What You Don’t Know About Me–Some Surprising Facts


Okay…let’s get to know each other.  And yes, that usually means telling secrets, or just some surprising facts.  I’ll go first, then I expect you to join in.


  1. Years ago, I acted in one made for television movie. Kent State.  It was filmed in my old home state in Gadsden, Alabama.  I was an extra throughout the movie, but I had one, just one, speaking part.  “Go away pigs!”  It got cut.  The reason?  Because I was supposed to sound like a northerner.  I remember them saying.  “The word ‘pigs’ is only supposed to have one syllable.”
  2. I interviewed one movie star. And yes, he is someone you would know.  Tom250px-Magnumtomselleck Selleck.  It was only  over the phone.  I thought he’d give me five minutes.  We were on the phone for almost forty-five.  Sad thing was, I was the one who had to end the call.  Yeah, I practically hung up on Tom Selleck.  I saw the time and my son was in kindergarten at the time, so I had to go pick him up.  Now I think… The kid could have waited.
  3. I speak Spanish. Yup, I lived in South America for almost two years.  And I speak it well enough that when I was there, I actually got in an argument with someone that refused to believe I was an American.  According to him, all Americans were tall.
  4. In my other life I was a photographer. I did photo journalism for about ten years. And the strange thing is that I’m not really good with recognizing people’s faces, but if I take a picture of someone, I can remember them forever.  I met a guy in a restaurant in the middle of the Chicago airport.  And I knew him, but wasn’t sure from where.  He started looking at me the same way, so  I went up to him.  He lived in Houston and I had written an article about him and his wife about ten years earlier.
  5. I believe in ghosts. No, I don’t sit around talking to them.  I’m too busy talking to my characters.  But, I’ve had too many eerie things happen to me that make it hard not to believe that spirits don’t exist.


5518Now, it’s your turn.  Tell me some surprising facts about you.  I’ll give away a Born to Read T-shirt to one poster.



27 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About Me–Some Surprising Facts

  1. 1. I worked on a project with 14 writers, and last year we released a novella together. My story was about a playboy who learns the consequences of his ways.

    2. I attended a masquerade ball two years ago. It was a 10th year anniversary of a local bookstore that organized the party at a museum. I went there wearing a Phantom of the Opera costume (switching out the half-face mask to a different one, and adding a hat), and told everyone I was a warlock. And yes, I did believe that, because the only reason I picked that outfit was because it looked fit for a warlock.

    3. I won an arts contest when I was 11 years old. It was at a big party-kind-of-thing in a big gym. I spotted an arts corner where kids were allowed to draw whatever they wanted. Drawing was my bliss as a kid, so I went and drew a family of 12 leopard cats. Funny thing was, I had no idea it was a contest. The next day, I stayed home while my sister went with her friends, and then she came home telling me I had won. On Monday, my classmates started talking about it. And my popularity status happened right there. 😀 😀 😀

    4. I’m not Christian, but I do believe there is a God. That things happen for a reason, and that there was universal forces out there being our comprehension. I mean, who are we to believe we are the only intelligent race in the universe? And yes, I believe in ghosts too.

  2. As a kid I didn’t get to travel much but now I travel as much as I can to experience the world.

    I have 3 siblings and the one I’m closest to is the one with the most age difference between us. She is 7 years younger.

    I still some nights need a nightlight! :O

  3. 1. I have read over more than 150 books all of which are YA and I plan on reading way more because I love to read even though people think I’m weird.
    2. I want to write my own book, I already started it but I feel like people would think I’m not talented. That’s why I haven’t told anyone not even my cousin who is closer to me than anyone.
    3. I have a younger sister and a little brother who live in another country with my parents and I live in L.A. with my aunt but I miss them alot.
    4. I love to draw and get lost into my imagination. Sometimes I draw the characters of the book I’m writing because they feel real to me.

  4. 1. I’m deathly afraid of falling. Not afraid of heights, but falling from them terrifies me.
    2. I believe in magic.
    3. Vampires and Werewolves exist.

  5. Obviously I’m from the north, but how do you pronounce pigs with more than one syllable? Inquiring minds want to know. As far as facts about me:

    1. I have some mental health issues I’d rather not delve into. Books are a fantastic coping mechanism. They help me out a lot.

    2. I am really good at memorizing numbers. There were about 85 kids in my class throughout elementary school and I had all there birthdays memorized by the time I left. Also, I’m really good with phone numbers.

    3. I’ve lived in 6 states, but 5 before I turned 5.

    4. I’m very hesitant to get into a relationship because I know I don’t want to stay in one place much longer and I don’t want anyone to hold me back. Although, I would love a relationship like Kylie and Lucas’s. At least I can read about them!

