Shadow Falls Movie???

med_bamIf I had to tell you the question I get asked most often, it is:  Is Shadow Falls being made into a movie or TV series?  And it thrills me to know that my fans are waiting for it and wanting it as much as I am.  Ahh, but sometimes it seems nothing moves slower than movie making.  I mean, it’s slower than a slug inching through a puddle of sleepy time tea.  It’s slower than writing a book.  Don’t they know we want this to happen…NOW!  Haven’t we waited long enough?

Ahh, but I’m here to tell you that things are moving forward.  I didn’t say they’re happening fast, but the slug may be out of the sleepy time tea, and moving into a latte.  You see, I had a conversation the Director of Scripted Development at CDS, the studio who bought the rights.  She had some questions and was just letting me know a little about the process. And I wanted to share it with you.  They actually gave my book to several writers and then they wrote a sample scene or scenes of how they would move forward with the film.  After reviewing these samples, they pick the best writer who they feel has a better handle on the story and characters.

ScriptCan you imagine, there are several script writers working on Shadow Falls?  I feel like dancing!!  Anyway, we were talking about how I see the story development.  Is it a drama with comedic dialogue, or is it a comedy with some drama worked in?  I told her that I saw it more like a drama with humor extending from the characters.  And we compared it to some of the other shows already out there.  So here’s my question to you.  What movie/TV series have you seen that you feel best reflects your ideal vision of a Shadow Falls film?


I haven’t done a giveaway in a while, so today I’m giving away a Born To Read T-shirt to one person who leaves an answer.  Oh…and Happy New Year!!!


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  1. My favorite movie, Silver Linings Playbook, is something I never thought I would compare to Shadow Falls. However, it is very much a drama yet it has some of the funniest parts of a movie ever. And I feel that’s how Shadow Falls should end up being. Happy New Year, CC!

    • Nooooo..Vampire Academy was such a great series but they did a horrrible job with the movie. The actors just didn’t do it justice. their acting was horrible and the movie was a complete flop. Unfortunately, I don’t think Vampire Academy as a movie will make a comeback unless they do a complete remake with new (and much better) actors. They also need to make a better movie all together. I really hope that when they make the Shadow Falls movie(s), they get some really good actors (and by that I just mean GOOD acting skill not “famous” actors) so that they will make each book a movie.

  2. This might seem like a strange answer because this show is categorized as noir with a heavy crime solving niche, but I would love to see Shadow Falls with a similar style to Veronica Mars. The characters are smart and witty and even though it has it’s light-hearted moments, it can be pretty heavy and a little dark. I think this could be a really good mix for the characters and storylines in the Shadow Falls series.

  3. Hi, CC…I had to fix another coffee to hit recall in my brain to track down the name of the movie that had some of the qualities you mentioned. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, so I may be off target a little. I remembered “Beautiful Creatures”…which struck some of the chords you’re talking about. I don’t know that we’ll find anything extremely similar because of your unique ability to slip humor in without losing the feel of the story. I am delighted to hear the movie is inching along! 🙂 Inchworm…inchworm… 😉

  4. I think what Freeform is currently doing with the Shadowhunters TV show (based on Cassie Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series) would be a perfect platform for the Shadow Falls series. Shadowhunters hasn’t aired yet (it starts 1/12/16), but everything they have shown us so far and what the actors have relayed makes me extremely optimistic. I feel like a TV show might service the fans better but making Shadow Falls into movies would be a-okay with me too!
    I also agree with Crystal that Shadow Falls could definitely have a Veronica Mars feel to it as well.

  5. I think that the new Shadowhunter series and Vampire Diary mix is what I think of when I think of a Shadow Falls show/movie. I feel like it would look dark, eerie, and mysterious, but still have a lighthearted and funny feel about it.

