Do you Google?

Do you Google stuff?  Do you use  Well, these are my search engines while writing Miranda’s book.  And I suddenly realized that if someone peeked at my search history they would wonder what the heck I’ve been up to.  Then I realized these thing are pretty good teasers for what’s coming in Miranda’s book?  Here are seven questions I’ve asked that make me look weird, but give you hints of what Miranda and the Shadow Falls characters are up to in my next, and probably my final, Shadow Falls book.

Why exactly do meth house explode?

If a meth house exploded and a person was on the front porch, how far could she be thrown?

Do snakes have eyelids?

Are snakes colder than a dead body?

What kind of spiders lurk in the dank darkness under a house?

How do you write AK 47 the proper way?

So tell me, what strange things have you Googled?

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You know I have giveaways on my blog, right? Well, did you know I also have a newsletter?  This week, one person who posts about the crazy things they Googled and tells me that they either already receive my newsletter or that they have just signed up to receive it will win a signed copy of one of my foreign editions of one of my Shadow Falls books along with a Shadow Falls book bag.  So non-subscribers go to my website Home page and sign up for my newsletter and tell me you did in the comments as well as what weird thing you’ve researched.  And those who have already signed up, also let me know in the comments,, and then tell me what wild thing some cyber spoof would find if they peeked into your search engine.

12 thoughts on “Do you Google?

  1. Hey CC,

    first of all I already suscribe your newsletter and second, the weirdest thing I’ve googled where letters.
    I Germany we have three special letters (Ä/ä, Ö/ö, Ü/ü) when I did an exchange to Australia I had to use an English keyboard. You can’t tip Bundespräsidentin (chancelor) without an Ä so I googled it.

    Greetings from Germany

  2. I’ve been signed up to your newsletter for a while now and I always get excited when it comes in. And I google everything! If someone looked there would be everything from trivia about presidents to questions, like your first few, about drugs. Then I’m in school too so I use it a lot for historical questions and scientific questions. And of course I’m always googling new books and shows.

  3. Hmm…I don’t think I’ve had cause (yet) to Google strange and weird things.

    I’ve looked up weird drink combinations to see what types can be lit aflame, so one of my characters could look tough!

    Other times, it’s a mixture of weird little things. I can’t even think of what they were. But it usually involved a pun or something. Name calling or referring to a character an actor played or something like that, that involved me needing to verify (because usually I can’t quite remember where I heard it from) what movie/actor/whatever it came from!

    So yeah…nothing really fun weird!

  4. I have already subscribed and the weirdest thing I have ever googled is “Pick up lines involving books.” This was done for a short story contest and my results included “Are you a library book cause I’d love to check you out.”

  5. Hi CC Hunter! I’ve subscribed already and hmmm I don’t even remember what wierd things I type up on google?.. Probably one of the weirdest thing I’ve type up on google that I remember but not sure if I actually did… Can people talk to animals? Lol after I’ve read your books I instantly type those words up immediately! I don’t know I’m wierd.

  6. Hey C.C! I subscribed and it’s awesome to see new news! Hmmm the weirdest thing I’ve ever googled is what the difference colors are for mental illness bracelets.

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