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UnbreakableSo, you’ve read my books. You know about vampires, werewolves, fae, and shapeshifters. If you had your choice of picking a paranormal boyfriend or girlfriend, which one would you pick and why?

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  1. I am loving shapeshifters right now, especially dragons. Not really sure why, maybe their ability to shift without the full moon. It could be their ability to shift into other things.

    Although if it is a choice better a certain shapeshifter and a witch I would pick the witch.

  2. I would pick a witch, imagine how magical the dates would be if witchy boyfriend used his witchy powers to make the date extra special.

  3. A werewolf definitely, because there is something about them really fascinating, so mysterious and sexy 🙂 . I fell in love with Lucas Parker so maybe it’s for that too.

    Thank you Christie for this wonderful world 🙂

  4. My first instinct was to say fae but then I realized I wouldn’t want my boyfriend or girlfriend to be able to read my emotions. It just feels too invasive, especially since I like to keep my emotions pretty private. So I think I would go for a werewolf. The loyalty and protectiveness that are usually present in weres are very good qualities. Plus, I might just have a soft spot for Lucas.

  5. I would have to say werewolf. It would amazing to have a werewolf boyfriend. I know he’d be loyal to me and always be there to protect me. Yeah, I gotta pick werewolf 😀

  6. I would say a werewolf (sadly Lucas is taken). I like the way they can get protective to you like Lucas does with Kylie. Fae is good too but I don’t want him to read my thoughts or emotions, shape shifters I like too and vampires because they get just as jealous and protective as weres…… this is really hard to chooses!!!!

  7. I’m going to say fae because having my gf/bf being able to read my emotions would make communication a lot easier. They’d know when I need company or need to be left alone, and if I’m sad they could make me feel more at ease. A fae gf/bf would be awesome! No need for lies or half-truths cause it’s all out on the table!

  8. I would say werewolf, I’m not entirely sure about shapeshifters because I haven’t really met/read a good shapeshifter book.

  9. I couldn’t decide between them! The only one I know I WOULDN’T want to date is a vampire. I never got into that craze (I love reading about YOUR vampires but I never wanted to DATE one hehe) Although Chase almost converted me 😀

  10. Shapeshifters! Wolves, dragons, tigers, or bears, lol. Although I like some of the qualities vampires have, the shifters win! Why, because they seem to be the most loyal and loving. Their instincts drive them to protect anyone they consider theirs or under their protection.

  11. I would have to go with werewolf. I’m partial to Lucas in general and love his protectiveness over Kylie. But the choices are so difficult, especially since most of the leading men have almost converted me to every other option! 🙂

  12. I would not know witch because I like them all. I would most likely choose camilian because they have a bit of all

  13. My one daughter who is 22 says she would do vampire or warewolf or a wearvamp. My other daughter who is 18 said she would pick all

  14. I would have to say a werewolf and a vampire I like both of them so I can’t say the one I would like has boyfriend I’ve like werewolves and vampires for a long time werewolf because I like wolves and vampires because they sometimes were black and black is one of the colors I like

  15. I would have to say a witch or fae. But I am leaning more toward fae. My bf right now is already pretty in tune with my feelings (I strongly suspect he might be fae…) and so fae would be a good choice for me. I don’t mind that a fae would be able to read my emotions or be able to manipulate them. Part of being in a relationship is being able to recognize your partners emotions and to help them feel better if they are emotionally stressed or angry. At least, this is my expierence so far with my bf.

  16. Werewolf all the way. I mean not only are they great to look at, but they are very loyal to not only their significant other, but to their kind and they’re pack. They are usually open and honest because its hard to hide it, and they are in the relarionship for the long haul when they chose a mate.They are a team, albeit yes they have their own squabbles but its almost like having an extended large family. They are protective of what they have, appreciate the ones they have in their lives and it would be so amazing to have the ability to know how each other are feeling/thinking when need be.

    I don’t know, just to feel protected, in a relationship that’s honest and loyal, to feel completely wanted and to be cherished always sounds like a great relationship to me! Good thing I have a wonderful husband who may not turn into a wolf but I can count on for all the above!!!

  17. It’s so hard to pick… I defenitly would choose a Wolf Boyfriend because I like a big muscle man.. Lol obviously I want him to protect me like always just like Lucas & Kylie

  18. I would pick fae. Someone who understands me and is in tune with my emotions. Understanding and supportive. I believe I am a fae, and that type fits me. I’m not super popular, I’m an observer, I’m empathetic and the go-to person for support and advice, and that’s the kind of person I’d want to be with.

  19. Fae…i dont really know why it’s juste the first thing that came on my mind,maybe because i first really liked thé fae…in kelly’s story…he seemed to be gentle and soft and it’s totally my type…

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