Unspoken, Della and Ghosts

In November this interview was posted at To Read or Not To Read, but I thought in case you missed it there, I’d post it for you here.

  1. Unspoken_revised (1)Unspoken is the last book in the Shadow Falls: After Dark Are you leaving Shadow Falls behind, or do you still have a few more stories up your sleeve?

Don’t make me cry!  Seriously, I’ve been with all these characters for over five years.  The thought of leaving them forever makes my heart hurt and puts a wrinkle in my soul.  That said, I’m not done yet.  In February, Almost Midnight comes out.  This is an anthology of all my previously published novellas.  However, there’s one new one included.  And I think my readers are going to be surprised whose story it is.  She wasn’t a likely choice, or even a likeable character in the first four books.  She was Kylie’s nemesis, Fredericka Lakota.  Ahh, but even archenemies have stories. Some deserve to be redeemed.  In addition to Almost Midnight, I’m working on what might be the last Shadow Falls book on the schedule, Miranda’s book.  You know I’m gonna shed some tears when I type the words “the end” on that story.

  1. Who is your favorite character from this series?

Seriously, this is like asking me which of my children I love the most.  I love all my characters for various reasons. I worked hard to make the girls different so they would shine in their own way and their personalities would make each of them distinct.  Kylie is logical, kind hearted and a peace keeper.  Della is sassy, sarcastic, a fighter, and spontaneous.  Miranda is flirty, a little flighty, and believes the best in people.  They all share the traits of loyalty, determination, and the ability to laugh through some of life’s hardest hurdles. I will say Della’s sassy dialogue is easier to write because deep down I’m a wanna be smarta$$ and maybe I might even have a little of Della in me. LOL. Then I can’t lie, I also love Burnett.  I mean, who doesn’t love tall, dark, sexy and albeit a bit grumpy, vampires?

  1. What do you think Della’s biggest flaw is?

I’m glad you said biggest, because that girl isn’t shy of flaws.  It’s actually hard to pick one, but I guess I’d have to say that Della’s smart mouth really gets her into more trouble.  I mean, she is not the type of friend you ask if these jeans make my butt look big, because that girl isn’t good at sugarcoating things.  She calls it the way she sees it, and she sees things a little differently than most.  Take for example the time in Unspoken that Della is upset at Chase and Burnett for being a tad protective.  She doesn’t say, “Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself.” Instead she says… “Oh, please. Excuse me while I go and grow a pe^^!$ so the sausage-and-meatball-toting gender will stop thinking I need a man to protect me.”  Yup, it’s definitely her mouth that is her biggest flaw.

  1. You’ve created an extraordinary super natural world. If you could be any type of super natural creature, what would you be?

I’m more of Fae than I am anything else—so maybe Holiday.  But I would love to fly, so maybe I might swap up and be Della sometimes.  I do love Della’s sassiness.  Although, drinking blood . . . I don’t know.

  1. ghostWhat your favorite scary ghost story?

When I went to camp as a kid everyone always told the Bloody Mary tale.  Ghosts scare me more than just about anything, because I kind of believe in them.  Haven’t we all had a spooky experience and felt we weren’t alone?  I know I’ve had more than one.  That’s why I added ghosts to Shadow Falls.  I’d never really been afraid of a vampire, but I couldn’t say that about a ghost.

I’d like to know if you could be any type of supernatural, what would it be and why?


15 thoughts on “Unspoken, Della and Ghosts

  1. Hi Christie,

    If you would like to fly, maybe being Perry would be good also. To be able to shift into anything would be such fun. I’ve only read the Shadow Falls books, none of the spin-offs or novellas. I did enjoy my time at camp and was wishing I had something else inside of me so I could attend also. 🙂

  2. I would want to be a shapeshifter!! All the other supernaturals freak me out (well, except for faes). I think it would be cool to be able to turn into any animal I wanted.

  3. I would be either a vampire or a werewolf. I have a smart mouth a lot of the time. I like to keep to myself, but I’m not afraid to take risks and try new things. I’m very loyal to my friends and family. I feel like I’m make a pretty good werewolf or vampire.

  4. This is such a hard question, one I’ve probably thought about way too much. There are so many I would want to be. How cool would it be to be a witch? You could cast spells, doing magic, it’s all just so interesting to me. Of course I would love to be a vampire or a werewolf, I mean how cool would that be. But then being able to feel someone’s emotions as a fae would be so awesome! Hmm I would say I want to be a chameleon but I feel like that might be cheating, so I’m going to just make a choice. Vampire, I think it would be so cool to be a vampire. Being able to hear if people are lying? Yes, please. Being able to fly would be spectacular. And, plus, it’s very unlikely that I would have to deal with ghosts.

  5. I’d like to be a chameleon. I’ve always liked what Jenny Yates and Kylie Galen could do. They always seemed to be a mix of everything and that gave them insight on how others felt. They always understood each side in certain debates. I always related the most with Jenny, so I feel that being a chameleon is what I would end up being. I love Jenny and Kylie, and I hope that Miranda’s book won’t have to be the last because I don’t think I can let go of all of these supernatural beings or characters. Also it isn’t so terrible that the both of them got some dang attractive males. I’d be a chameleon, no doubt about it. I still hope that Shadow Falls doesn’t end anytime soon!!!!!

  6. I would be a chameleon! Because you don’t have to choose one type of supernatural you can change whenever you want! And it’s possible that’s because Kylie is one of them and I absolutely love her!!! 😀

  7. Could I be a demigod like Percy Jackson? I would still be able to fight monsters and bad guys like Della and use magic and stuff like Miranda. Then as a plus if I was like Annabeth I could still be like Kylie because I’m extremely logical. And I like ghosts so I could be like Nico, because Della and Kylie can see and talk to ghosts like all PJO characters

  8. I am thinking that I would like to be a witch or demigod in a world where all supernaturals live a long time. Why? There is a lots of love out there for shapeshifters, were, vamps, even fae books are on the rise. Yet not a lot for witches or demigods.

  9. Growing up I always wished vampires would turn out to be real so I could be one one day LOL But the idea of a chameleon, genius!! It’s perfect for my indecisiveness and I could change with my mood 🙂

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