A Vampire and a Werewolf…

As you probably know, the third and final book in Della’s series, Unspoken, will be released Oct. 27th. I’m getting so excited! But I’m also very pleased about the February 2nd release of Almost Midnight. I’ve gotten so many emails from fans who don’t have e-readers, but want to be able to read my e-novellas. Almost Midnight is a print book that will contain all of my e-novellas as well as one bonus novella about Frederike. But it will also be available as an ebook as well. I just got the cover blurb from my publisher and I wanted to share it with you.

AlmostMidnight[2]A vampire and a werewolf who never fit in. A witch whose spells don’t always work as planned.  And a mysterious new guy who’s hiding something. Together they will discover who they’re meant to be…

Hidden from the human world, Shadow Falls is a secret camp for teens with supernatural powers. But for four very different teens, it’s much more than just a camp—it’s where their destinies will unfold.

Independent and strong-willed Della Tsang didn’t believe in vampires…until she became one. Chase Tallman is the newest member of Shadow Falls, but what made him into the sexy, mysterious vampire he is today? And what led him to Della Tsang? For Miranda Kane, magic has always been something she’s struggled with—until she finally has a chance to prove herself a witch to be reckoned with.  And for Fredericka Lakota, the one guy who challenges her the most will lead her to the life she’s always wanted.

Yes, that’s right! Several of you guessed the bonus novella was about Fredericka. And for a special treat, here is the beginning of her story, Fierce.


Chapter One


Fredericka Lakota slipped the polished hammered wolf pendant on the silver chain, and hung it up.Stepping back, she. . . frowned.She was a better artist in her head than she was in the flesh.But wasn’t that appropriate?She was better at everything in her head—even a better person—than she was in life, too.

Not a good person,but better than most people considered her.But people were like jewelry, the quality depended on what you were made of.She hadn’t come from great stock.

Not that she wasn’t pure-blooded werewolf.Any supernatural could tell that by looking at her pattern.But her parents had been rogue.Or at least her father had, she’d never known her mother.

She stepped back and looked at her ten jewelry sets. At the bottom of the black velvet display case she’d made was her logo painted in silver script:Ricka Lakota Designs.

Ricka because Fredericka was too long.In time, she supposed the nickname wouldn’t bother her.

Was her work good enough to show in a gallery?

In the morning she’d take her entire collection into Fallen, where after viewing her work, Brandon Dee, the owner of the new gallery in Fallen, would either invite her to sell her wares in the new business, or she’d be told to take a hike.

He planned to pick ten individuals’ works to display in his gallery.

However, he’d warned her in an e-mail that he’d already had two other jewelry artists make appointments and only wanted one.

She didn’t know shit about Brandon Dee—she guessed he was human. Was he even qualified to judge her work?What if he didn’t like it?Or didn’t like her?She wasn’t what anyone would call likable.Raised a rogue, always a rogue.So many supernaturals believed it. And she’d given up trying to prove people wrong.

All of asudden she heard footsteps.The workshop located behind Holiday’s cabin was off the beaten path.Fredericka didn’t get a lot of company, which was exactly why she liked it.The only one who’d seen her work was Holiday.Which was another reason the interview frightened Fredericka.

Moving to the opened the window, she pulled air through her nose to see who trotted through the woods toward her.Instead of picking up a scent first, she heard the rush of waterfalls.What the heck?She’d woken up in the middle of the night hearing it, too.

Then catching the scent, Fredericka hurried over to the chair where her long-sleeved shirt lay and slipped it on over her tank top.

She’d barely gotten the shirt on when Kylie, a chameleon, the rarest species of supernatural, knocked.“Fredericka?”

The door swished open.Fredericka shot in front of the display.Her shirt slipped off her shoulder but she snagged it back before Kylie’s gaze went there. “What?”

“Holiday sent me,” Kylie said. “Someone’s at the office to see you.”

“You must have misunderstood.” Fredericka stepped forward, hoping the girl would step out.No such luck.

“I don’t think so.” Kylie made an apologetic face.

Oh, please, no one had come to see Fredericka. Case in point, she’d been here six months and hadn’t had one visitor. On Parents’ Day she always found a place to hide out.The last thing she wanted was for her peers to start feeling sorry for her.That was worse than them judging her.

Kylie remained in the doorway. “Holiday said she tried to call you, but you didn’t answer.She texted me and asked me to see if you were here.”

Fredericka pulled her cell phone from her back pocket.It was out of battery again.

“Then let’s go,” Fredericka said, certain Kylie had misunderstood the reason Fredericka was being summoned, but eager to get the girl out of her private haven.

Fredericka gave another wave toward the door.Kylie leaned to the right.

“Wow! Did you make those?” The girl moved around Fredericka.She touched a necklace.Fredericka almost told her to keep her paws to herself.

“Ricka Lakota Designs,” Kylie read then looked back.“Ricka.I like that.Is that your nickname?”

“No.” Fredericka emotionally flinched.And after hearing the name from someone’s lips, she knew her next order of business was to change her logo.

“Can we go?” She motioned to the door for the second time.

“Sorry.” Kylie backed out.

Fredericka locked the door.Kylie waited to walk with her.Any other person would have skedaddled, especially after Fredericka had been so curt.But Kylie wasn’t just anyone.

Not only was she the rarest of supernaturals, who could go invisible—and yeah, Fredericka had actually seen her do it—but unlike so many of those here, she was the type who tried to see good in everyone.The poor thing had to look long and hard before she spotted any in Fredericka.Especially considering they’d had a rocky start.Like boulder-size rocky.

