Kylie and Ghosts

I get a lot of questions from fans, so I’ve been answering a few over the past weeks, and I’ll probably be answering more. So her’s another one.

Why did you have Kylie be a ghost whisperer?

When St. Martins came to me and asked if I wanted to write a young adult paranormal series, I really hadn’t written a paranormal book before.  The closest I’d come was when I wrote an adult romantic suspense, and the mother of the heroine, who had recently died, was visiting her daughter in her dreams.  It was a little spooky and I felt it added a layer of intrigue to the book.

ghost-whisperer-season-5-tv-seasons-photo-u1For some reason, I’ve always loved ghost stories.  Do you remember the TV series Ghost Whisperer?  I loved that show.  Well, several months ago I found a new show, Saving Hope.  It’s a medical show like ER.  Most of the characters are doctors and nurses.  It has medical crises and life issues between the characters.  But one doctor has an amazing talent of seeing spirits.  So, it’s basically ER with ghosts.

Most of the time, he sees them when they are in that stage between life and death.  He can be operating on a patient and their spirit is at his side asking questions. It’s just creepy enough that I really like it.

While Shadow Falls is finished, you may think my ghost writing days are over.  But nope.  I’m just getting started. The book I finished writing in November is a contemporary, meaning not a paranormal.  And while there’s a lot going on, a life crisis, a mystery, a romance, friendships, there’s some woo-woo that I think you guys will love.  I know I loved, loved writing that book.  I can’t wait to be able to tell you more.  And I think I should be able to do that in the next few weeks.

But back to those woo-woo scenes.  I loved writing them so much that when I was working on the last young adult novel, another idea exploded in my mind.  It was so strong that no sooner had I finished one book, this idea dragged me back into my office, plopped my butt back in my desk chair, and screamed, “Write me now!”

So that’s exactly what I’m doing. This one doesn’t just have a little woo-woo, it’s jammed packed and busting at the scenes with woo-woo.  My poor heroine has enough on her plate being the new kid in school, but then she’s also concerned about her dad who seems to be going through something, but isn’t telling her what it is.  The dad, who worked at the same place for over fifteen years, now can’t seem to hold down a job.  But the ghosts don’t seem to care that her life is an accident waiting to happen.  The dead knocking on her door all need something, and she’s their only hope.  They aren’t about to let her off the hook.

ghostSo while trying to deal with her own life crisis, she has to deal with their crises as well.  Some of their issues are easy to solve, like finding their pet a new home.  Others, however, bring her face to face with evil, and make her realize there are scarier things than death.

I’ll be sharing more about my next two books soon. I promise.  Meanwhile, one person who tells me what they are reading, or mentions a scary book or movie they’ve read or seen, will win a bag of C.C. Hunter swag.


14 thoughts on “Kylie and Ghosts

  1. I have loved all of your books and own them all but I have always been curious why youndicided to go with the two separate series but same world idea and then start Miranda’s and not write her one?

  2. I love things that are scary and have that woo-woo factor! Currently I’m reading Dragonfly in Amber from the Outlander series of novels. It’s not really scary, but there is a bit of that woo-woo with the time travel aspect. Movie wise I think The Conjuring is probably one of the best scary films I’ve seen. Recently I saw Split and I liked that as well.

  3. I absolutely love ‘Ghost Whisperer.’ My sister and I started watching it together, about two years ago. I’m very excited for your new book! I am currently still reading ‘the ‘Shadow Falls’ series and I love it very much! The characters are a big inspiration to me, and teach me to be myself. If I had to choose a favourite character, it would be Lucas. The characters are all too wonderful for me to just choose one, though! I absolutely love them all. I admire your hard work and dedication to the ‘Shadow Falls’ series, and I hope you keep writing more. Thank you for these wonderful stories. 🙂

  4. Right now I’m reading The Chosen by J. R. Ward. I love love love the BDB but it is not fot kids. But I would have to say a scary book that I read was called the Seventh Son by Joseph Delaney. It was pretty creepy and several different places. I was actually surprised that it was considered a children’s book and Britain. Because it’s not something I would have even considered to read to my kids for bedtime story. Lol

  5. Honestly, I don’t like scary books or movies. And, sometimes, when I was reading The Shadow Falls Series, alone in my room, at dark, I would scare myself because I though something scary would happen. It made me laugh after I read the whole
    scene. Currently, though, I am re-reading The Shadow Falls Series again and I am close to re-reafing the After Dark Series as well. I enjoed it very much. Thank you!

  6. Have to say I can’t wait to read your new books! They sound really good.
    I’m not much of a scary movie watcher, but I do read the occasional scary book. I really like my zombie and suspense books! lol
    I’m currently reading A Perilous Undertaking by Deanna Raybourn. This is the second book in her new Veronica Speedwell series. I enjoy her books. They are historical fiction with plenty of humor and mystery.

  7. Can’t wait to learn morw about you new books they soud really good, if there as captivating as shadow falls was I know I will love them.
    I have never really liked scary movies but i remembwr i used to watch a show called ghost whisper with my sister about a women who could talk to and see the dead, and tried to help them move on. It is a very good series and can be scary at times

  8. Scary movie definitely is What lies beneath. Gorgeous setting and one that makes you question yourself and the people around you. Definitely keeps you on your toes and shocks you at the end . Never looked at tubs the same after that lol.
    Current read is The freemason’s daughter by Shelley Sackier.

  9. I’m currently reading a dystopia book called Eve. No zombie apocalypse but the way they treat the orphan children is rather horrific. On the scary movie front I’m excited to see the remake of Stephen King’s IT. The original is my favorite B movie 🙂 looking forward to your next books 🙂 just got my sister hooked on shadow falls!!

  10. I actually read the Amityville Horror book and it scared me worse than the movie or remake ever thought of. I didnt sleep without someone else and a light on for 2 weeks because i was convinced that someone was watching me from my closet. This was 6 years ago and even now i make my husband cheak the closet everynight even though I keep an end table in front of the door to my closet. And I am 27 years of age. He tells me constantly that its time to grow up and quit being scared of the closet. I have yet to finish the book.

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