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October 28, 2016 this interview was posted on Lisa Loves Books. I thought I’d share it with you.

  1. If you found a genie, what would be your three wishes?

* Good health for myself and my loved ones.  We so often take that for granted.

* More laughter.  I think laughter is a weapon we need to confront the stresses of everyday life.  I love to laugh and do it often.  But I could still use a little more.

*  More time.  I really need twenty-eight hours in a day.  It’s so hard to balance everything I want to do in a twenty-four hour period.  I need a few more hours of work time. an hour more of play time and another hour of family time.

  1. What do you hope readers will take away from reading this book (Midnight Hour)?

I don’t write a book for the take-away lesson, I write to entertain.  That said, every book I write ends up with an underlying message depending on what the character needs to learn, and what she will encounter on her journey through her own character arc.  For Miranda, my dyslexic witch, her arc included overcoming self-doubt.  Discovering that even our flaws. when dealt with properly, can offer us gifts and talents.  This story was close to my heart considering that I’m also dyslexic.

  1. Tell us seven things we may not know about your writing life…

* I’m a workaholic.  I work around ten to twelve hours a day.

* I’m not one who writes well in Starbucks.  I like my office and I produce the most pages when I’m there.

* I love organization.  I don’t like clutter, but my office is a cluttered, organized mess.

* I have a foot massager under my desk, so I spend at least an hour a day getting my feet massaged while I write.

* I love writing. It’s my passion and I don’t ever plan to stop.  I love it so much that often I will forget to eat or even take a potty break.

* I cry, laugh and talk to myself when I write.  If someone saw me, they might think I need to be committed.

1_29* I’ve not only written and published young adult fiction, I write and publish adult humorous, romantic suspense as Christie Craig.  I also have published three non-fiction books.  And have published over 3000 articles for magazines.  In my non-fiction career, I interviewed Tom Selleck.



4. What can we expect from Midnight Hour?

51KfobWWWNL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Tears and laughter and a romance that will leave you sighing. You can expect a book that’s hard to put down.  A story that concludes the Shadow Falls series.  Good byes are hard.  I want to think I gave the readers the best one I could.

  1. Was there any particular research that you did for the new book?

You know, if someone checked out my Google searches while writing this book, they might be very concerned.  While writing this book, I searched bombs and explosions, snakes—if they can smell and what a cobra bite will do to a person—and how long it takes for a dead person to start stinking.

  1. When you start writing, do you already have an ending in mind, or do you just let the narrative go where it takes you?

240_f_78956126_zug3nrddspuopx5kku7aqpjnto4lj8ayI call myself a pantser, meaning I write by the seat of my pants.  My agent argues with me that I’m not a pantser, that I always know what’s going to happen.  I guess I do know some of it.  Before I start a book, I kind of know the dramatic events that will happen in the story.  I know what my character wants and sort of what is going to stand in their way to achieving that goal.  I figure out what they are most afraid of and how I’m going to make them face those fears.   I never write anything down.  It’s all in my head.  So, I might know a few things about the character and sort of have an idea of a few plot points.  It’s always the emotional cues that I know.  But much of my stories evolve as I’m writing them.  Amazingly, I don’t always have the ending scene in mind.  Often, that scene comes to me when I realize what is most important to the character.  The ending has to be powerful.  It needs to give me and my readers a big gulp of satisfaction.  A feeling that all is well in life.

51okuspyo0l-_ul1500_If you found a genie in a lamp, what would be your three wishes?

5 thoughts on “More on C.C. Hunter

  1. Good Health for my family and friends.
    Peace from financial woes.
    Joy and laughter to take them through the rainy days of life.

  2. 1. Like you, I need more time. I would wish for a Timeturner, straight out of the Harry Potter universe.
    2. I also would wish for the ability to read minds. I love learning and knowledge and I think being able to read minds would be the best way to gain as much knowledge as possible.
    3. I have a lot of long-distance family and friends. It is a constant stressor in my life that I don’t get to see them. Therefore, I would wish for the ability to teleport. It would also be handy for making me not late. (I realize the teleportation might seem redundant with a Timeturner, but I would only use the Timeturner for school related things; I’m a rule follower).

  3. For my family to be healthy and happy.
    A house with five bathrooms, that magically clean themselves.
    For my laundry to be caught up (with four kids this is a major wish).

  4. Hmmm that’s hard.
    I think my three wishes would be:
    1. Good health for my family (of course!)
    2. Get published 😀
    3. If I was being 100% serious I’d say “World peace” in my Miss America voice BUT I’d probably say that no one in my family struggle ever again and they all have homes that are paid for.

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