sad about is that it’s della’s last book. I have been counting down the days. My moms birthday is around when it comes out so we have this joke that she can get me the book for her birthday. She loves to read them too. Maybe the scary gohst is a death angel or her aunt, and I hope she end up with chase.

  13. I absolutely adored Kylie’s perspective in the shadow falls series. And now to get dellas the petite bad tough vampire is going to be awesome can’t wait for to read the rest of her journey, unspoken!

  14. Omg the same thing happened to Kylie in Chosen at Nightfall.Guess it runs in the diet -coke -table .As for the ghost that even scares Holiday hmmm… probably a hellbound spirit . Well CC i can’t wait to get my hands on this book! i picked the shadow falls books up in Houston in September 2014 .And i am still obsessed with it …
    and i have a feeling i will be obsessed with it for quite a while to come 😉

  15. I am so excited for Unspoken, i read all the books, and am a huge fan of your writing! I also did a number of reviews, and until the Unspoken is released all the book reviews will be live on My blog, goodreads and amazon!

    So waiting for Della’s new adventures! And her new expressions, i always learn something new from her!

  16. I’m so excited too. I can’t wait to find out what happens next! 🙂 I’ve been so anxious to find out what happens next that I decided to invent my own part of what could happen.

  17. Whenever I get done reading one of your books that just came out and I haven’t read before I just sit there where I finished the book for five minutes. I usually have a look of disbelief on my face and usually say no six times. I remember when I finished Whispers at Moonrise, I was like “noooooo” I got out of bed and went to the living room and everybody just stared at me. I said “Book worm problems.” And they all went back to what they were doing.lol

  18. A ghost that scares Holiday? A Demon? Maybe a Malevolent spirit or and angry one? Like the ones you talked about in SF? Will we get more Lylas moments?? Will Della choose Chase? God I hope so your books are what make my year. So many questions and the answers are two months away, how will I survive? The anticipation is killing me:D October is going to be an amazing month. First Unspoken in October then Winter by Melissa Meyer in November. I can’t wait!!:D

    • October is a perfect month because it’s around Halloween. I think that Della and Holiday might be afraid of a Hell soul you know those who want to get you to do stuff for them so you can take their place in The UnderWorld (HELL) not good. I hope that’s not it. Please let it not be that. But I’m as excited as you that I was reading Eternal one chapter every month I just have two more chaps left.

  19. And the teaser of Della meeting a ghost that even Holiday is scared of has gotten my heart pounding. C.C Hunter always surprises me with her stories, and I can’t wait to feel that thrill of not knowing what will happen next.

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