What Kind of Supernatural Are You?

This test appears on my website, but I don’t think many of you have seen it. So, I thought I’d post it on my blog.  It’s fun, and I’d love to know. What are you? Do you have a little supernatural in you? You might not think so, but I bet you do.

When I created my characters for Shadow Falls, I wanted my readers to be able to identify with these people, to care about them. And to even understand them. It didn’t matter that they were supernaturals. I really felt if this series was going to work, I needed to make sure readers could relate to the characters and their problems. So, I had to humanize my supernaturals. To do this, I really started thinking about all the different types of people I know, their strengths, their weaknesses, and those quirky things I love about their personalities in spite of their flaws. And this is what I came up with. Click on the link below to read the character traits of each supernatural, and decide which mostly fits your personality.

Supernatural Personality Traits


11635I’ll give away some Midnight Hour swag to one person who tells me what they are in the comments. (Sorry, but this giveaway is for US residents only. If you are reading this on Goodreads, you have to leave a comment on my website blog to be entered in the giveaway.)



The winner of the ARC of Midnight Hour is Paula Bell and the winner of How to be Brave is Julie Montmarquet. Congratulations! Please email me at cc@cchunterbooks.com with your mailing address.

46 thoughts on “What Kind of Supernatural Are You?

  1. I have all the traits of a Fae.
    It would be amazing to be at Shadow Falls and to really know who you are, if you already don’t. Same minded people are always good to be around.

  2. I am a werewolf to the T! That whole paragraph was my life. I was honestly thinking I would definitely be fae considering I tend to be all about the feelings, but the other characteristics didn’t match up. And omgosh, I can’t believe there is a Shadow Falls chapstick! Do you have a website where you can purchase Shadow Falls swag?!

  3. I am a witch. That paragraph honestly described my life! My parents tellme that I am the most fun and outgoing in the family. But, sometimes I can bring myself down whenever I start thinking bad about myself. I easily get offended by people if they say something that I don’t like. But, I like who I am and don’t plan on changing anytime soon!

  4. I feel like I relate most to werewolf or shapeshifter, but I have traits of all of the supernaturals. I think I might be a chameleon. 🙂

  5. I can relate to the Werewolf and Vampire traits, but I fit more with the vampire personality traits. So, now I can say with pride that I’m a vampire. I speak my mind, I don’t like to be weak, I’m very protective over my loved ones, and I don’t mind taking risks. So, I’m definitely a vampire 😀 Thanks for this chance CC!

  6. Werewolf! It fits me perfect. I was always told I was boring because I didn’t like going out, hated being in crowds and didn’t have alot of friends. I’m still the same way, I am a homebody. I would rather stay home than go out, i have a total of 3 friends that i trust and would be there when they need me. My BFF says she never knows which side of me she is going to see because i’m always so moody. Now i can tell everyone i have werewolf in me 🙂

  7. I relate the most to the Witch traits, however I can see a lot of myself in the traits described in Fae too. This was definitely an interesting blog! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I seem to be all of them. But I’ve always felt that I don’t fall into one category of anything and never felt I wanted to ☺

  9. Before therapy I was a shapeshifter. I had no idea where I belonged or who I was. Now I’m a fairy. I’m in the business of helping others feel better, feel happy and find their own way. I’m happily married to a solid werewolf.

  10. My personality is mostly like the werewolf. I greatly respect loyalty and having a select small group of friends. The real question though is which supernatural’s character traits fits mostly fits you, Ms. Hunter? Or how do you mostly relate to in your books?

  11. I’m a werewolf, with a short list of close friends.Those friends are my family. Anyone else is just an associates. I love home life, my few friends get mad when I say let’s stay at home watch a movie and have a glass of wine. I’m loyal to the few friends I have, I would anything in my power to help them.
    With that said, I have only one or two traits of the other supernatural.

  12. I think I identify with fae most! I love being a person that someone comes to when they have a problem and I really like helping people. I also don’t enjoy drawing large amounts of attention toward myself. I seem to identify with a fae more than any other supernatural! Holiday was definitely a role model for me while reading the shadow falls series also!

  13. Werewolf… Totally cool that you do all these giveaways. The other authors I read doesn’t reach out to their fans like you do. 🙂

  14. I am a werewolf all the way! It described me so well. The irony of it is that I have some of the palest skin you will ever see, but I am a werewolf not a vampire! 🙂

  15. I’m definitely a werewolf. I have a small group of people who I actually consider that I’m friends with. And with new people, I don’t talk about myself much with them. And I’m a little overprotective about my friends, especially from their boyfriends.

  16. I am definitely fae and werewolf mix. I am emotionally fae but with all the other tendencies of werewolf. Life lessons have led me to stick to myself and the ones i hold dear. What a weird combo though :)…..but again fitting i like being different I totally embrace it.hehe

  17. I guess my personality is half and half of witch and fae because when I feel happy I want to make others happy and when there are days that people judge others I want to do voodoo spells or just smack their lips because not everyone will think the same! Think of others. I truly love all the characters so much that it makes me happy!

  18. I feel like I’m a witch cuz i have different types of friends-sometimes too different that they tend to butt heads with one another. I still like them all the same, even with each of their flaws that become inside jokes.

  19. I know I’m too late for the giveaway, but I wanted to post my response. I feel the most like a Chamelin. I identify so well with Kylie your books are touching me on such a personal level!

  20. I can’t tell whether I’m Fae or were. I have the qualities of a Fae: Everyone seems to come to me with their problems and I can easily read their emotions along with the being emotional when open up. Then I tend to the kind of person who hates parties and I don’t open up easily.

    I can’t tell. I tend to be more attracted to the fairies of Shadow Falls than the weres. Holiday is my favorite character and I voted team Derek all the way. I didn’t really like Lucas.

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