What’s in your wallet? Purse? Closet?

closetIt happened.  My closet had gotten out of control.  So hubby and I were cleaning it together.  We had clothes and shoes strewn all over the bedroom floor.  Hubby’s was on the floor, holding up items and asking, “Keep or throw?”

He picked up a purse.  I saw it was worn on the bottom, so I said, “Toss.  But check to make sure nothing’s in it.”  I swear I did not know what was it there.  Had I known, I wouldn’t have been in the house.

He stuck his hand in the purse, moved it around and then turned the purse over and shook it.

I saw it fall out.  A scream rose up my throat.  I leapt back.

16726It was the biggest darn spider I’d ever seen.  I swear I saw the thing blink.  It landed on all eights, crouched down like a dog ready to attack.

I screamed, one of those kind of screams that come from the belly button area, and I started doing the It’s-a-Spider-Dance.  Hubby grabbed a shoe and smashed it.  And believe me there was a lot of smash to clean up.  Which hubby did. Guess who is going to be cleaning the closet out by himself from now on?

Who says closet monsters don’t exit? What’s in your closet?

5 thoughts on “What’s in your wallet? Purse? Closet?

  1. I usually find money if I find an old purse! Not a ton but at least a few bucks. But I usually toss my old purses out because styles change. My closet on the other hand has some of my high school clothes in there still. I just can’t part with them.

  2. I don’t carry purses because I’m a guy haha but in my backpack I normally have books and CDs. My closet is another story! My closer has a my great grandmothers jewelry box I refuse to let my parents throw out. I loved my Grammy it’s the only thing I have one hers….but there’s also a hole in my closet from where my rats where playing and I went to grap them but a cricket came out of no where and startled me! I ended up punching right through the wall after dropping my rats. (Who by the way ate it.) I also have a bunch of pet necessities in a box.

  3. I have a lot of dirty laundry to wash.-__- Then just in case every night before I fall asleep I make sure close the closet doors. You never know

  4. In my purse you can find loads of stuff you’d probably call rubbish but there’s a picture of Eddie Redmayne with a quote in my purse eheh

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