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There is a such thing as the perfect apology.

People make mistakes.  In fiction and in real life.  In Fighting Back, Lucas hurts Kylie.  Not intentionally of course, but by overlooking and refusing to step back and see the truth in something.

Have you ever had someone hurt you and it felt as if you might never forgive them?  Then they come in and say something so right.  Their apology comes off as just darn perfect.  So perfect in fact, that you have no option but to forgive them.

What did they say or do that made that happen for you?  Are you too quit to forgive?  Or do take some time to forgive?

One person who describes their personal, perfect apology will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

miranda-with-book-cover-copyFor your reading pleasure, here’s a scene from Fighting Back when Lucas is late again for a date he’s already canceled before.  Kylie is feeling like she isn’t that important to him, because he’s always canceling their dates.



Kylie stepped out of Holiday’s office door at the same time Lucas stepped into the cabin’s main door. He carried a bouquet of daisies and an expression that begged for forgiveness.

His eyes said he was sorry. His posture said he was sorry. His bad boy charm said he was sorry.

She was such a sucker for that charm—a sucker for Lucas.

“I know you’re mad.” He held out the yellow flowers and inched closer, cautiously optimistic and armed with male charisma. “And you probably want to kick my ass, and I’ll let you.” The slightest smile appeared on his lips, and he braved it by taking another step. “But you’ve got to forgive me.”

“Don’t do that,” she said.

“Do what?” he asked, now so close only the bunch of daises came between them.

Make it hard for me to talk about our issues. “Be cute.” She felt her anger evaporating.

“Oh.”  He smiled in earnest. “I can’t help that. I was born cute. Just like you were born beautiful.”

He leaned in and brushed his lips against her forehead. The softest of kisses, the hardest kind to refuse.The easiest to get lost in. “Let’s go hiking.”

“I thought I was going to get to kick your ass?”

“You can.” His words came with a chuckle. “We hike for an hour. You kick my ass for an hour. We make out for an hour.”

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11 thoughts on “Fighting Back Preview & Giveaway

  1. It wasn’t her fault, but she had every opportunity and responsibility to prevent me getting hurt. This person meant a lot to me, but I swore I would never forgive her betrayal. But then…

    But then she came to me, crying. She wasn’t looking for forgiveness. She just wanted me to be okay, her feelings be dampened. It was clear me being hurt is what hurt her the most and the unselfish nature of everything she said to me was clear.

    If she’d come asking for forgiveness, I wouldn’t of sat with her for hours. We wouldn’t have cried and talked and promised to never let a guy come between us again.

    I don’t know how long my anger would have fuelled me, but in that moment, the purest and most perfect apology was her sole concern for me.

    I’m sorry that I can’t go into more detail, but after all, an apology always comes hand in hand with pain. And some pain is too dark to shed light on.

  2. It depends on what happened. If it was something small and I can forgive quickly then it’s fine… But if it’s something big… Then all I would really need is for them to own up to it and admit they were wrong and apologize… Something I wish someone close to me would do but she is too wrapped up in her own life. 🙁

  3. Oh my. So can’t wait. Does Miranda’s book need be read before Kylie’s. I plan on reading Miranda’s first but just was wondering. So sad it’s over but I can re read them over and over

  4. Hmm…tricky. I like to think I have thick skin at times, but when it comes to someone I care about hurting me, I’m more fragile than crystal. I suppose as long as the apology is heartfelt I am likely to forgive them. It really depends on the situation. I’ve been hurt before by people I thought were friends, but it turns out they weren’t. No apology ever came and for a situation that is running through my head with one such person, I’m not sure I could forgive her, because the hurtful things she said wasn’t the first time and it eventually broke up our friendship, which maybe really hadn’t been a friendship at all.

  5. I always say I’m sorry first so that we can move past the problem and stat talking again. I give them some space first and then I start to realize that I could have handled the situation better. But I Believe you should only say sorry when you MEAN it. That what I do. Also, in CC’s books there is someone who realizes that they should not have done or said that so they apologize so that sets an example for me too. October 25th just can’t come any faster!! I can’t wait till the books come to my house!

  6. 2 months after the break up I found out he actually cheated on me. I was even more heartbroken. About 5 months later he messaged me and we started talking. I then asked if he cheated on me and he said yes. At that time I had already grieved my heartbreak so I wasn’t that emotional. I could tell he felt really guilty. He listed reasons how he’s such a bad person and that I deserve someone good and not someone who’s trash like him. It was that moment I noticed how much he actually cared for me. Back then I told myself to forgive him, hope he finds happiness someday with the right person. But after he confronted me, I felt like I haven’t forgiven him enough. My heart even ached for his guilt.
    I won’t go on further but yea, that’s my story.

  7. I had a bad accident when I was 14, and unfortunately I was left paralyzed and in a wheelchair. My friends were great at first, visiting me and spending time at the hospital. That summer before school started we spent tons of time together as well. Then when school started they began to ignore me and I had never felt so alone or uncomfortable in my own skin. Luckily I found new friends who didn’t see my wheelchair and embraced my different abilities. This softened the blow of my old friends leaving me, even though we’d been friends since 1st grade.

    It took time but I began to try seeing things from their point of view. I realized I wasn’t sure I’d know how to deal with watching a friend of mine go through so many changes either. There were so many ups and downs and not many answers. I came to the conclusion I couldn’t really hold it against them. We were all changing and dealing with things on our own terms. It still hurt a lot seeing them, but my anger died away quickly.

    Then one day when I was in college, I got a Facebook message from one of these past friends. She apologized for how she ignored and treated me in high school, and didn’t ask for forgiveness either. Just simply offered her apologies. We ended up talking and crying together, which was very healing. We still didn’t become close friends again, but we both went through some needed healing. The fact that she asked nothing from me and just offered her apologies, was what hit me the hardest. And my admission that I forgave her back in high school hit her the hardest. We surprised each other that day and healed at the same time. It’s never too late or too early to forgive sometimes.

  8. It totally depends on what happened to necessitate the apology. The words are always a must, and they must be delivered with sincerity. A gesture like flowers always gets points, and in the case of Lucas and Kylie, I’d say a well thought out, romantic make-up date is in order. Probably couldn’t hurt for him to promise never to cancel/be late for the rescheduled date again.
    And, of course, the ‘I’m sorry’ should be delivered in person.

  9. One of my ex boyfriends, my first love and who I thought would be the one, began dating another girl one month after we broke up. This girl made my life a living hell. She slashed my tires, she made up stories about me and constantly tried to make me fight her (I was doing martial arts then) but somehow I was the bad one.

    On the day that would’ve been our third year anniversary, just a month after they began dating, the girl cornered me in the university bathroom and threw every single insult she could at me. I lounged at her and one of my friends stopped me from hitting her. Later that day my ex called me to tell me how much he hated me right then and proceeded to stop talking to me after that without letting me explain what happened.

    My heart was broken. A few years later he was with someone new, a psychologist, and one night, out of the blue, he called me. He began crying and told me that it wasn’t until this new girl made him see how badly he had treated me back then that he realized how wrong he had been. He told me that he was asking me to forgive him with his heart in his hands and that he knew he didn’t deserve it but he thought he should at least try. I forgave him and we became close friends again. He was there for me during the worst time in my life and helped get me out of the ugliest depression I’ve been. He helped me get better and to lay off the meds I was taking.

    A few years later he began dating my cousin and ended up marrying her. They don’t speak to me now and I kind of miss him.

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