Kylie had taken the one guy Fredericka had thought she loved.Key word, thought.Not that Fredericka held it against Kylie now.Lucas had been the one pursuing the relationship. Fredericka had come to see that.

They started down the path.The cool breeze, scented with wet earth, whispered through the trees and brought with it the sound of rushing water again.

Fredericka stopped and glanced back in the woods. “Do you hear that?”

Kylie stopped and glanced over her shoulder. “Hear what?”

“The water.”

Kylie’s eyes widened as if Fredericka had asked something weird. “You hear the falls?”

“Yeah. Why?Is that bad or something?”

“No, it’s just . . .”

“Just what?” Fredericka asked.

“Usually, when you hear the falls, it’s calling you.”
“Why would it call me?” Fredericka asked.

“Normally, it’s when the death angels are trying to communicate with you.”

“Oh, I have nothing to say to them.”

“I don’t think they call you to the falls to punish you,” she said, reading Fredericka’s fear.

Fredericka’s shoulders tightened.She didn’t like being read.And she sure as hell didn’t want to be called. “Well, if they want me, they’ll have to text me.” And she hoped like hell they didn’t. The death angels were spirits who held supernaturals responsible for their actions.Fredericka had more than her share of negative checkmarks on her conduct card.

Kylie shrugged and they continued on.Before they even got past Holiday’s cabin, the girl spoke again.“Why don’t you want anyone to see your work?It’s amazing.I’d give anything to have talent like that.”

Call it stupid, but the compliment fell like soft rain on Fredericka. “How about I swap you my jewelry-making talent for the ability to go invisible?”

Kylie laughed. “It’s not nearly as cool as it seems.”

“You aren’t gonna convince me,” Fredericka said.

“Seriously,” Kylie said. “That necklace was gorgeous.”

“Thanks.I guess I’ll know for sure tomorrow.”

“What’s happening tomorrow?” Kylie sounded genuinely interested.

Fredericka didn’t have a clue why she did it, but she told her about the interview.

“Oh, you are so gonna get it!”

“I hope so,” Fredericka said, and got a buzz of excitement talking about it.Right then, she realized the reason she might not have told anyone about her work was because she didn’t have friends.Or at least, she didn’t have girlfriends.She hung out with the guys.And face it, those guys weren’t interested in her jewelry making.

Not that she needed anyone to be interested.She simply got along better with boys.Girls could be bitches.

For a while, a rumor spread around the school that she was gay. But nope.She was totally into the opposite sex.In particular, Edward.

Almost if Kylie read her mind, she asked, “So how are things with you and Mr. Kearns?
“Good,” Fredericka said, but they’d be so much better when school was out.Edward Kearns, a full were, taught history at the Academy.Only two years older than she, the guy took her breath away the first time she’d laid eyes on him.Smart and sexy.She’d never been a history fan until now.

He’d acknowledged his attraction to her, but insisted they only be friends until she graduated.The wait was killing her.Meanwhile, they met every day after school, and she’d listen to him talk about all his trips to see historic places—Paris, Rome, Egypt.If it had history, Edward had been there or wanted to go there.Someday she hoped to go with him, too.

“How good?”Kylie smiled in that way girls did when they wanted you to tell them a secret.

“We’re just friends,” Fredericka said.

“Well, think how good it will be when you move it to that next stage.You two will know everything about each other.”

“Yeah.”It hit her that while she’d gotten to know a lot about Edward, he didn’t know much about her.Not his fault.She wasn’t exactly forthcoming.

She’d almost told him yesterday about her jewelry, but had chickened out.He wasn’t like the male were students.But face it, the man got excited about pyramids, about Notre Dame.Her biggest fear was that he’d think her passion for jewelry was silly.And that was the last way she wanted him to see her.

“This is where I drop off,” Kylie said when they got to the main path, obviously going back to her cabin.Her smile came off so real and it made Fredericka wish that she could be like other girls and have close friends.The way Kylie was with her witch and vampire roommates.

“I want to hear how things go tomorrow.Good luck.”

Fredericka nodded, then instantly realized the downside of having shared her secret.If her work didn’t get accepted, everyone would know she’d failed.Why hadn’t she just kept her mouth shut?

Fredericka took off, her pace faster than it had been in the morning.With a full moon coming soon, her strength grew greater daily.

“Hey.” Kylie’s call had Fredericka glancing over her shoulder. “You may want to mention to Holiday about hearing the falls.”

“Yeah,” Fredericka said, but she wouldn’t. She wanted to forget about that.

As she got closer to the office, she wondered exactly what it was that Holiday wanted, because no one could be here to see her.But when she stepped on the front porch, she caught the trace of another were.A familiar trace.

She curled her hands into fists.

What the hell did Marissa Canzoni want?Her gaze shot back to the trail.She didn’t have to face this.Her feet were poised to swing around, when she remembered she’d stopped running from her problems a long time ago.

Bracing herself for whatever shit Marissa had dug up and the emotional backlash that seeing her would bring, she walked into Holiday’s office.


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  1. I’m so excited for Almost Midnight it’s ridiculous. Of course I’m excited for Unspoken too. I absolutely love the world of Shadow Falls, thank you so much for these characters and their stories CC!

  2. Omg Fierce sounds amazing! I’m gonna go tweet about it now 🙂 and I guessed wrong about who fierce was gonna be about 🙁 I thought it was gonna be about Clara Parker…. Anyway I was wondering if you started or when you will start writing Miranda’s Novel. P.S. I CANT WAIT TO READ UNSPOKEN COMES OUT! 🙂

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