  6. Oh that’s a toughie! I think maybe a blend of Supernatural and the 90s but goody, Salute Your Shorts. It’s a perfect combination of sorts, as you got the paranormal and the seriousness of issues, some deeper inner issues with relationships and whatnot, and then with Salute Your Shorts, is where you get the added and needed humor because they’re kids at a summer camp that isn’t the first choice of how they’d want to spend their summer.

  7. Happy New Year!!
    I would say that the Flash is a good one to go off of, or Arrow, or maybe NCIS. I’m really into good TV shows that are dark and cool. Action packed with a bit of romance.

  8. I was going to say City of Bones but the movie failed big time but Shadowhunters (the tv series version of the series) is coming out this month and I feel like those two are good comparisons. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the Shadow Falls show!!!!

  9. To be honest, I can’t think of a movie/tv show to really compare Shadow Falls to. Shadow Falls is so unique and fascinating to me. I can’t think of anything that really reminds me of it. The Lightning Thief movie based on the book series by Rick Riordan was set in a camp theme. So, I guess, something similar to that might work. Otherwise, whatever your gut tells you is fine with me.

  10. I must agree that what I’ve seen as far as Shadowhunters so far would be comparable to Shadow Falls. Also Supergirl, I think. Its suitably dramatic when Supergirl is on the scene, but Kara’s very funny. The Librarians and Secret Circle might also be good comparisons. Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year! I would compare Shadow Falls to the Vampire Academy movie. A little seriousness with comedy thrown in. Also plenty of action too! I’m totally excited to hear about this!! Good luck!

  12. I don’t have an idea I’m just so excited to hear a movie is in the makes! I just HOPE they do the story justice. The story is so good and I don’t want to see it go sour. I can’t wait to see it!

  13. OMG I’m so super excited for the movie!! To answer the question … maybe Vampire Diaries? But actually there isn’t any to compare to because the books are just so unique and perfect and oh my gosh I’m just so fangirling right now sorry xD

  14. I think the Vampire Diaries reflects Shadow Falls the best. Not only with the different supernatural creatures but also the drama. And you have somewhat of a love triangle with Stefan, Damon, and Elena just like in Shadow Falls with Kylie, Lucas, and Derek.

  15. I so excited for a shadow falls movie! I wish it would be a tv show though because then it would go on for longer. I love The Vampire diaries and Teen Wolf, and I think that Shadow Falls movie should be somewhat like them, because they both revolve around the main character while including the other important characters at the same time.

  16. Oh wow, I didn’t even know there was a chance for a movie or tv show. I am so behind lol.
    I would have to say Supernatural and/or Teen Wolf. Supernatural because of the perfect mix of serious and funny. Teen Wolf because of the mix of action and drama.

  17. I know you’re probably going to get this answer a lot, but from the feeling I get when I read the books, I think a TV show about them would be a lot like the Vampire Diaries. I’m not saying that it’s the same thing, but it sort of has the same mood (I guess that’s what you would call it). The show is pretty dramatic, but it also leaves room for humor from the characters. Some characters even dish out more humor and sarcasm than others. I feel that Della would be that character in a Shadow Falls TV show. 🙂

  18. I’ve always thought Shadow Falls was similar to The Mortal Instruments in it’s mix of supernatural species but it’s similar to so many other things in it’s humor. It’s humor is similar to that of the Percy Jackson series, Vampire Academy, The Morganville Vampires, and Teen wolf. I LOVE reading Shadow Falls! I hope to see it on big or small screen very soon.

  19. I’m super excited that this is finally happening, I’ve been waiting too long. I would love it to be like the vampire diaries because It’s very romantic but also magical, mysterious and can also be scary. Hope it all works really fast and we can see the result very soon.

  20. I think a mix of The Originals, Teen Wolf and Lost Girl (though I have not watched a lot of Lost Girl) they have a lot of drama with funny characters.

  21. Soooo excited!! I didn’t even know that Shadow Falls would become a movie! To me it’s a mix of pretty little liars (because of the amazing suspending drama of course) and the vampire diaries because of the supernatural element to it, but I like the supernatural-ness in Shadow Falls more because it has more of a mix of species! And finding out what Kylie was was awesome and definitely not same-old same-old either!