  6. 1. I have a twin sister and twin brothers

    2. I also believe in ghosts and believe in them even more after the amazing CC hunter wrote about a certain ghostwhisper

    3. I sometimes get afraid of the dark so my grandma turns the nightlight on for me and checks on me a few times.

    4. I want to fall in love with someone like Lucas Parker.

    5. I’m afraid that i will get breast cancer because it runs in my family

    6. I want to meet all of my favorite authors. One of them is CC Hunter

    7. I found out about the shadow falls series by my older sister who one day brought it home from school, I ended up being the one that read it and not her because i may have stolen it from her and then I bought the series and i am glad that I did.

  7. 1) I actually believe in spirits because that’s in my culture I don’t see them but my grandpa and grandma sees them. It’s a ritual thing I guess you can say.

    2) I won 1st place on my science project back when I was a 5th grader. It was pretty spectacular I made experiments on the future and what it would be like when it’s 2040. That memory was my far best thing that I remember a lot.

  8. Surprising things about me….when I was like 5 years old we were visiting my grandmother in Italy and I was tiny little thing.. she had an outhouse and I was always supposed to wait for my mom I didn’t and I literally fell in the toilet . .. true story ☺… I lived in England and started Kindergarten there….

  9. 1. I’m afraid to get close to people. I don’t want to get close to my friends only to have them walk away.
    2. I believe that magic exists in our world. All those creatures that we want to exist, they’re out there somewhere.
    3. I don’t tell anyone when I’m afraid or upset. I move forward and pretend everything’s okay, even when its not. I never tell someone when I’m hurt or just need a hug.
    4. I write my own stories. I’ve never finished, but I still love to write down the stories that swirl around in my head. I have to give them a physical form.
    5. I don’t want to be greedy. I never ask for any favors or presents. I don’t believe I deserve them. I’m not exactly the nicest person. I can’t open up to other people very easily.

  10. Not very skilled at rhyming, so I can’t come up with spells on the fly, but this one sounded really funny. It was inspired by “Zootopia” in the scene where Judy and Nick escape the research facility through a toilet.

    “Water, open up, take us out of here,”
    “Where do we go? I do not care.”

  11. Hello there!

    1. When I was young I hated to read and actually had to take a reading class for a year. After I learned how to read Charlotte’s Web I never stopped reading.

    2. One time I had an interview with our local big newspaper, they were covering an event at the library I work at, and I ending up spending a good hour talking on the phone with them. At the end they asked my name and permission to use anything I said. Due to my fears of being in the spotlight I told them I couldn’t allow that. Let’s just say my job doesn’t ask me to take phone calls anymore.

    3. I love to make up silly songs. My family always said I should have written commercial jingles. At least my son inherited one fantastic thing from me!

    4. I will never stop believing in magic. I always believe if something will happen to me, it had to have been fate. No one can really outrun fate.

    Nice getting to know everyone! Thanks for sharing!

  12. 1. I have a severe fear of crocodiles. Every time I get into a pool, the ocean, lake, or any other body of water I imagine dying in the jaws of one. It’s irrational but seems rational to me.

    2. I have insomnia, and night js when I do 80% of my reading.

    3. I love to sing. Music is this huge part of my daily life, but at the same time I have no tune or tone. Basically, if I do manage to pick it up, people say I sound great, but most of the time my friends and family have to go about listening to the soundtrack of a dying cat.

    4. I’ve moved around a lot: I’ve lived in 5 countries (visited more), lived in 14 houses or apartments, and gone to at least over 10 schools. It’s more impressive when you conside that I’m a freshman in college and 16 years old. Fun fact: I’ve been reading your books since four houses/apartments ago.

    5. I’m a dual citizen. Australian-American <3

    6. Ethnically I'm… wait for it…. Native American-German-Chinese-British-Thai-French-Scottish-Irish.

  13. I am terrified of the sea. Waves can kill you, and currents can pull you down and drown you and you might never be found. I will never live by the sea. Ever. Also, Tsunamis!

  14. Due to my dad working overseas after he retired from the Air Force I got to travel to many places around the world. But the best part was living in Saudi Arabia. I absolutely loved living there, it was a great place to live and grow up. I lived there from ages 8-12. Which was 1982-1986.

