Easter Fun!

EasterI hope those of you that celebrate Easter had a nice day. We had a great time. Sometimes I make lasagna for Easter dinner, but I know a lot of people have ham.  But it’s one tough holiday for the diet with all the candy. I love chocolate with nuts—or salted caramel. Better yet, chocolate covered caramel & nuts with salt!  What’s your favorite kind of Easter candy? Do you eat the chocolate bunnies? Do you bite off the head first? Do you like Peeps? Some people say Peeps are really bad for you because it isn’t real food. Now I’m not a Peeps fan, but I know people who would kill the Easter Bunny if he didn’t bring them Peeps.

download (2)Do you hold an Easter egg hunt? Do you hide dyed eggs or the plastic kind? Sometimes we have an Easter egg hunt, but not every year. Ever wonder how Easter egg hunts got started? I did, so I went to Wikipedia to find out. According to Wiki, the specific custom of the Easter egg hunt can be traced to the Protestant Christian Reformer Martin Luther, stating “We know that Martin Luther had Easter egg hunts where the men hid the eggs for the women and children, and it probably has this connection back to this idea of eggs being the tomb [of Christ].”  Hmmm…I’d never have guessed.

Anyway, Easter is a fun time in our family for all of us to get together. I hope you had a wonderful Easter, too.


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4 thoughts on “Easter Fun!

  1. My favorite candy? ANYTHING chocolate. I don’t care if it’s rabbit ears, or bunny tails, Cadbury or Hershey’s…I do prefer chocolate with nuts in it. Like dark chocolate with almonds. Oh, my.

    As for Easter dinner, I’m changing. I used to do all these cooking things, trying to keep traditions going. Now, I cook whatever’s easiest. So this year, we had spaghetti, with garlic bread and salad. A store bought Easter cake and Blue Bell “chocolate” ice cream. I was quite “hoppy” with the way the meal went. Especially the chocolate ice cream 🙂 🙂

  2. Reese’s eggs are probably one of my favorites! They taste different that the original. I love Peeps too, but they have to be left out overnight. They just taste better that way…I’m strange. 🙂

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