  22. hmm I don’t know but Shadow falls reminds me of an anime called Sword Art Online for some reason. I guess cause alot of things happen and it is sad and funny too

  23. I love your shadow falls series and it would be so awesome for it to be a tv show but i’d be ok with a movie but a tv show would keep the series going so why not keep it alive its a great story really funny and who don’t love a good laugh i can’t wait to see how this plays out and can’t wait for your next book

  24. I was expecting like a mix of a few things! Teen wolf for the romance and action, doctor who for supernatural and mystery and maybe every witch way because of the drama, romance, witches, and magic!

  25. Please DON’T let them make it like The Vampire academy. It’s one of the WORST movies I have ever seen – And this is from a BIG fantasy reader/writer. I’ve read and seen SO many fantasy books and films, and the one i could cry over is how ridiculous they made the Vampire Academy. They’d made the movie so childish and stupid that I simply felt waaaay to old to enjoy the movie, and i’m “only” 24. I LOOOOVE your Shadow falls series so damn much. I would prefer the movie or movies to be made in and blend between (Twilight – The hunger games – The Vampire Diaries – The originals) and so on .. That is what would catch my interest the most ! I’m a very big fan from Denmark so excuse me my grammatik fails .. I actually dream about being an author my self.

  26. I agree with nina. VA wad horribly butchered. I was a fab of the books. I also agree with buffy and veronica mars both shows could be light hearted and humorous as well as being able to take a serious tone(the body for buffy and any episode refering to veronicas rape). Im a huge fan of these books. Im acually on my 4th reread of the series and would hateto see them butchered with horrible casting mistakes.

  27. I just hope they can make it less known people or people not known at all to bring the feel for this series alive. I honestly believe that if we had more common actors/actresses it would ruin it to a great degree

  28. Ive read the shadow falls seriers about 4 times and ive imagined as a tv show as a tv show you would to show more of that world then movie and people would get to know all characters a lot better, I think vampire academy or vampire diaries would be best there both drama but with lots of humour in them. I can’t wait to see what happens next in making the movie/tv show

  29. I am INLOVE with this series, I’m so SOOO excited that it being made into a tv show or movie. I’ve been waiting so long and am so excited to see how it turns out! Please don’t do it like vampire academy that was a pretty bad movie. Make it exactly how you wrote the books the characters appearance and personality wise that would be awesome. so excited!

  30. Omg would love to see this in a show or movie! I seriously love my T.V. shows I agree Criminal Minds for the FRU part and aside from that I honestly think that whatever you come up with will be exactly right! I read these books so often I love Kylie’s story and I love hers and Lucas’s relationship. I wish there were more after the last one its so sad when a great story ends even if it is perfect! Can’t wait to see what happens with the show or movie to be made!!!

  31. I definitely think it would be great if it had a similar feel to the vampire diaries. The drama and romance really make the show great but then has some comedic relief although Shadow Falls would probably have more comedy than TVD. Teen wolf is another good example… It has the romance and drama and a little more comedy than TVD but not so much that it isn’t still intense. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

  32. I think it would be a mix of Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and NCIS. The FRU could be the NCIS agents and the rest would just be the rest of the characters. I absolutely LOVE shadow falls! Can’t wait to see the movie or the tv show!!

  33. OMG!! Please please keep us updated on the casting for this when it becomes a movie/tv series, C. C. Hunter!!! Myself, I’m sure as many other fans who dabble in the theatrical arts, would love to have a chance to audition to play the roles. Considering we are already familiar with the content we would be perfect matches!!!

