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A few weeks ago I asked you to leave some questions you’d like me to answer in the comment section. Well, you came up with some doozies.  So, periodically, I will answer some of them here on my blog. Here are the first ones.

Bn100 asked: What’s your favorite part of a signing?

AL6I love meeting my fans. Everyone has a story about my books, how it made them feel, who their favorite character is, even how my books helped them in some way. It’s a very humbling feeling to know that something I wrote had an impact on people.  Now, my least favorite thing about signing is . . . signing.  I’m always so nervous about misspelling people’s names or even my name.  Being dyslexic, I’m famous for misspelling and just down right goofing up when a pen’s in my hand.





Taryn asked: Do you know the release date for Miranda’s novella and Unbreakable? (Jennifer also wanted to know the release date for Miranda’s novel.)

UnbreakableUnbreakable came out Sept. 30, 2014, so you could have read it already.  Miranda’s novel should be out toward the end of 2016. I’m thinking late October, but I don’t have an exact release date yet. As soon as I do, I’ll let you know on my blog.

Also from Taryn: When did you get the idea for Shadow Falls, did it just come to you randomly?

I’ve told this story a time or two. Guess it’s one of those things everyone wants to know. I was actually writing romantic suspense novels under my real name Christie Craig (still do!), when an editor from St. Martins contacted me. She liked my voice and thought my smart a$$ sense of humor would translate well to Young Adult novels. So, she asked me if I would like to try my hand at writing a YA series. The thought of switching genres scared me to death! And it was actually because I was afraid that I became determined to try it.  She even had an idea for one: a paranormal camp. That was all she said. So I went home and my imagination took off. Suddenly, Shadow Falls Camp and all those characters were born.

Emma asked: My question as an author is how do you come up with the bad guys? It’s so easy for me to make characters to love and I even tend to turn mean characters into lovable ones. I struggle to make an evil character because I want to redeem them, however I know there needs to be a villain so any advice with that?

Hmm…bad guys, huh? Well, as you said you have to have antagonists in your novel, the ones who thwart the hero/heroine at every turn, or it would be a pretty boring read. I know we’ve all encountered bad people in our lives, I know I have. So, when I create an antagonist, I draw on those people I’ve met, but I may have to borrow a bit from several, then ramp it up a bit.  I do try to create antagonists who are multi-dimensional. Even Darth Vader wasn’t all bad, we glimpsed that little bit of good in him before he died. So, when I create a bad guy, I usually have a whole history for them in my head, and I may only show my readers a small part of him or her in my book. And like you, I sometimes have a hard time not “redeeming” them.  Take Fredericka, for example, she was the bane of Kylie’s existence, a real bully. But there’s more to her than meets the eye, and her backstory kept nagging at me. That’s why I chose to write a novella about her to include in Almost Midnight (out Feb. 2, 2016).  Oh, and you remember Red, right?  He was all bad, but then I couldn’t help it, at the end I redeemed him, too.  Oh, he still died, but he was still redeemed.

I guess my advice is that not everyone is all bad, and I think it’s okay to show this.  And no, we probably shouldn’t redeem them all, because there is a price for our mistakes and we need to show that, too.  Good luck!!

Thank you all for your questions.

I’ll try to answer all of your questions in time–including all of them on a Shadow Falls TV/movie. But if you can think of any more questions you’d like me (or maybe one of my characters) to answer write it in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “I’m Glad You Asked

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question!! That was very good advice, I’ll keep it in mind when writing my bad guys (or girls).

  2. Do you think you can write a book about Lucas and give us a little more detail about his past and what he feels for Kylie and also what does the camp shadow falls means to him..? Lucas is just so mysterious !!

  3. are there going to be more Charlie angels scenes in mirandas book. and is kylie going to be in fredrikas book a lot, I just imagine the 2 of them becoming good friends at the end of her book and I also don’t want to see the end of kylie , della, and Miranda. is almost midnight going to be in softcover in February or e book?

    • Almost Midnight will be released as a paper back on Feb. 2. Many of my fans don’t have an ereader or don’t like ereaders, so this way, everyone can read my novellas.

  4. Is there going to be novel about Della and Chase relationship? I’m a really big fan of Della so i’m hoping to see what happens to those two after unspoken! Thx=)

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