Dog or Cat? Or Both?

Most people (if they like animals) will either prefer dogs or cats. Some like and have both. According to Thought Catalog, about six percent more US households own dogs than own cats. Not only that, but in surveys dog people often outnumber cat people five to one. Why do you think that is? What are the differences between dogs and cats?


355-happy-dogDogs are people pleasers. They want to make their masters happy and gain their approval. When you call them, they generally come to you. They enjoy playing with their masters as well as with other dogs. They require more care. You have to let them out or take them for walks.




terribly-cute-pic-cat-attitudeCats are more independent. They are as concerned with pleasing their masters. When you call them, they may or may not come to you. They also enjoy playing with their masters and with other cats. They are better suited to apartment living or living in a small house. If you have a little box, you don’t have to let them out.



I’m writing two books right now and they both have dogs in them. In one, there is a dog named Devil. He big, wiry in places and hairy in others.  He’s terribly ugly, but a sweetheart.  In my YA book there is dog named Lady—named after my own dog.  She’s a puppy, and her soft love is so healing to my characters.  I’ve used animals in my books–remember Socks, the cat? I enjoy animals in movies, too. I just read A Dog’s Purpose and loved it, and I cant wait to see the movie.

Personally, I’m an just animal person.  I love them all.   We have three cats who, because of my husband’s kidney transplant, have to live outside, but they have a dog trot and little house.  My husband accuses me of being more a dog person, and I can’t deny I might relate a little more to dogs, but seriously, I love any animal.  And the reason I use them in my books, is because I seriously believe animals make us better humans.   So tell me about your pet.  One person will win a Born to Read T-shirt. (Sorry, this giveaway is only for US residents. If you;re reading this on Goodreads, you must leave your comment on my website blog to be entered in my giveaway.)


Goodbye to Shadow Falls

When Midnight Hour was released on Oct. 31, 2016, this interview appeared on Jennifer Mary G’s blog.  I thought you might enjoy my interview with her. I think it will mean more to those of you who have read Midnight Hour.

1. Midnight Hour is the last book in your Shadow Falls series. On your blog, you talk about the difficulty in saying goodbye to the characters. With that in mind, I wanted to ask…Which character(s) are you the most attached to and why?

It’s like in real life.  I’m attached to the characters for different reasons.  They all have parts of me in them, they have some of my traits, even some of my flaws. I spent five books with Kylie Galen.  I can honestly say, she’s more like me when I was young than the other girls.  Like Kylie, I’m an internalizer.  Even when young, I had a tendency to think something to death before I acted on it.

Della, however, she’s more like the person I’ve grown into, and often the person I wish I was more like.  She’s speaks her mind, calls it like she sees it.  I love that about her.  Ahh, but the very thing I love about her is what sometimes drives me crazy.

Miranda is smack dab in the middle of these two.  She’s kind, but can speak her mind when pushed.  But deep down she’s so insecure.  Dyslexia can do that to you.  I know, because we both share this trait.  I feel a special bond with her for this reason.  I loved watching her find herself in Midnight Hour.

But I must say, when I think about the three girls, I can’t help but to think of the boys they love.  Lucas, Chase and Perry. They all stole a part of my heart.

Then, there’s Burnett.  I love, love that guy.  In every book, I felt like I learned more about him.   If you think I have a soft spot for guys who are hard on the outside and marshmallow in the inside, well, all I can I say is guilty.

Every one of these characters feels like family.  I know, even though I won’t be writing about them, I’ll find myself mentally taking short visits to Shadow Falls.

2. The book trailer for Midnight Hour is so cool. Did you come up with the concept? Who worked behind the scenes to make the trailer come to life?

My behind-the-scenes person is R.M. Brand.  She’s a gamer, a graphic artist, a writer, an amazing and talented person and a friend.  We always begin working on a video by spending time talking about the book.  I’ll tell her the feel, the vibe that I want expressed in the video.  She takes that, uses her magic and always comes back with a winner.  She’ll pull something together and show me.  I usually offer suggestions to add an image or take an image out.  Then, we work on the script together.  And I can say, I’ve never been disappointed.

3. Miranda’s growing tattoo in Midnight Hour appears after a near-death experience. Is the symbolism of the tattoo more magical or spiritual…or is it a mix of both?

I think a little of both.  The tattoo symbolizes the birth of confidence, of acceptance.  It signifies the greatness we all have in ourselves when we move past our insecurities and learn to embrace what makes us different. It’s about discovering our inner strengths and moving past the stigma of how others perceive us.