  34. Hi. I see Shadow Falls as a mix of Vampire Dairies and Shadowhunters. Both have strong female leads and are dramatic with a touch of humor, which I personally believe would fit Shadow Falls well. But I also believe a touch of Bones or Criminal Minds for the FRU. I cannot wait to see how you descide to go with the movie/tv show! I onlyask that you make sure the lead is a badass and it isn’t all about her love triangle. It could ruin the movie/show, like it did for Vampire Academy. Thank you so much for making this series!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  35. From everyones comments I have read and where I am still reading the books. I wld say that It shld be has good has the twilight films if they did turn it into a film. look how popular they have become. But then again twilight was different that was all to do with vampires. But if they turned it into a TV series I think it shld.nt have to compare to any other film or programme

  36. Hi, Well I hope you have found the format that’s you need to make the movie. The story is unreal and for me, in my 70s…so entertaining! I would
    Like to see it presented like the twilight series. Your people stand on
    Their own and they have a great sense of humor . I would love to see it soon.

    • Well, it was going to be a series on YouTube, but now the company who bought the rights has been sold. So, I’m not really sure what that will mean. Keep your fingers crossed!

  37. I remember asking you this question few years ago on Facebook and I’m so glad there’s a little bit of progress! Hopefully when it does happens, there’ll be auditions for the casting and you’ll be there to help choose the casts. Heck, I’ll fly myself to the other side of the world from Malaysia if I have to so that I can audition. I’m so late seeing this post but yay!

  38. omg I’m super exited for this movie. EEEEHHHHH!!!
    I kind of see Shadow Falls being something similar to the Once Upon a Time series.

    PS: Have you ever thought of any smaller supernatural species that would fit into the Shadow Falls series?( This question goes to everyone who wants to answer.)

  39. OMG!!! im so exited! this series is sooooo good! I started reading the book series at the beginning of august and im already done with it. it hasn’t even been a month yet!This series is just amazing. Oh also the supprising thing is im only 11. XD but that just proves how good this book series is!!! YYYYEEEESSSSHHHHH!!!

  40. Yay! So glad it’s been bought! I am REALLY excited to see the movie. YAY! I STILL haven’t read the whole series… sucks 🙁 I’m gonna finish reading it ASAP!! Can’t wait!!

  41. I actually think that The Mortal Instruments is a bit similar, it has love and it’s supernatural. By the way, I’m a huge fan of your books!!!! Sorry if this answer is late.

  42. I would love to see Shadow Falls as a TV series as it could incorporate everything that happens in the books. A movie tends to cut out a lot of parts (condenses) and I wouldn’t want to see any of it missed. I loved Mortal Instruments (the movie) but they cut out alot and changed the storyline. I would prefer to follow the original story line in your books…which I absolutely love!

  43. This series reminds me a lot of the Shadow Hunters and Vampire Diaries TV shows. Yes all of them have a supernatural element but that is not why I say this. I say they are related because in all of these the main characters are on a quest and whether the challenge they are facing is to help them understand themselves and help them come to terms with what they really are, like Kylie, that’s exactly what happens. The characters in these shows purposely or not are finding answers about their true selves and their lives in every episode and that is why Shadow Falls reminds me so much of those two shows.

  44. Has there been any progress? Because I just can’t wait until the series comes out The shadowfalls series is my favourite of all books and I’m really looking forward to watching a tv show about it.

  45. OMG! \(*o*)/ yes! I have recently fallen in love with this series but sadly I don’t have all the books.(which I hope to get soon) I am so freaking excited and I can’t wait till this happens

  46. Happy New Years and I think most of what everyone says is true, but when I read Shadow Falls, I see it as a TV show on freeform or syfy. I think it combines many of the shows we watch now, but these three to me hit it on the money Vampire diaries, Teen Wolf , and Shadowhunters. It doesn’t matter if its on the big screen or TV screen as long as it gets on a screen.

  47. OMG Love the book your an amazin writer me and my Aunt love your book and I just ordered new copies of them a few weeeks ago

    Happy New Year!!! 2017!!!

  48. Vampire diaries is the best show from a book. The new shadow hunters show is awful for more mature fans (30!) like myself. Arrow, vampire diaries, The 300…shows like that would be ideal for the characters! They are more mature teens anyway! Love the books no matter what!

