October 27th is Coming!

Unspoken_revised (1)I hope you’re getting as excited as I am about the October 27th release of Unspoken! Are you telling all of your friends about it? Have you pre-ordered your copy? I have been giving you teasers for Unspoken the last few weeks, and you all seem to like it, so this week, I’m giving you a few more. Enjoy!

In Unspoken, Kylie must use her healing powers to save someone Della loves.

In Unspoken, Perry is confronted by one of his long lost family members.  Too bad Burnett had to arrest him.

In Unspoken, as Della attempts to get her father off on a murder charge, she becomes a murder suspect herself.

Now, y’all have had some great comments and guesses these last few weeks. Of course I can’t tell you if you’re right, because you’ll just have to wait till October 27th to find out. So, any guesses this week on who Kylie has to heal? Or why Burnett arrests Perry?

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15 thoughts on “October 27th is Coming!

  1. I’m gonna guess that Kylie has to heal Chase. And I’m guessing Burnett arrests Perry because he beats up his long lost family member. I’m am so looking forward to Unspoken! It’s gonna be awesome!

  2. I already pre-ordered Unspoken and Almost Midnight:D I can’t wait! Maybe Kylie heals Steve? I think the Perry finally meets his dad and punches him out?

  3. I bet Kylie heals dellas dad, I have a feeling he finds out about his family being vampires . Perry probably gets arrested for getting in a shape shifting fight.

  4. I have had Unspoken pre-ordered since I was able to!!!!!!! YAY!!! I have no clue who Kylie will heal or why Perry gets arrested. But I can totally see Perry getting arrested. I can’t wait to find outttttttt!

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