Summer Time Giveaway!

9619School’s out here in Texas, so summer has officially begun. Although with all the rain we’ve had, it made for some soggy proms and graduations.  My driveway is no longer flooded, but this is the lake, aka my front yard, that I looked out on for most of May. So, I know a lot of Texans are heading off to if not warmer, at least drier places.

Are you going any place special this summer? I’d like to rent a beach house again at some point. Nothing relaxes me more than sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean, listening to the rhythm of the waves. Speaking of the beach, I’m having a HUGE giveaway on my blog in July, and yup, it involves the beach. so, be sure to watch for it.

So, tell me where you’re heading this summer, and I have a signed copy of Unspoken for one of you. (Sorry, this giveaway is for US residents only, and if you’re reading this on Goodreads, you have to go to my blog to comment.)

Just in case you’re going to be anywhere near where I’m having a signing, I’d love to meet you. And make sure you tell me you follow my blog or are on my Street Team, and I’ll give you some exclusive swag.


This weekend, June 10th-12th, no matter where you live in the US, Barnes & Noble is having their First-Ever National Teen Book Festival. There will be tons of book signings by your favorite authors, activities, swag giveaways, games, and more! I’m celebrating their festival with THREE appearances in the Houston, TX area!

Saturday, June 11th, I’ll be at their Champions Forest store, 5303 FM 1960 West, Houston, TX 77069 at 1:00 PM with Joy Preble and Becky Wallace. There will be giveaways!

Saturday, June 11th, I’ll be at their Pasadena location, 5656 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, TX 77505 at 5:00 PM. Again, I’ll be with the talented Joy Preble. So, this is your chance to ask us questions and pick up signed copies of our books.

Sunday, June 12th, I’m off to their Deerbrook Mall store, 20131 Hywy 59, Humble, TX 77338.  I’ll be there at 1:00 PM, so join me and be ready to party!

Do you live in Southern California? Well you can catch up with me there.

July 13-16th, I’ll be at the Romance Writers of America’s Annual Conference in San Diego, CA. Wednesday, July 13th, I’ll be signing books at the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing, 5:30 to 7:30 PM. This is a great event where all profits go to literacy—and it’s absolutely FREE and open to the public! For more information go to

So, come and spend a little of your summer with me!


I’ve hear many of you say you miss my Facebook posts and announcements. So, I’ve created a private Facebook group for my die hard fans. Be sure to join today for extra offers, special giveaways, and the inside scoop on all things CC Hunter. Just follow this link: CC Hunter: Chills, Thrills, Laughter.






32 thoughts on “Summer Time Giveaway!

  1. I am not going anywhere special. Just to see family in WV and hang out with them. I love going to see them.

  2. If I get really lucky, I will get to hit the beach once this summer. I would love to take my boys to Port Aransas this year.

  3. We went to Chicago for our honeymoon in May and will be hitting quite a few places here in Michigan for my husband’s softball tournaments 🙂

  4. i am going to Yosemite National Park this summer! I am really excited fir this trip because i get to go on hikes and do nature activitys! i am really happy about that because where i live you don’t see any nature or anything exciting. So i am really excited to have been given this oppurtunity!

  5. My summer is going to be really lame this year. 🙁 Right now I’m taking some summer classes at MCC, and later this summer I have to start training to be an Athletic Trainer at my high school. I have July off, I think, but I doubt my family is doing anything. In conclusion, my summer is going to be lame. Anyway I can’t wait for Midnight Hour to come out!

  6. We aren’t doing much this summer. I’m working extra to save up for my wedding next summer! So, at least all my hardwork isn’t going to waste. 🙂

  7. I’m going to Daytona Beach this summer! I love it there and can’t wait to go back. My family plans on moving there someday 🙂 I don’t think I could ever get tired of the beach!

  8. This summer I am going to try and take it easy….hang around Houston, visit some places I haven’t been in a while, and hang out with my son. May have a few road trips for job interviews, but for the most part just hanging at home with stacks of books.

  9. I will be visiting my relatives in Arkansas this summer, not till August though. Other than that my family and I have been taking small trips to zoos and planning on hitting up Meijer Gardens, in Michigan, for the first time on father’s day. I do go camping a couple times a summer with the in-laws. It’s nice to get out once in a while, but my fiance and I are more content to stay at home with our son.
    Hope you all have a great summer!

  10. I’m going to Galveston in two weeks! It’s only a two hour drive, and we always have so much fun when we go! When we usually go, my family and I go surf fishing at dawn, or right when the sun is veiled along the horizon. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. I love the calming waves and the seagulls chirps.
    Have a blessed summer!

  11. I don’t have a definite answer but I might go to a water park and possibly the Empire State Building this summer

  12. I’m going to see one of my favorite cousins get married. She is getting married to a guy named Jonathan, we have over 6 in the fam already! I’m really happy for her. They grow up so fast *cries*

  13. We’re going to be heading to visit some family in Rochester, New York, but not until the end of August! Can’t wait for your next book!

  14. We will be taking our son to his very first beach trip in July! He will be 6 months old and I think he will love it. He is already crawling everywhere! ALSO, you should make a trip to Louisiana for a signing sometime soon!

  15. Well I’m not really going anywhere to vacation but I did drive to Arkansas, pick up my sister and niece and bring them back to my house in Minnesota for a week and the I drove them back to Arkansas. Haven’t seen my sister in 4 years so it was great. Also we listened to Shadow Falls books on the drive! I’ve already read them all but my sister had never heard of them. My niece is blind and autistic and loved listening to the books as well (Don’t worry she’s old enough to listen to them =). I got my sister hooked on your books and she went home and bought even more books on She just finished Kylie’s story and is going to start The After Dark series. =) So thank you for making our trip fun and giving my sister and I a great series to read together! =)

  16. I go down to Lake Gaston, NC for numerous weekends throughout the summer. My family has a lake house & jet ski’s. Plus, I just bought a Tige boat!
    Outside of that, I actually have 2 cool trips planned for the summer months. In July I am going to VEGAS! My brother has AAU basketball nationals there. We actually went to Vegas for his nationals last year too but used the downtime to see the Grand Canyon West & Hoover Dam first. So outside of watching him play, this time I’ll be taking in all of the scenery and trying to see a Cirque & Matt Franco show! And then in August I am visiting my friend in Memphis, TN for a long weekend. I’ll get to see Graceland too while I’m there.
    So wow, lots going on I guess! That’s always a cool thing 🙂

  17. I live in Florida, about 10 minutes away from the beach so I’ll be doing that a lot but I can’t do any vacations because I have classes all summer. Unfortunately, busy schedules don’t allow for many trips.

  18. I don’t have any major plans but I do plan on hitting the river to do some tubing with the family! Btw, just wanted to tell you I absolutely love your books and thank you for taking the time to write them!

    • We’re all mutefiaceltd and we all have yucky sides. Don’t be too hard on yourself. And yes, there are many sides of you. The side where you’re beautiful, warm, gentle, generous and funny.

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