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Could Kylie communicate with Socks, her cat?  Do you communicate with your pets?

armadillo-shutterstock_311685266You know Derek could talk to animals, but for some reason, I never went there with Kylie.  I think she communicated with Socks the way I communicate with my animals.  They stare me down trying to tell me something, and I know they want something, so I keep offering them things, toys, food, a good petting, and they keep looking at me as if I’m stupid until I finally get it right.

That isn’t to say that they don’t communicate better between themselves.  I honestly believe animals are a lot smarter than we think they are.  And I seriously believe that they can talk to each other.  I saw it with my cats.

CraigcatSkitter was a feral cat.  He didn’t like people that much.  Well, he loved me and tolerated my husband.  But not so much anyone else.  When he was around eight months old, I brought home Bob, another cat.  But he was big teddy bear.  Someone dropped him off at a pet store when he was three weeks old.  He had been bottle fed. At six weeks I brought this little creature home.


I was afraid Skitter would kill him, so I decided to keep them separated for a while.  But the next day my son left a door open and when I went upstairs Skitter had Bob on the bed. I thought he was dead, but nope.  Skitter was cleaning him.  Skitter, while a male, became a surrogate mother to Bob.  Bob, a scaredy cat, depended on Skitter for everything.  Bob was always looking to Skitter to see if f it was safe to swat at a mosquito, or if he should run from a shadow.

Well, one morning hubby, Skitter and I were still in bed.  We heard Bob come pouncing up the stairs.  He stopped in my doorway. His hair was all puffed out with fear. He looked at Skitter and said, “Meow, me…ow, meo, meo.”

It was so odd, as if the cat was talking, but then what happened next was even more amazing.  Skitter stood up on the end of mattress.  And I swear it sounded like he was asking a question.  “Meow…meo, Meo?”

Then Bob answered.  “Meo, meo!”

Skitter then leapt off the bed and they both went storming down the stairs.  Hubby and I were both dumbfounded.

We got up and went downstairs. There, in our entryway, was a snake.  I swear on my life, Bob ran up those stairs to tell Skitter.   “Hey, there’s one of those squirmy creatures down there.  A snake, yeah it’s called a snake.”

Skitter asked, “Are you sure it’s not a worm.”

Bob answered.  “Oh heck no.  It’s big, I’m scaaaaared!!

So Skitter being the feral, kick-ass cat that he was, jumped up and ran down stairs to take care of it.

15037So while I don’t actually talk to my animals, I’m convinced they talk to each other.  And I love animals.  I think they make us better humans.  In almost every story I write, there’s either a cat or a dog.  In the book that releases in February 2018, there’s a puppy that works his emotionally healing magic on my hero and heroine.  And believe me, in that story there’s a lot of emotional healing to be done.

In the story I’m working on now, there’s a cat, Pumpkin.  And let’s just say my heroine, Riley, is a little like Kylie in that she keeps getting visits from dead people.  Poor Pumpkin ends up being a ghost detector.  It’s not a job he signed up for and he’s a little like Bob, always hiding under the bed.

In an adult romance, I added a huge junkyard dog that was about as15039 sweet as honey.  Yup, I love using animals to help tell my stories.  So do tell, how does your pet communicate with you or other animals?  One person who leaves a post will win a e-copy of any one of my books. (Sorry, but this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. And if you’re reading this on Goodreads, you must go to my website blog to leave your comment.)




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13 thoughts on “Talk To Me

  1. Didn’t Kylie communicate with wolves a few times?

    I have a cat at home, and she’s usually a handful if you ignore her too much. Don’t communicate too well, but at least we tolerate each other. She isn’t afraid of me. My dad’s another story.

  2. I feel the same way with my animals. My dog and cat always communicate. If there is something wrong they always go get one another. It is so amazing yet weird.

  3. I think Kylie being who she is, can communicate with animals. She’s just not listening to them with her heart yet. When I was a little girl, I had a dog who sadly passed away when I was a teen. He seemed to understand me perfectly. Especially when I was stressed or going through depression. Animals are majestic creatures and as humans, we are capable of doing so much more. Even communicating with our animal friends.

  4. I have a nine years old dog named Zoey.
    My mom did not wanted to have a dog at first because she did not feel at ease around them but I was (and still am) really stubborn and I asked her every birthday for a puppy. One day, she gave up and we found Zoey. My mom used to tell everyone that animals did not have feelings for their keeper (except when they had foods on their hands) but one day, I was feeling really sad and I sat on the kitchen floor. Directly my little dog (who is always crazy curious about anything unusual and when her crazy humans friends do weird things like that) came to me, tail wagging. She puts her small paws on my thighs while I was crying and then, she started licking my tears away. I was so startled that I stop crying immediatly. And then I started laughing really hard because I had never seen a dog doing that, specially not mine, in my entire life. But when my Zoey saw that i was not crying anymore she just cuddled on my lap and stay there until I made her move, like a little guardian.
    This is why I truly believed animals feel and care about us way much more that we initialy give them credit for. they do not communicate like us but they do it in their own way if we pay attention and listen. This is why it is so important to always be kind and respect them, and the crazy thing is that it is a lesson i have learned… from Zoey !

      • I can only agree with that! 🙂 Yes, I already saw a report on that. It was so heartwarming, the friendship and connection between them were really undeniable…

      • My dog moonshine he’s my baby we read together eat together sleep together he never leaves my side if I’m walking and stop hell wait and if I still don’t come he grabs my shirt and tugs he’s like I’m protecting you get over it.well he saved me once I was riding my bike and he was walking beside me and he just stopped in front of my bike I didn’t see the cotton mouth and moonshine killed it right before it got to I never leave his side.

  5. I don’t have any pets right now. We are waiting until we get our new house to adopt any animals. I hope I have a good connection with my future pet though 🙂

  6. Will you ever write a novella about Burnett and Holiday? I really want to see their relationship blossom from their pov’s!!

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