Fierce & a Contest!

AlmostMidnight[2]In just one week Almost Midnight will be released. It contains four of my novellas, previously only available as ebooks, plus it contains one new novella, Fierce, Fredericka Lakota’s story. Now, many of you have already read my novellas, but what happens in Fierce? Are you dying to know? Shh!  How about I give you some hints?





  1. Someone Fredericka cares about isn’t someone she should trust.
  2. Someone from Fredericka’s past shows up and brings with her painful memories Fredericka would rather not face.
  3. Weird and scary crap keeps happening at the falls.
  4. Ghosts happen.
  5. Fredericka finally feels like she’s part of the Shadow Falls Teams.
  6. A certain kick-butt vampire turns out to be someone Fredericka not only can trust, but likes.
  7. Fredericka gets a firm talking to from Burnett.
  8. A murderer is brought to justice and to his knees thanks to Fredericka.
  9. Love happens.


I’ll give away one ARC of Almost Midnight to one person who leaves a comment AND posts a copy of a link to a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. post promoting the release of Almost Midnight out Feb. 2.

Here are the buy links: Amazon, Barnes & NobleiBooks and Kobo.

16 thoughts on “Fierce & a Contest!

  1. Ghosts happen. Weird stuff at Shadow Falls happens. Burnett lectures. Love happens. Justice is served. All in a day’s work at Shadow Falls. I can’t wait to read Fredricka’s story!! I’m especially excited for the parts about her past because I’m the type of reader that LOVES back stories. They’re the most important parts to me.

  2. Looking forward to this story! I love getting to know more about characters I read about. I also love all my books in one place, easier to find when I want to reread. I absolutely love your Shadow Falls books. I posted an amazon link to Almost Midnight on my facebook page, link below. Thanks!

  3. Omg!!! I can’t wait!!! I hope that vampire she likes is Della! I’d totally be bffs with her if I went to Shadow Falls!

  4. Im really excited, ive always seen Fredericka as having a very mysterious past. Glad to know some things will be revealed. ( I do all my promoting by word of mouth as such so i have nothing to paste, but im definatley spreading the word about the book. Cant wait!)

  5. im super excited to read the book. it has drawn my interest and ive read every book so far. your a great author and i hope you continue to produce more books. i never cared for reading before until i came across one of your books and now i love to read. thank you for doing such a great job. keep up the great work and god bless.

  6. I can’t wait until Fredrika side of the story comes out. I think she is misunderstood, I loved how her pack really cares for her. Even for Lucas when he took her in. I want to see Miranda’s story, I already have seen Kylie’s and Della’s story I can’t wait to see Miranda’s. Now that Della and Kylie Story has been said I would like to hear Miranda’s story; how will she treat her love life between Shawn and Perry, Perry; what happen to him and finding his parents, Lucas; what happen to his mother. I can’t wait to see Chase story, he is so interesting and very conservative.

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