Denmark and a Giveaway!

Herlufsholm_Boarding_schoolWell, I can finally confirm I’ll be attending a book fair in Denmark! The fair is called Herlufsholm Fantasy Bogmesse and it will be at the Herlufsholm School near the city of Naestved on October 21st and 22nd. I’ll be there with fellow YA authors Eva Oakenshield, Brian P. Orbol, Kenneth Bogh Anderson, Nanna Foss and Haidi Wigger Klaris.

The Herlufsholm School is an old boarding school that’s made for adventure. There will be publishers, authors, readers and roleplayers at the only fantasy book fair in Denmark, and it will offer separate readings and events targeted at specific age groups.

I can’t wait to visit the beautiful country of Denmark. So, if you live in Denmark or near, plan on attending this book fair. I’d love to chat with you about Shadow Falls.

Almost Midnight Giveaway!

AlmostMidnight[2]By now most of you have read Almost Midnight, my book with all my novellas in one volume. So, it contains Turned at Dark, Saved at Sunrise, Unbreakable, Spellbinder and Fierce. So, I’d like to know which novella is your very favorite and why. Tell me in the comment section and I’ll select one name and that person will get a Born to Read t-shirt. And this drawing is open to all my US AND international fans.5518 (1)


Midnight Hour Surprise!!

MidnightHour_Final CVR_revisedDon’t forget, Midnight Hour is coming out on October 25th. You can pre-order it now. And I think you’ll want to because I have a special surprise for anyone who pre-orders Midnight Hour. I can’t tell you just yet, it’s top secret, but I think you’ll be really happy when I reveal my little secret. You’ll never guess what it is!

So, pre-order your copy of Midnight Hour today at AmazoniBooks,  Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

22 thoughts on “Denmark and a Giveaway!

  1. Spellbinder is probably my favorite because I think every one really underestimated Miranda before her novella. She really stepped up to the plate and saved the day, proving in my mind that she’s just as strong as Kylie and Della. Everyone has a different type of strength and they’re all important.

  2. I love Saved at Sunrise because I love learning more about Della, she is a more complicated character than it seems!

  3. I loved FIERCE! I enjoyed seeing Fredricka in a different light and having her side of things. I also felt like there was so much that you could do with that storyline and would no object to Fredricka having her own story. 🙂

  4. I would have to say fierce is my favorite with in unbreakable a close second.
    I love fierce because of Fredricka’s story. She has been though so much with her dad and all the abuse and it made her stronger. And her finding love was so heart warming cuz if any one deserves to be loved and adored it was her. Knowing her story helped me not to dislike her so much when she was being mean to Kylie.

  5. I would have to say that Fierce was my favorite because it showed how and why Fredricka had a hard time being with people and why she struggled to be nice. In this book it showed her journey to figuring out how to be kind and make friends. Then she also been through so much with her father and other people that played a bad role in her life and yet she still was able to go toward the goodness. CC Hunter did a good job creating Fredricka and showing how she slowly was able to find her inner strength and fight back. I can honestly say that CC knows how to make a person strong and confident because of the ways she portrays her characters.

  6. My favorite is Spellbinder. I’ve always wanted to get inside Miranda’s head because we were already in Kylie and Della’s and I was like, WAIT, WHEN DO WE GET MIRANDA?! It was a great introduction into her book, Midnight hour.
    AND I’ve had Midnight Hour pre-ordered since it was available 🙂 I couldn’t wait because I love all your books.

  7. My favorite novella is Spellbinder

    It is wonderful to see how Miranda grew up during the series, and realize that no matter what difficulty a person has is possible to overcome adversity, especially with the support of friends.

  8. Of all the series in almost midnight, i only read stories about della in turned at dark. It tells the stories from her perspective and it helps us the reader to understand della personality and character better. If i have enough time and resources, i will try to read the other stories as it seems interesting to me.

  9. Spellbound for sure! Ever since I started reading the Shadow Falls series with Kylie’s Born at Midnight, I’ve always loved Miranda. She’s just adorable and I loved reading about her competing in those spell competitions. I had a friend read Spellbound and she just started laughing at the part where Miranda accidentally throws dog poop at the bad rogues. And I love that even she is a witch, so many people can relate to her; she has dyslexia, a half sister, boy issue (even though Kylie and Della do too), and she’s kind of left out because of her mistakes in spells. So when I read that Spellbound has all these qualities in Mirands, making her so lovable and your heart just goes out to her.

    *can’t wait for Almost Midnight!!!*

  10. My favorite novella is Saved at Sunrise because as I started the Shadow Falls novels I was not sure how I felt about Della as a character but as I continued to read on I started to really enjoy how headstrong and snarky she was. Then when the Shadow Fall novels came to an end I wanted to know more about her and Steve. The Saved at Sunrise novella did not disappoint as her character developed even more and I connected with her more. I loved getting to see more of her and Steve who is absolutely swoon-worthy.

  11. I haven’t read all of them yet, but I loved Saved at Sunrise and Turned at Dark because I really liked to read about Della since she is one of my favourite characters, but reading the comments by the others and I’m like… I need to read the rest of those novellas. 🙂 thank you so much for this chance 🙂

  12. I liked Turned at Dark the best because it was fun to learn how Della turned into a vampire and what she had to go through.

  13. This is a hard choice!! But I’m going to have to say Fierce. I love Fredricka story and how she evolved throughout the series and novella. To pre-order Midnight Hour, to get the special surprise, is it just for the kindle edition, or can you pre-order the paperback one and still get the goodies?

  14. My favorite novella would be Fierce because the story is told from Fredricka’s point of view and how she is not always the “bad guy” when the story is told from someone else’s perspective.

  15. That is a really hard one to choice as each one has great story lines in them but I think I am for Unbreakable. Mainly as it was the first book to really tell a back story on one of the male characters, where we learn more about Chase. If you ever did another back story on any others I would love to suggest Perry. I know you have touch base here and there on it but I think it would be more interesting to find out more.

  16. If I had to choose a favorite I would have to say Turned at Dark. I say this because Della was able to make a decision to get help, she put up with the lies her father told her, and she found a way to do it all with out having to fake her own death. Della had the strength to do what most wouldn’t of done. She took the harder path.
    I have no idea if I explained this correctly.

  17. I love your book and live In Denmark i would love to see you speak but its to far away from where I live (copenhagen) I think that If there will not be many attending it will be because it is too far away from Copenhagen if you don’t have a car. I hope the interview will come on YouTube.

    My favorite novellas may be turned at dark and the one where Della and Steve is on their mission together

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