  49. I think the series should definitely be made into a tv series! I think it could totally be like the vampire diaries and t couldn’t any more perfect timing with the show coming to an end! You mentioned drama with humor extending off of the characters which is very similar to the vampire diaries because in that show it has a lot of drama and then Damon extends hiker from his character. Also the 2 stories are similar as they both contain a love triangle so seeing a shadow falls tv series like the vampire diaries would just be like the best thing ever !!

  50. I love The Shadow falls series….it’s so dope. And I really prefer to see it as a TV series rather than a movie..cuz like some of u guys said..they tend to cut a lot out from movies..and plus..I wanna keep watching it for a long time..cuz it’s dat gud.

  51. I’m 42 years old and love the Shadow Falls books! And can not wait to see it in film. My friends couldnt believe how fast I read them I said it’s because their that good and i just coudn’t put them down! Thank you for writing them.

  52. I’ve read and re-read all the books. Would make a great tv series for teens. Nvm I at the age of 30 would watch it as well. Sad it’s over was hopping for more books. Great read

  53. I rhino it reminds me of Narnia and twilight because the different super see, my school wojh is super excited for our meat and greet with u I am on of the 6th grade student s that got selected to eat with you at Fuddruckers so sorry about you husband pray he be okay can’t wait to meat you!!!

  54. I have read and finished this series, and I thought it was just amazing. I also showed my friend the books, and she also loved it. I can’t wait till the movie/TV show comes out. (To be honest I don’t care if its a TV show or movie, as long as something comes out of it.)

  55. I thought that it could compare to The Secret Circle even though that show is mainly about witches I thought it had a lot of similarities

  56. Is there any news yet im so excited and cant wait for the tv series ive read the books like 50 times and im inlove with all the characters i cant wait for the tv series or movie

  57. hey it is 2017 now and do you have any news about the movie? I personally think that a tv show would be much better! Just look at shadowhunters. I am soo curious if there will be something like a movie or show, pleaseee I just cant stop reading the novels i love Kylie & Lucas

  58. holy maccaroni I am in tears of joy right now, while my family are looking at me (well staring). I am so very glad to hear this because I have read the series about 5 times and it never actually gets old, I love your so much. I aspire to be an author and write as great books as you do (omg fangirling so much at the moment) again love your work i aspire to be an author just like you some day

  59. If you go for a tv show, I really liked the style Vampire Diaries uses for supernatural stuff. I feel like the humor of shadows falls could easily be coordinated in this style too.

    That being said I wasn’t a fan of Vampire Diaries books, but I looooove the show.
    As for a movie, please don’t go for the style of beautiful creatures. They butchered that story ;__;

    And yes I’m posting in 2017 hahaha

  60. I love your books they are amazing and I think they’d make such a great tv show!!! Sure movies are great but they usually cut out a lot of parts due too more night space to have everything! And Netflix these days have been taking on a lot of new tv shows!! And I have noticed that a lot of them were books first!
    Besides all that you are a great writer I with there was more to this series 🙂

  61. Hey
    Just waiting for a update!!!! Still excited but in 2 weks we’ve got 2018.
    I think it’s time
    Greetings from Germany (((:

  62. Hi. I just want to say that I love your series and it has honestly helped me through hard times by simply just reading them. It’s sort of like my fairytale in a way. When I go through a rough patch your books are what I turn to and I just wanted to say thank you. Making a tv series from a book can be tricky. I mean just look at shadow hunters for instance – Unlike the book that gripped me from the start the tv series did the complete opposite. The main thing that did this was the actors and actresses whom portrayed the characters. I feel that in the entire process of making a tv series choosing the actor or actress is so important because they make you wanna come back for more. The movie I would chose that reflects your amazing series in the best possible way is “ Beautiful creatures”. I’m looking forward to the shadow falls tv series. What a breathtaking story that deserves to be put to production.

