Goodbye to Shadow Falls

When Midnight Hour was released on Oct. 31, 2016, this interview appeared on Jennifer Mary G’s blog.  I thought you might enjoy my interview with her. I think it will mean more to those of you who have read Midnight Hour.

1. Midnight Hour is the last book in your Shadow Falls series. On your blog, you talk about the difficulty in saying goodbye to the characters. With that in mind, I wanted to ask…Which character(s) are you the most attached to and why?

It’s like in real life.  I’m attached to the characters for different reasons.  They all have parts of me in them, they have some of my traits, even some of my flaws. I spent five books with Kylie Galen.  I can honestly say, she’s more like me when I was young than the other girls.  Like Kylie, I’m an internalizer.  Even when young, I had a tendency to think something to death before I acted on it.

Della, however, she’s more like the person I’ve grown into, and often the person I wish I was more like.  She’s speaks her mind, calls it like she sees it.  I love that about her.  Ahh, but the very thing I love about her is what sometimes drives me crazy.

Miranda is smack dab in the middle of these two.  She’s kind, but can speak her mind when pushed.  But deep down she’s so insecure.  Dyslexia can do that to you.  I know, because we both share this trait.  I feel a special bond with her for this reason.  I loved watching her find herself in Midnight Hour.

But I must say, when I think about the three girls, I can’t help but to think of the boys they love.  Lucas, Chase and Perry. They all stole a part of my heart.

Then, there’s Burnett.  I love, love that guy.  In every book, I felt like I learned more about him.   If you think I have a soft spot for guys who are hard on the outside and marshmallow in the inside, well, all I can I say is guilty.

Every one of these characters feels like family.  I know, even though I won’t be writing about them, I’ll find myself mentally taking short visits to Shadow Falls.

2. The book trailer for Midnight Hour is so cool. Did you come up with the concept? Who worked behind the scenes to make the trailer come to life?

My behind-the-scenes person is R.M. Brand.  She’s a gamer, a graphic artist, a writer, an amazing and talented person and a friend.  We always begin working on a video by spending time talking about the book.  I’ll tell her the feel, the vibe that I want expressed in the video.  She takes that, uses her magic and always comes back with a winner.  She’ll pull something together and show me.  I usually offer suggestions to add an image or take an image out.  Then, we work on the script together.  And I can say, I’ve never been disappointed.

3. Miranda’s growing tattoo in Midnight Hour appears after a near-death experience. Is the symbolism of the tattoo more magical or spiritual…or is it a mix of both?

I think a little of both.  The tattoo symbolizes the birth of confidence, of acceptance.  It signifies the greatness we all have in ourselves when we move past our insecurities and learn to embrace what makes us different. It’s about discovering our inner strengths and moving past the stigma of how others perceive us.

Honestly, I do not write stories to send messages or teach lessons.  I don’t think of symbols while I write, and I don’t write to preach.  I write to entertain.  But when you get into a character’s skin, their character arc, their story always comes with an underlying message.  For Kylie, it was struggling with an identity crisis.  For Della, it was acceptance of change and dealing with those who can’t accept who and what we become.  Miranda’s message is finding self-esteem, discovering confidence and accepting our flaws.  This dyslexic witch learns that every flaw can be turned on its head and when dealt with properly, it can offer us gifts and talents.

You heard me talk about my characters and why I love them. So tell me, who is your favorite Shadow Falls character and why?

15 thoughts on “Goodbye to Shadow Falls

  1. There are so many characters in Shadow Falls that I love for so many different reasons. Yet, Kylie will always be the one I feel the most attached to. Her struggle to find somewhere she belonged is something I can really relate to, and I’ve always felt close to her because of that. Additionally, I also tend to suffer from the “too nice” disease and I know how frustrating it can be. I just hope that one day I will find a home that means as much to me as Shadow Falls and the people there do to Kylie.

    • Watch for my next book, Emma. Although it isn’t a Shadow Falls book, it still has some mystery, a little suspense, some paranormal and a lot of heart.

  2. I have to say this is hard. Really hard. Choosing one of them I mean.
    I grow up with these characters and I have learned something from every single one of them. I guess I’m probably closest to Kylie because like her I cry when I get mad, and I’m always scared to not being good enough or accept for who I am. But at the same time, I love Della and her wild side who through every page has teach me to always have the nerve and the courage to stand up for myself and say something when I don’t agree with somebody or something. And finally, there is Miranda. From her, I have learned perhaps the best lesson : that it’s okay to make mistakes and that “impossible” means only “try again”.
    I could keep going with Holiday and Derek and all the rest of the Crew but it would last forever so I will just end up by saying thank you CC for all the laugh and chukkles, the cry, the friendship and the heartbreaks… Thank you for everything.

  3. I really can’t pick who is my favorite character. I loving reading and usually I can pick a favorite but with this book series I love everyone! Honestly though one thing I didn’t like out of all books was how Derek broke it off with Kylie and then went and slept with someone… (Someone he knew yes but still) That just bugged me a little. But I love how the story and how every character found who they are. I’ve read all of Shadow Falls series books and it’s one of my favorite book series! Even though everyone that goes to Shadow falls are not the same blood, I love how they all feel like family. The books series is so lovingly amazing!

  4. It’s hard to choose, but I would have to say Della. I am so much like her. She has a hard time with trust because of the people who have hurt her and I know what’s that like. She has helps me remember to have courage and to stay strong. And I love her jokes, when she calls Burnett a male chauvinist pig I die, she is the funniest. I also love how she doesn’t lose hope like she always believed that her dad was innocent. And finally I love how badass she is and how she speaks her mind it makes the story interesting.

  5. My favorite character is Perry. I can relate to him in so many ways. After reading Eternal I was crushed about him going to Paris but I’m looking forward to reading Unspoken.

  6. Wow. I love the books in this series. Eventhough, i am only on book 3, it is painful to say goodbye. I love all the characters so far. I would have to say that i am more attracted to Lucas, and Kylie. The way they act independently, and together decribes how i act with someone i care deeply for, and how i just normally act amd feel. I will miss this series; maybe years down the road it could be picked back up. I would love to see this series grow more, and extend far past the normal reached of books. I would even love to see spin offs with the same characters. Thank you C. C. Hunter for making these books. They are so amaxing.

  7. So I found this series kind of late, and found it in 2017. I love it. I miss Lucas and kylie and their best friends. I would have loved to have seen a book after chosen about 5 years after… after college and returning to shadow falls. Where is everyone now and what is happening. I would love to see fate stay with Lucas and kylie. But I loved how it ended dont get me wrong. Just so many unanswered questions. But I just bought the rest of the series. Cant wait to read it

    • Hope you enjoy Della’s series and Miranda’s book. I also hope you’ll try The Mortician’s Daughter series (I wrote it with my SF fans in mind). I also wrote THIS HEART OF MINE, my most personal book ever.

  8. I just started your amazing series of books!
    Just finished Chosen at Nightfall and I’m already missing the future perspective of the characters..
    But to be honest, I messed up with the chronology of the books atfer Chosen at Nightfall; I hope you can help me out in which order I should read them!

  9. I am late coming to this series but so thankful I found it!!! It is nothing like what I have read before and I am sad that it is over now. My favorites are chase and Della. I relate more to Della, she is a hard worker who speaks her mind. She does what’s right no matter the cost and she is very loyal. Chase is headstrong, confident, and devoted. I find myself thinking about these characters and what they would be doing now, but you are better at telling there story than I am. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all, including all of your other books.

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