Favorite Gifts

I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you did, too. My family knows me so well, they know what I like. So I got some perfect gifts, gifts that have become some of my favorite things.

18254I got some fuzzy socks and PJs from my daughter, the kind of PJs you want to spend the day in. I love writing in my PJs, especially when the weather is as chilly as it has been in Texas.



18245Chocolate was a big theme this year. Hey. I’m not complaining! Who doesn’t love some Godiva chocolates? The candle makes my entire house smell like I’ve been baking brownies.




18241My friends know on a cold night, I like to sip on something that warms me from the inside out. And I’m way over 21, guys, so don’t worry about me. 🙂




18237Who doesn’t love something to snuggle up in? Yes, winter finally came to SE Texas, but it’s usually short lived. Still, you need something to keep you warm for those days.




18233I also got a foot cleaner (it tickles!) and a massager to loosen up my tight shoulder muscles after a day of writing. And I’m on  a deadline crunch right now—but I can’t really talk about that just yet.



17768Ahh..What can I say? My son and his girlfriend know me too well! Again, I’m over 21.




18229And this is what I bought for myself for Christmas. I ordered it online. I knew I’d have a good use for it, and guess what? I was right. I use it constantly!



What’s your favorite gift you received for Christmas?




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5 thoughts on “Favorite Gifts

  1. I got So Many good gifts. But some of my favorites were a dutch oven from my mom, new bedding also for my mom, (she has awesome taste) and Blood Vow by J.R.Ward from my husband. Christmas is my favorite holiday & this one was a very good one.

  2. My parents bought me a subscription to Smuggler’s Bounty and I absolutely love it. I love Star Wars so much and I also really like Funkos so 10/10 this was the perfect gift.

  3. I cheated on my favorite gift. I bought myself a bookcase and told my fiance to only get me little things because the bookcase was about $80. I’ve been in need for another big bookcase (and I already filled it up!)

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