C.C. Answers Your Shadow Falls Questions

It’s been a little while since I answered your questions. So, I went back to my list of things you have asked and decided to answer a few.

Kase asked:  Is Chase’s book going to be comprised of both present and future (like his story continuing right after the events of After Dark with flashes of his past) or is it just his past? Do you think you may ever write a short story from a werewolves perspective or a shape shifter? If so what characters do you think you would use? Do you think they would be new? For the werewolves, do you think that the shadow fall wolves would ever find a way to break the moon’s hold on their transformations?

CC: Well, Kase, Chase’s novella, Unbreakable, is entirely about his past and how he became vampire.

AlmostMidnight[2]A short story from a werewolf’s perspective? I already did! I wrote Fredericka’s story, Fierce. And both Unbreakable and Fierce are included in Almost Midnight. As for a story from a shapeshifter’s perspective? I think I’d write Perry’s story. There’s so much more to that guy than what you’ve read in my books.

No, I think the werewolves of Shadow Falls will forever be tied to the moon. Unless I think up a really great idea to write a different outcome. As a writer, I can write anything as long as I can make it believable.



Taryn asked: Will you ever write a novella/book from Lucas’ Point of View when Kylie left Shadow Falls?Oh and maybe even a novella from Kylie’s Point of View during her time at the compound?

MidnightHour_Final CVR_revisedCC: Sorry, Taryn, but Midnight Hour (out 10/25/16), Miranda’s book is scheduled to be my last Shadow Falls book. I’ve already started a new series. That said, I can’t definitively say that I’ll never write about any of the Shadow Falls characters again. Some of these characters really stick with me, and if one becomes enough of a pest, I may write a novella about them. But I’m not promising anything.

Misty asked: How often do you rewrite scenes? How long did it take for you to find the perfect names for your characters? Do you have to add in the descriptions after you write the main details?

CC: I go over a scene again and again. If you read last week’s blog, you’ll have learned that I’m dyslexic, and since I want to turn in a book that’s as close to perfect as I can make it, I tweak my scenes over and over. Then, I send it to my editor, and she usually has some changes, which means more rewrites.

I love picking names for my characters. However, usually the first name I pick for a character is not the name they end up with. Sometimes the more I get to know the character, the more their first name doesn’t suit them, so I change it.

No, I usually have a pretty clear physical picture in my head of what my characters look like. I may go back through the scenes and add bits here and there to fill it out and make the character more real afterwards.

Do you have any more questions you’d like me to answer? Please leave them in the comment section below.

Midnight Hour

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MidnightHour_Final CVR_revised


A missing sister, a heart in turmoil, and a growing tattoo that no one understands…C. C. Hunter brings The Shadow Falls saga to a spectacular conclusion in this thrilling finale: Midnight Hour!

Being a dyslexic witch has never been easy for Miranda Kane, but her time at Shadow Falls helped her tap into her true powers. Now her life is thrown into chaos after a near death experience leaves her with a mysterious growing tattoo no one can explain. Her heart is a mess over whether to get back together with Perry or take a chance on a new love, her parents are spitting up, and she may not get into the same college of her two best friends. To upend her world further, it appears her sister has been kidnapped and it’s not just her they want. Miranda’s only way of saving her sister may be to take her place. Will her friends at Shadow Falls save Miranda…or will she realize that she had the power to save herself all along?


16 thoughts on “C.C. Answers Your Shadow Falls Questions

  1. So, I was wondering, does Kylie still have the Holy Warriors sword, or did it go away when she completed her quest? I’ve been thinking about that for a while now, but I keep forgetting to ask.

  2. Would you ever consider giving Tabitha her own story since she’s not really part of shadow falls ( or at least not a camper/student)? Maybe something to do with that French guy she met in Paris during Spellbound?

  3. I have a personal wish. Could you write a story on Will? I have been a Will fan since the beginning. The quiet follower, always has your back, always in the background. I think he deserves a little spotlight of his own. But then, I have always like the mysterious loyal ones. 😉

  4. Loved all the shadow falls books! I wish they never ended and there was more. I feel there should have been just one more book about kylie. There seems like there was a lot about her story that was unfinished.

  5. I love the Shadow falls seties! You have made me cry from laughing that hard! My favourite Novella would have to be Spellbinder, and Fredericka’s story.

  6. Why only one book about Miranda? Kylie got 5, Della got 3. I’d think she’d a least deserve 3? No? I’m curious as to what made your decision about just one. I also wish this weren’t the end:'( This series got me hooked to the YA genre, and is my absolute favorite one! But I understand all good things come to an end. However it would of been cool to see Miranda get her three, and have a final book that wrapped up on all the characters across the board that way everyone gets a little something. Just a little something to give a proper closer to the ones like me who will forever be grateful for these great books with awesome stories that are relate able to many people. Hey a girl can dream right:-) lol Thank you for sharing your stories and shadowfalls world for it will forever be apart of mine!!

      • Yes that’s true. I was just wondering why only one book and not a trilogy. But hey I’m excited to read it no matter what. I really love these characters and their stories. New stories will be missed, but I have the whole collection to go back to n read to get a fix of the shadow falls world. Maybe someday in the future you will give us another glimpse into this world so we can see what everyone is up to. I hold out hope that might be possible. But until then I will keep what I have close to my heart <3 thank u for giving us these wonderful books to read, characters to love, stories that make you never want to put down the books, and leave us begging for more;-)

  7. This is one off my fav series I laughed and cried so hard while reading these. I love these books and wish you could make more. I would really love to hear more about Fredrika and her story but also Miranda. I wish you could make a movie. I bet it would be a best time seller like all of your books

  8. I have to admit, your Shadow Falls series was great and I like Alicia on the July 9th post really wish we could have had another book on Kylie. It would have been nice to see how she evolved into the Holy Warrior and early college life with her friends and Lucas. I was truly sad last night when I finished book 5. Thanks again and if ever you feel the urge to write another please know BOOK 6 will definitely be a hit.

  9. I love this series it’s my favorite series because its different from all of the other series and books, I have ever read. It’s like it pulls you in a place you can imagine were Werewolves, Vampires, Shapeshifters, Fae’s, Witches, go and they can be themselves. And it’s really amazing how someone can imagine a place like that. And this series I can’t ever put down because it’s so good.

  10. I re-read this series often, even at 23 years old! Love, love, love the escape it gives me. I’ll regularly find myself still reading at 1am and having to force myself to put the book down. I’ll admit I wasn’t ready for it all to end and was hopeful at the end of it all that maybe there was a glimmer of hope for a series about the girls at college together! This series will hold a life time position on my bookshelf.

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