  15. Hello!
    1) I have an incredibly warped taste in books, reading anything from manga to Stephen King to my favorite series, Shadow Falls:) Nope, I’m not bluffing.
    2) I finished writing a 120,000 word fan fiction last January, taking the universe of Tokyo Mew Mew and using my own chatacters. Although it will never be published because of copyright, I enjoyed writing every word and fell in love with my characters 😉 So yes, I can empatjize with you, CC Hunter! And I plan on writing something original next this time, a fantasy that I already have outlined, and I can’t wait to get started!
    3) For ten years, I’ve had an imaginary pink pigeon “spirit animal” named Rayoh. I think I still believe in Rayoh in some ways…? Even though I’m Jewish…? Any ways, absolutely nobody irl really knew that (not even my identical twin sister).
    4) … That leads me to the fact that I have an identical twin sister. I want to be a veterinarian and she wants to be a therapist. And we are looking to room together in college next year!
    5) When I was little, I found a little blue marble and was convinced for years that it was a dragon egg, patiently waiting for it to watch in a clay goblet I made. And I still have it but realize it’s a marble (but I’d still love it if it hatched one day!)
    6) I like to make cosplay 🙂 I’m hopefully going to Supercon with my homemade Mew Mint cosplay from the anime Tokyo Mew Mew.
    7) I love to daydream 🙂
    8) I play the flute and it’s my dream to minor in music and get into the UF symphony orchestra and perform in the pit to its musicals (as inspired by seeing the Phantom of the Opera which I am amply obsessed with)
    9) My favorite movie of all time is The Lost Boys and I adore Michael and am obsessed with Boardwalks because of it.
    10) I love old music! (50s-80s) and know nothing about the music of today, haha

  16. – I happen to be one out of 25 Ambassadors for The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool. I entered the contest where they were looking for the 25 greatest fans of The Fab 4 around the world and now I proudly represent my country, Guatemala.

    – I have read 4 books in 3 days, out of my Kindle app on my phone and managed to still go to work and function.

    – I hate blood, hospitals and children in pain, especially after losing my 2 year old niece in an accident, but I still went and volunteered as in interpreter during a medical campaign for burned kids in my local hospital and went in the OR with the doctors while they were operating and helped translate to the nurses only 15 days after my niece died.

    – I’ve battled depression and anxiety for over 10 years and I’m still standing strong.

  17. my first question is, are the T-shirts available to buy? Wow I just love them!!!
    5.15.16-one strange happening in my life of ‘the crazies’;
    when i was just 5 years old, i was at my friends home, a very nice home in the community I must add and we had a babysitter. Something happened and a small fire started in the kitchen. Why, I cannot imagine now, but we all ran to the top floor’s outdoor porch area. The firemen came with the big truck, ladders and a bunch of fire men and someone had a huge hose. They all came around to the back because there was, of course, no answer in front. They talked we listened and when the babysitter tried to open the porch door-it locked from the inside…. we were stuck!!!
    Funny, oh yes and of course everything else feel into place after the house locks were disarmed, the parents arrived and the small flame in the kitchen was extinguished.
    But, looking back now- that I think I’ll never forget!

  18. 1.) I got to travel to Japan last year, for a month, with people from Anime Detour
    2.) i used to have six cats and two dogs when I was younger, but we had to move. We kept three cats and I have a bunny.
    3.) i have a four and five yours old Italian Greyhounds, named Lucy and Charolette.
    4.) I was in all my middle school and highschool plays.
    5.) I won an award for best research paper on volenteerosm.
    6.) I have been home alone, and at a friends house before, when i’ve seen a ghost child look at me, wave, then walk through the wall and dissapear.
    7.) I have met real Vampires
    8.) I am a witch
    9.) In my past life i have had dreams where I was a Fae
    10.) I have a signed Mockingjay poster that I won in a contest, signed by the cast.
    Ten interesting (or boring depending on how you read them) facts about my life.
    I’m exited for October! I can’t wait!! 🙂

  19. 1.When I was a kid, I was super hard core about games, especially truth or dare. One day my best friend dared me to eat a snail with a raw egg, both shells intact. I did it and was sick for the whole month.

    2.I lived in one abusive household or another for most of my life and I didn’t think it was possible for anything else, but I eventually learned that anything is possible.

    3.I struggle to feel emotions like other people, but when i do it is strong and sincere. I am fiercely loyal and protective.

    4.I was bullied for the longest time, but luckily I found the confidence in myself that I didn’t know I had.

    5.I have one hell of a smart mouth and I like to keep people around me who aren’t afraid to say something to try to put me in check. They don’t succeed but I love a person who doesn’t dance around words. I believe in saying what you mean because it doesn’t matter what synonym you use, it will mean the same thing. I don’t care if it sounds pretty, I just want someone to be honest.

    6.I am terrified of ostrich’s and I hate wearing yellow clothing.

    7.I have very firm views about what is socially accepted and multiple other things…including politics.

    8.I am very open minded about things such as LGBT+. I am an equal opportunist and I would fight just as hard for mens rights as well as womens.

    9.I am not patriotic, although it is difficult believing that way, due to the people around me.

    10. I overcame many obstacles in my life and am better for it. Reading was a very big factor in doing so. It warms me to see such dedicated authors, so thank you very much for your talent.

  20. I was wondering if you could write about what happens with Fredricka. I have mixed feelings about this character and I am super curious.

  21. For me it’s a tie between Unbreakable and Spellbinder. I loved getting the full back story of Chase and seeing things from his POV. Spellbinder was really good too because Miranda got a chance to center stage as well as seeing the others that we love so much!

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