A Great Day at the Zoo

IMG_0122aWhen I was a kid, we didn’t do a lot of vacations, but we did go to the zoo at least every other year.  And this last weekend, we took off with our granddaughter and visited the Houston Zoo.  We had a blast.  Do you ever go to the zoo?  I know I’m grown up and perhaps I shouldn’t have so much fun, but something about looking at the animals just brings the kid out in me.  Here’s a peek and some of the pictures I took.


4 thoughts on “A Great Day at the Zoo

  1. When I was a little kid, I went to the zoo at least 5-6 times every summer. My uncle loves zoos and so we would go to all the zoos in our state pretty regularly and out of state zoos occasionally on vacation. He still centers entire vacations around trips to the zoo, even now that all of us kids are grown up. I have been to lots of zoos because of this.

  2. As a kid, I loved the zoo! I’ve only been once since being an adult but it was still fun! I think I’m waiting for kids before going again.

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