Honestly, I do not write stories to send messages or teach lessons.  I don’t think of symbols while I write, and I don’t write to preach.  I write to entertain.  But when you get into a character’s skin, their character arc, their story always comes with an underlying message.  For Kylie, it was struggling with an identity crisis.  For Della, it was acceptance of change and dealing with those who can’t accept who and what we become.  Miranda’s message is finding self-esteem, discovering confidence and accepting our flaws.  This dyslexic witch learns that every flaw can be turned on its head and when dealt with properly, it can offer us gifts and talents.

You heard me talk about my characters and why I love them. So tell me, who is your favorite Shadow Falls character and why?

The Greatest Food–Pizza!

pizza2Everyone has a favorite food. I do. I absolutely love pizza.  My favorite is veggie.  I like a thicker crust, but I know a lot of people are fans of thin crust.   I’m not a fan of Chicago style pizza with the sausage on top.  I cook my own pizza probably twice a month.  But we also order it delivered.  I used to work at Pizza Hut so I admit it might be my favorite, but because I can only get Papa Johns delivered to my house, I eat a lot of it.  My son loves pineapple and jalapeno pizza.  There are some pretty weird pizzas out there. How about Mac & Cheese Pizza? Or Carrot Crust Pizza, Butternut Squash and Crispy Sage Pizza, or Spaghetti Pizza? The creepiest pizza pic I came across had scorpions on it. Surely, they can’t mean for people to eat that? No, I prefer mine with lots of normal pizza veggies: green pepper, onions, mushrooms, olives, etc.








I love Pizza so much I added it to a book, put the recipe in the back and called it Austin’s Pizza.

Austin’s Thick Crust Pizza Pizza Dough

1 cup lukewarm water (105–110 degrees F)

1 envelope yeast (fast-rising, if possible)

2 tablespoons sugar (3 or 4 tablespoons if sweeter dough is preferred)

1 tablespoon olive oil

¾ teaspoon salt

2 to 2 ½ cups flour


  1. Stir warm water, yeast, and ½ teaspoon of the sugar together, cover with plastic wrap, and let stand 5 to 6 minutes until yeast is dissolved.
  2. Add the oil, remaining sugar, and salt to above mixture.
  3. Slowly add flour until stiff.
  4. Knead dough 5 minutes, then cover with cloth.
  5. Let rise in warm place 1  to 1 ½ hours until it doubles in size.
  6. Poke down and use or refrigerate (dough can be frozen).


½ cup of pizza sauce (more or less, depending on taste)

Pizza toppings: fresh veggies and meat should be lightly sautéed before garnishing pizza

Nonstick spray or 1 teaspoon of olive oil

1 ½ to 2 cups shredded pizza cheese blend or mozzarella cheese


  1. Preheat the oven to 475–500 degrees F.
  2. Put pizza dough in a slightly greased 9 x 11 glass or metal casserole pan or a round deep-dish pan of equivalent size.
  3. Spread pizza sauce on dough.
  4. Spread ½ cup cheese on pizza crust (bottom cheese will help keep toppings from falling off).
  5. Garnish pizza with desired toppings.
  6. Add remaining cheese on top.
  7. Cook for 9 to 12 minutes on lower rack of oven. Remove pizza when bottom crust is brown and dough is fully cooked.


What’s your favorite kind of pizza? And let me know if you make Austin’s Pizza and how you liked it.



Favorite Gifts

I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you did, too. My family knows me so well, they know what I like. So I got some perfect gifts, gifts that have become some of my favorite things.

18254I got some fuzzy socks and PJs from my daughter, the kind of PJs you want to spend the day in. I love writing in my PJs, especially when the weather is as chilly as it has been in Texas.



18245Chocolate was a big theme this year. Hey. I’m not complaining! Who doesn’t love some Godiva chocolates? The candle makes my entire house smell like I’ve been baking brownies.




18241My friends know on a cold night, I like to sip on something that warms me from the inside out. And I’m way over 21, guys, so don’t worry about me. 🙂




18237Who doesn’t love something to snuggle up in? Yes, winter finally came to SE Texas, but it’s usually short lived. Still, you need something to keep you warm for those days.




18233I also got a foot cleaner (it tickles!) and a massager to loosen up my tight shoulder muscles after a day of writing. And I’m on  a deadline crunch right now—but I can’t really talk about that just yet.



17768Ahh..What can I say? My son and his girlfriend know me too well! Again, I’m over 21.




