Dog or Cat? Or Both?

Most people (if they like animals) will either prefer dogs or cats. Some like and have both. According to Thought Catalog, about six percent more US households own dogs than own cats. Not only that, but in surveys dog people often outnumber cat people five to one. Why do you think that is? What are the differences between dogs and cats?


355-happy-dogDogs are people pleasers. They want to make their masters happy and gain their approval. When you call them, they generally come to you. They enjoy playing with their masters as well as with other dogs. They require more care. You have to let them out or take them for walks.




terribly-cute-pic-cat-attitudeCats are more independent. They are as concerned with pleasing their masters. When you call them, they may or may not come to you. They also enjoy playing with their masters and with other cats. They are better suited to apartment living or living in a small house. If you have a little box, you don’t have to let them out.



I’m writing two books right now and they both have dogs in them. In one, there is a dog named Devil. He big, wiry in places and hairy in others.  He’s terribly ugly, but a sweetheart.  In my YA book there is dog named Lady—named after my own dog.  She’s a puppy, and her soft love is so healing to my characters.  I’ve used animals in my books–remember Socks, the cat? I enjoy animals in movies, too. I just read A Dog’s Purpose and loved it, and I cant wait to see the movie.

Personally, I’m an just animal person.  I love them all.   We have three cats who, because of my husband’s kidney transplant, have to live outside, but they have a dog trot and little house.  My husband accuses me of being more a dog person, and I can’t deny I might relate a little more to dogs, but seriously, I love any animal.  And the reason I use them in my books, is because I seriously believe animals make us better humans.   So tell me about your pet.  One person will win a Born to Read T-shirt. (Sorry, this giveaway is only for US residents. If you;re reading this on Goodreads, you must leave your comment on my website blog to be entered in my giveaway.)


20 thoughts on “Dog or Cat? Or Both?

  1. Ever seen the movie Lassie? Well I have that type of breed of a dog which is a Collie. His name is Henry Bear and he is three going on four years old. He’s a very good loving dog. He knows how to hug like a person! He loves everyone and all types of animals that he meets! My family and I also have three cats which they have all been rescued. Their names are Lilly, Gus, and Prim. So I like both dogs and cats 🙂

  2. I love dogs, but I have to say, I’m 100% a cat person. There’s just something about cats that I love. My dog is a total sweetheart. He’s a golden retriever and he makes everyone who sees him smile. My cat is a calico and she is gorgeous. She’s super sassy, too, and puts on a very fierce attitude. Don’t let it fool you though, she’s secretly a huge cuddler. Both of them are a huge part of my life.

  3. I don’t have any pets right now. My apartment won’t allow me to. But I do love all animals. I don’t care if they’re cats, dogs, rats, ferrets, I just love them all!

  4. We have two monsters who look and act like dogs. Lol. They’re both Husky mixes, one is mixed with Great Perinese and the other German Shepherd. Luka is our older one and the Great Perinese mix. His head is fully Husky, the rest, not so much! But he does have the Husky attitude in full! He’s very talkative and will constantly howl at you until you do whatever it is he’s telling you to do. Moose is the Shepherd mix and he’s a drama queen! He moans a lot. Yes, moans!! Every weekend morning it seems he will rise with the dawn and demand food.

    Then we have a black cat that we inherited from my grandpa after he passed away. Sadly, she’s pure evil. We’re talking downright mean and nasty kitty cat. She only ever really liked my grandpa and one of my aunts. She tolerates us because she’s realized we’re her caregivers now.

    So yeah…we basically have pets with a lot of attitude in our house. It can be tiring some days! LOL! If anything I think I’m more of a dog person. Perhaps because they’re kind of the opposite of my own self and I need that extra zing in my life! Definitely get a lot of extra zing with our two chuckle-heads! LOL!

  5. I have three little chihuahuas. The older two prefer other members of my family. The youngest one, a little puppy, loves to sleep in my bed with me. She loves to cuddle and is always climbing in my lap. She’s a bully to the older two. She pushes them off the couch or bed, wanting the space for herself. She will make a mess, then act all innocent. She always come to me when I call her, but will ignore the others sometimes. She’s my little baby and I love her.

  6. I personally love dogs better. Their active and NEVER sleep!!!( well at least my puppy is) I’ve had my puppy for two years!! He’s always wagging his tail and running around the backyard:) he’s too cute!!! My brothers and I had to work really hard to earn money and get our dream dog(which is a husky) and now that we have him, I feel like our family has been completed, he’s lighten up our world in many ways. His name is Luke and he’s two years old.

  7. I to am an animal lover. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats in our house and love them all. I have a real Infinity for wild animals & domesticated. But I have enough common sense to know that cats & dogs are honestly the only great pets for a mother of 2. Lol

  8. I love animals! We have a couple barn cats that have kittens every summer. Some of which we give away, other we keep. I also have three dogs. A Jack Russell Terrier, a Morkie, and a Poochon. Very adorable little dogs. One day I would love to own a miniature Schnauzer and a Siberian Husky. So I guess this makes me a dog person. lol

  9. I love all animals except anything resembling a rat/mouse. Grew up with dogs, i was always overruled by my brothers. 🙂 Once I moved out on my own I became a cat person. I married someone who is a cat person. At one point we had three cats. Down now to one. She is spoiled rotten and I’ll be the first to admit it. She has learned the meanings of the words hunger, food, bed and naptime

  10. Hi C.C. Hunter! I love your Born At Midnight series. You are a really good author and I love the way you write in your books. I love both cats and dogs, I could never choose! I hope i can win that giveaway, though i never do win giveaways. Thanks, Ashlyn 🙂

  11. I’m a chicken person…lol. I am an animal person. I lost my cat a few months ago. Had him 18 years. I have a chihuahua that is my constant companion. So I can’t choose between cats and dogs. Nothing better then that unconditional love that you get from them.

  12. If I had to choose between a cat and a dog, I will definitely choose a cat because I just love cats more. There are so many different colored cats with many types of eye colors. Orange cats are the cutest. The only dog I really like are huskies because they look like wolves. But I have neither of them as pets. Unfortunately, I can’t have a cat because my dad hates cats! The only pet I ever had was a turtle.

  13. I adore cats. I have two rescue kitties right now. Griffin and Seamus are litter mates (from a litter of 5) and we adopted them when they were 4 months old. My kids named them after Harry Potter characters. The lady who fostered them named them after the Weasleys. My kids wanted to keep the theme but pick their own names. 🙂

  14. I have had both dogs and cats growing up, and I definitely love both. Yet, my dog Shadow is the one that I had the longest and deepest connection with. She always knew when I was sad or sick and would come to cuddle. I got her when I was in kindergarten, and she made it until about my second year in college. She eventually got cancer and I had to put her down, but I held her through the whole process so she knew I was there. Earlier in my life she had done something similar when I broke my neck in an accident and she cuddled with me at the hospital until I had to be transferred to a different hospital in another state. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and companion! She taught me about love, life, death, friendship, responsibility, and so much more.

  15. I don’t have a pet. I used to have three fish when I was younger, but they killed themselves. But if I did have a pet it would have to be a cat. I love my two friends cats. Jack and Link.I think if I got one though I would name it socks like Kylie did seeing as in my mind he was so adorable and would want one just like him if I couldn’t get a black cat.

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  17. I love dogs. Labrador in particular due to their characteristics. They are cuddly and always like to be pampered. All pets i believe like that however Labradors in particular like extra attention.

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