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Boy, I’m beginning to think Mark Zuckerberg is really onto something with Facebook. J Initially designed as a networking tool for Harvard students, today Facebook has more than 1.59 billion global users. That’s 22.9% of the earth’s population!

I love Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends, stay connected with my fans, and as a business tool to promote my books. But I also love Facebook because it makes me feel good and makes me laugh. Who doesn’t love an adorable dog video? It’s so easy to “like “ pages that share your interests or pages that post uplifting content. These are a few of my favorites.

Then there are all the FB pages of my favorite authors. If you like and author, look them up on Facebook and like their page. It’s a wonderful way to keep up with their releases and book signings. Not to mention giveaways. I hope you have liked my pages. If not, here are my links.

What are some of your favorite Facebook pages you’ve liked?

See you online!

2 thoughts on “Facebook Likes

  1. I like following my favorite authors, publishing companies, and different fan pages. One of my favorite pages is Creepy Girl Quotes. It’s usually got some funny memes. Then there are the funny animal pages…can’t miss those. A lot of the rest are local businesses and my friends’ pages for there small home based companies.

  2. I definitely follow authors, other readers… But nothing else really. I’m pretty sure I’m following a pokemon page (Hey, I grew up with it and I can’t stop the love for it still) I’m following you of course and all my other favorite authors.

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