Male Beauty

What makes a guy attractive to women? Oh, I know, our tastes vary. Some of us like muscular guys, some like slender guys, some long hair, others like their guys with short hair. Maybe you like a strong jaw or a certain color eyes, or full lips or a rugged completion. But there are certain generalities for each era that were thought to make a man generally attractive. Looking back, we only have painting and sculptures as evidence. But generally, throughout the ages, the ideal man was muscular (and a bit more muscular during the Middle Ages to be able to support the weight of a suit of armor) with classical features. In short, men were manly men. But things started to change in the 17th century when clothes became very elaborate and men sought to look fleshier in their clothes as a Mr-Darcy-matthew-macfadyen-as-mr-darcy-10471702-500-333sign of prosperity. The 18th century took that further and added faces painted white with rouged cheeks and a powdered wig. And yes, men wore heels. With the 19th century came the dandy with corsets, heeled shoes and padded calves. (And you thought women invented padding their assets!) And don’t forget those tight breeches—think Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

I found an interesting YouTube video to show the different looks thought to be attractive in the 20th century through 2010. It’s all the same guy, who is cute, but it shows the different looks.

I remember the hippie, metro sexual, and the feminization of the male. But now, we’ve gone from the man bun (does anyone like that look?), to full bearded, lumberjack look. CowboyHotAnd it doesn’t end here. Our idea of ideal beauty will continue to change and evolve. Me, I like manly men, and I love a Texas cowboy—the real thing! What do you find attractive in a male?

5 thoughts on “Male Beauty

  1. I like manly men, too, but not to the extent that it shifts their personality (like they think they can’t have emotions because they are MEN.) I don’t like that “man bun” craze but if a man wants to do it then more power to him! 🙂

  2. I love country guys. But I am a sicker for any guys with beautiful eyes. Blue eyes not dark blue but a blue that sparkles.

  3. I like a manly man. Hair, eyes, & hight can vary but strong manly men really get me. But it also really matters what it in their heart as well. If they r arrogant assholes then you can forget it. All bets are off. I don’t care how good looking they are. Ugly in…. is ugly out.

  4. I like my men like I like my alcohol; as far away from me as possible.
    ( It should be known that I like girls.)

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