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Not long ago, I asked you to leave any questions you have for me in the comment section. I answered a few of your questions in a previous blog, but I thought it was time to answer a few more. Y’all ask some hard questions!

Tana asked: Are you going to split the story again, after you’re done with Della and write books about Miranda?

Tana, I am writing Miranda’s book right now.  That poor witch has got herself in all sorts of trouble. We’re talking explosions, almost being arrested for selling drugs, losing control of her powers, having a past-due argument with her mom.  Oh, did I mention boy trouble?  Miranda and the heart-throb Shawn are together.  But Perry’s back and he’s determined Miranda is still his girl.  Miranda’s story is not going to be a series, just one book, but there are a lot of things happening

Katrina asked:  I just was curious as to when Burnett formed true feeling towards Holiday and not from just from the obvious physical attraction between the two?

It’s funny because Holiday’s and Burnett’s story sort of took place in the background of everything else happening at Shadow Falls.  Not all of their story got page space.  However, if you remember that Perry and a teenage Burnett had shared a foster home.  You might have begun to suspect that it had been Burnett who had paid for Perry to go to Shadow Falls camp.  So while Burnett hadn’t met Holiday in the beginning, he had researched about the camp and admired what she was doing.  While it didn’t always appear that way, he had respected Holiday from afar.  Also because Burnett didn’t grow up with a real mother, the fact that Holiday was a mother figure to all her campers, he couldn’t help but fall in love with her himself.

Kase asked:  Do you think you may ever write a short story from a werewolves perspective or a shape shifter?

I hope you’ve picked up a copy of Almost Midnight.  Fredericka’s story, who’s a werewolf, was my favorite novella in the bunch.  I loved getting into the head of a werewolf and understanding their tendency to be a little aloof and trying describe how it felt to spend one night a month as a wolf.  As for going into the perspective of a shapeshifter. . .   Well, just wait until you read Miranda’s book.  You’ll get an inside view of what being a shapeshifter is really like.

February Appearances

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February 25th, I’ll be at the Full Circle Bookstore, 50 Penn Place, 1900 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, at 6:30 PM. I’ll be giving a talk and signing my books. The first 7 people who buy one of my books at the event will get a FREE t-shirt!! For more information go to


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8 thoughts on “Yes, I’ll Answer That!

  1. I can’t wait for Miranda’s book. Ever since I found out Della was getting her own trilogy I’ve waited for Miranda’s book!!! Thanks for answering those questions. It helped a lot!

  2. CC Hunter, I love your books! They are so amazing! I can’t wait to read Miranda’s series, I am just now beginning Della’s Trilogy. Your an awesome writer and I will always love your books! I am a writer myself and I admire your style!! I love the way you mix the life of a teenager, that feeling of never fitting in, and the raging hormones, the topic of sex, and how you teach your readers through Kylie’s character that finding yourself is one of the most important things to do growing up. Thank you for writing such remarkable books! It takes my breathe away!!

  3. I absolutely love your books, C. C. Hunter! I really have hopes that Shadow Falls will not end with Miranda’s book. I really want to see so much more Shadow Falls. I love Shadow Falls! What character do you wish you could write for? What character do you think has been the most forgotten or unseen throughout Shadow Falls?

    • I can happily say film rights have been picked up for Shadow Falls! CDS or Collective, is a multi-channel network on YouTube and is based in Los Angeles. Their plan is to develop Shadow Falls as an online series.

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