18229And this is what I bought for myself for Christmas. I ordered it online. I knew I’d have a good use for it, and guess what? I was right. I use it constantly!



What’s your favorite gift you received for Christmas?




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To Resolute or Not to Resolute

fa757bcac08468df88e20139d65742dbIt’s a New Year.  For some of us it means new goals.  New hope.  A fresh start.

Yup, it’s New Year’s resolution time.  Time to reflect.  Time to plan.  Time to shake off our mistakes and start brand new with a different blueprint.

I totally get why some people have given up on the process and why they’ve concluded it never works.  A lot of our last year’s resolutions lie littered at our feet, collecting like dead leaves.  And if you look back to past years, I can only conclude I need a big rake and big wheel barrel to move those dead goals to a big compost pile.

It’s so dad-burn, dad-blasted infuriatingly frustrating realizing we didn’t meet last year’s goals.  Or even the year before.  It’s hard to swallow the fact that we failed.  Yup, I see why some just give up.  I get it.  I understand it.

But I can’t go there.

Now, I’m not questioning anyone’s process.  Nor will I try to tell you what you should do.  I think everyone deals with hope, goals, and even failure differently.  The self-improvement journey is a very personal process.  What motivates one person, can send another into sheer panic mode.

Yet, in my mind, shedding myself of the whole New Year’s resolution process is like I’m saying, “I’ll just fail so why try?”  It’s throwing in the towel, before I step into the ring.  It’s concluding that I have no control over my future.  And I just can’t do that.

So here I sit, after I’ve spent New Year’s morning watching the CBS Sunday Morning show.  And I’m caught in this emotional, but hopeful mood. While my husband always watches these end-of-the-year shows, I’ve been known to avoid them because as I told my husband last year, “I’ve already grieved for the bad things that happened this year and for the people we lost. Why start out on the New Year’s journey carrying that pain in my pocket?”

no-resolutionAnd yet, today I have a slightly different perspective on it.  I mean, I’ve always known that pain can be cathartic.  That it can point to a problem, that it can remind us of our mistakes, and often times, only by reflecting on the pain can we move past something.  But as I was hit by all of the senseless loss of life, like what happened in Orlando, I felt the anger and the empathy for the families of those who died, but I also recalled how the tragedy brought some of us closer.  How strangers reached out to help strangers.  Right then, I realized we shouldn’t wait for tragedy to reach out.  Why wait to offer a little time to the lonely, a smile to strangers, and a few dollars to a charity that tugs at our heartstrings, when we can do it now?

When I was forced to see the faces and grieve again for all those who made me smile, dance, and think—the ones who brought me and millions of others joy—I realized that as sad as this loss is, the reason they have touched the lives of so many is because they followed their dreams.   They set out to make their lives, their goals and resolutions.  They fought against failure, they took chances.  I’m sure they had their share of failed resolutions.  Some of them shared their demons with us.  Some of them lost to that demon.  But their triumphs can be an inspiration and their pain and failures can offer wisdom.  And the fact that they are no longer with us, offers us a realization that time, love and life isn’t a promise.  It’s a gift we should not waste.

So with all these scrambled emotions rushing through me, I finally came up with my resolutions.  I know they say to be specific, but this year, I’m trying something different.  This year, I want to be more aware of my choices.  Each and every one of them.  I want to be present and mindful in my decisions.

Before I choose to play a computer game for the third or fourth round, I want to be conscious of how I’m using my time.  Before I eat the second or third cookie, I want to be aware that I’m choosing to stay at my current weight or possibly gain more.  Before I buy my trigger foods that encourage me to cheat, I want to realize I’m probably going to cheat.  Before I make other commitments to people, I want to consider how that effects my writing time.  I want my choice to stay up too late, to compute to the fact that I’m choosing to be less productive the next day.

slide_331219_3272321_freeI want to be more conscious that will power isn’t one big thing.  It’s a lot of little things.  A lot of little choices.  I want to realize that I’m the one who’s responsible for my life.  Perhaps everything isn’t in my control, but for the things that are, I want to be in the driver’s seat. And I don’t want to end up someplace where I don’t want to be because I kept my blinders on.

So what about you?  What’s your take on resolutions?  Have you made any?

Today I will offer a copy of one of any book in my Shadow Falls series, to one person who leaves a comment.  Oh, and Happy New Year! (Sorry, but this giveaway is for US residents only. And, as always, if you’re reading this on Goodreads, you must go to my blog site and leave a comment there to enter.)


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