  63. I read the books five years ago and since then I waited for a movie or a show (which I would prefer).
    I imagine it as a mix of Supernatural and Teen Wolf. That would be totally cool.
    Greetings drin Germany 😉

  64. I think that shadow falls should be a story and background in it’s own. I don’t know how it will turn out as a movie, but it will be interesting to see what happens. I don’t understand why people are thinking of Shadowhunters. I respect them, but I just don’t see it. I think the books are better than the movie, but we all have our own opions. also for you C. C. Hunter, I am a HUGE fan. I think you should come up with the back story of Kylie’s parents and grandparents.

  65. Hi C.C. Hunter!!
    I am a HUGE fan of the shadows falls series including Dellas,After Dark, books. I’m not kidding I’m in the middle of re-reading the series for the 5th time!! Your books have been such a huge part of my life. I know this was posted a long long time ago about it becoming a movie or tv series, but I was just wondering if anymore progress has been about it actually happening. I think it would be better suited as a tv series in my opinion because it might end up being rushed if turned into movies. I also hope you include Della, and Miranda, and Frederickas books as well in the movies/tv series!!!!

    • Also, make sure you choose right actors/actresses for the parts. Nothing ruins a series or movies than when the actors and actresses just can’t connect! I really hope that this goes through!!!

      • yes! I totally agree with that! Thank you. I’ve re-read Kylie’s story so many times, I know it by heart. But no matter how many times I read it, I can’t stop grinning.

  66. I think it is most similar to vampire diaries. With the love triangle of Kylie, Derek, and Lucas relating to the one of Elena, Damon, and Stefan. Of course it also has similarities in how Kylie’s world seems to fall apart and come back together simultaneously with trying to figure out who and what you are. I honestly can say that its similarities to the Vampire series is probably one of the many aspects that make me love it even more!!!!!!!

  67. Omg this makes my heart race!! I recently finished the series and I’m so in love with how the story flowed and ended. It was such a thrill and I couldn’t get enough of it. The thought of having a movie/tv series based on the books is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. I love to read and this series certainly didn’t disappoint at all! Reading it definitely reminded me of a mixture between twilight and the vampire diaries as well as the love triangles they both possess, between Stefan, Damon and Elena and then Bella, Edward and Jacob. I know this was posted a while ago but I really hope this actually happens because it will take off when it does.

  68. I love ur books I read them over and over I’ve only read shadow falls and shadow falls after dark I’m trying to collect them all I cant get enough of your books

  69. I am a huge fan, not a big book reader but im a sucker for your shadow falls series. Im absolutely amazed. As I read your books I can picture everything and i can see the whole story play in my head. Ive never read a book that takes my mind to places like yours do. Im obsessed , ive bought almost all of them and Im so thrilled there might be a movie or show. Cant wait to see it. ♡

  70. Netflix has a new series called “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” (after the old Sabrina the Teenage Witch). I think the Shadow Falls series would do well with a similar feel. And I think it would definitely do better as a series rather than a movie.

  71. Iv read all tje book and vampire acadamy harry potter and some of twilight are mixed in the book along with Sabrina’s adventures these comment to the story and hopefully the movie

  72. Is this still in the works?! I need it! In the past two weeks I went through the entire series and Im through a couple in the novella! I see it as more of a dark series but yes with that humor too! A mix between vampire diaries and the new sabrina series on netflix! That one has a really dark and unique essence!

  73. I am in love with the series and I just can’t get enough it, but it’s 2019 now. I don’t know if I need to refine my google searches to see if it has already been made into a movie or tv show but I haven’t found anything. Is there any progress with the movie or tv show? Personally I think a tv show would capture the novels a lot better than a movie. But my question is will it ever come out???

  74. I love this book series. Katie is so powerful, and hard headed. I am so possessed with this book series. I can quote it all. I would love to cast as Katie if there was to be a movie. I love being able to get my imagination to work, and this book gets it to work! Love you C.C. Hunter.

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